The Hogan Family - Season 4

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Coming to America
    Coming to America
    Episode 21
    It's amore at first sight for David when Sandy's friend arrives from Italy to stay with the Hogans.
  • Private Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Episode 20
    Willie wants to teach Mark a lesson in brotherly love when Willie's girlfriend decides she likes her tutor Mark better. Meanwhile, David gets sick, stays home, and asks Sandy to be his nurse.
  • Slapshot
    Episode 19
    David has a hard time forgiving himself after he seriously injures an opponent in a hockey game, an opponent who had threatened him with bodily harm a few days before. Meanwhile, Willie damages Mark's computer and Mark holds Willie's prized autograph baseball for ransom until he pays him back for the damages.moreless
  • Oh Dad, Poor Dad
    Oh Dad, Poor Dad
    Episode 18
    With Michael's 40th birthday coming up, the family has a hard time keeping a surprise party a secret from him. Meanwhile, Michael is not so happy about getting older and goes into a mid-life crisis for being "over the hill" especially since he now needs to get glasses. This soon throws him in the middle of a midlife crisis and he promptly walks out on his party.moreless
  • The Long Goodbye
    The Long Goodbye
    Episode 17
    David chafes under the Hogan house rules, so he moves into an apartment with Burt and Rich, who make Felix and Oscar seem like ideal roommates.
  • Double Date
    Double Date
    Episode 16
    Sandy and Michael endure twice the torture on a "double date" with the perfect prospective mates, while David decides to spend the evening bonding with his brothers.
  • Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas
    Episode 15
    David, Burt and Rich wager they'll have a wild weekend in Las Vegas, but they don't bet on ending up in jail. Meanwhile, Mrs. Poole displays some unusual talents.
  • Boy Loses Girl (2)
    Boy Loses Girl (2)
    Episode 14
    David and Sara are completely head over heels for one another, so much so that the rest of the family are fed up with the two of them fawning over each other all of the time. However, everything comes to a screeching halt when Sara gets an offer to study in Australia, which prompts David to propose marriage, something that Michael and Sandy urge him think over.moreless
  • Boy Meets Girl (1)
    Boy Meets Girl (1)
    Episode 13
    David and a pretty female classmate named Sara, get off on the wrong foot when first they fight over checking out a library book needed for the same exam and later when they are inadvertently set up on a blind date. However, it soon becomes apparent that Sara is the only thing that David can think about. Meanwhile, after his aunt dies, Sandy's ex-husband Richard stops by to cry on her shoulder.moreless
  • Rebel with a Cause
    Rebel with a Cause
    Episode 12
    Mark is tired of being seen as dull and predictable and decides to change his look and personality and soon turns into a mini-James Dean, and begins sporting a leather jacket, earring, spiked hair and a new attitude. Meanwhile, a simple oil change turns into a disaster when David offers to give Sandy's car an oil change.moreless
  • The Naked Truth
    The Naked Truth
    Episode 11
    Mark and Willie take a field trip to an art gallery where they are stunned to discover a nude portrait of Sandy. Later, Sandy takes a trip to the gallery herself and realizes that it was an old college friend who has painted her in all her glory and she begins planning a confrontation at an opening night gala at the museum.moreless
  • Strangers On a Train
    Sandy's South African professor comes to Oak Park for a visit and over dinner tells the family stories of first hand accounts of apartheid in South Africa. Moved by the stories, Willie wants to attend a late night candlelight vigil being held in downtown Chicago, but when Michael forbids him to go, Willie sneaks out with Mark in tow.moreless
  • Secretarial Poole
    Secretarial Poole
    Episode 9
    When her secretary takes a leave of absence, Sandy takes Mrs. Poole up on her offer and hires her, but she soon realizes she has just hired 'Robo-Secretary' after Mrs. Poole whips the entire school into tiptop shape. Meanwhile, Michael fends off the advances of an admirer and David tries to study for a history exam.moreless
  • The Big Sleep
    The Big Sleep
    Episode 8
    It's a dream come true for psychology student David when Sandy, "Queen of the All-Nighters," agrees to be the guinea pig for his sleep deprivation experiment.
  • Tobacco Road
    Tobacco Road
    Episode 7
    Mark is furious when he discovers that Willie has succumb to peer pressure and begun smoking. When he is caught, ex-smoker, Sandy tries to teach Willie a lesson about cigarettes. Meanwhile, Sandy has been studying for an advanced certificate in counseling and the pressure begins to get to her, which leads her to return to smoking.moreless
  • Saturday Night Feverish
    Mark has a crush on Stephanie, a girl at school and Willie decides the best way to get Mark and Stephanie together is to throw a party. However, Mark worries that he and his two left feet will trip over the light fantastic when Willie tells Stephanie that Mark is a great dancer. Meanwhile, Sandy battles the flu and has a problem admitting that she is ill.moreless
  • Save Baby Mark
    Save Baby Mark
    Episode 5
    After Michael gives the boys a lecture on saving money, David decides to help out and talks Mark and Willie into helping him sweep out the chimney, which sounds like a great idea, until Mark gets wedged inside. Meanwhile, Michael and Sandy visit their caustic recently widowed Aunt Mildred.
  • Foiled Again
    Foiled Again
    Episode 4
    Burt is attracted to a pretty waitress named Gwen and David gets her to go out on a date with him. However, after one date, Burt realizes there is no chemistry between Gwen and him. Later, Gwen makes a move on David who agrees to go out with her but when Burt finds out, he challenges David to a fencing match. Meanwhile, Sandy drives the family crazy in learning to play the piano.moreless
  • Dad's First Date
    Dad's First Date
    Episode 3
    With a year having passed since Valerie's death, a nervous Michael decides to dive into the dating pool by going out with an admirer. However, his romantic evening soon goes awry and encounters a series of unfortunate occurrences. Meanwhile, David will stop at nothing to avoid immersing himself in an English assignment.moreless
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
    David humiliates Mark and Willie by playing a practical joke on them but they soon turn the tables on the "master of practical jokes" by convincing him that his hair is falling out. Meanwhile, Michael doesn't have a moment of fun when he is randomly chosen to retake his driver's test.moreless
  • Animal House
    Animal House
    Episode 1
    College freshmen David, Rich and Burt have been feeling a little left out of the college social scene and decide to spark some attention by stealing a rival school's mascot, a wolverine, but when the fierce creature gets loose, it's every Hogan for himself. Meanwhile, Mark and Willie enroll Sandy in a computer dating service and she discovers this just as her date knocks on the front door.moreless