The Hogan Family - Season 5

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Prom, Lies and Videotape
    The upcoming prom has both Sandy and Willie with problems. Sandy is left without a caterer or a deejay after David botches a deal that Sandy had made. Meanwhile, Mark is going with Cara and Willie wants to go to the prom with Brenda, but an argument leads to Willie being dateless.moreless
  • A Matter of Principal
    Sandy decides not to send her angry letter of resignation to her principal but David mails it.
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors
    Michael comes down on Willie after his grades in biology drop. Mark agrees to tutor Willie for an upcoming exam but a nervous Willie decides to make a cheat sheet just in case he needs it but when Willie takes the exam without cheating he does well on it but is accused of cheating just the same by his teacher who orders him to retake the exam. Meanwhile, David, who's taking a course on the films of Hitchcock, takes up spying on the new neighbor across the street.moreless
  • Mutiny on the Bossy
    Mutiny on the Bossy
    Episode 20
    Spring break finds David pining over his girlfriend Annie who goes home for the week to visit her family in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Mark and Willie pick up extra hours at Bossy Burger and when their boss Mr. Brooks goes away for a convention he leaves Mark in charge, but the power soon goes to his head as he begins to act as a dictator which is when his co-workers get fed up and go on strike. Meanwhile, Michael insists that he does not need an electrician to fix an outlet's "small" electrical problem.moreless
  • Used Car
    Used Car
    Episode 19
    David has gotten a new car and is trying to unload his old one and gets a pair of buyers in Mark and Willie. Mark and Willie are both excited about getting a car that they fail to have the car checked out and so it is no surprise when Mark and Willie's double date turns into a disaster when the car breaks down on the side of the road. Meanwhile, Mother Poole comes for a visit and insists on an evening of Monopoly with Mrs. Poole, Sandy, David and Michael.moreless
  • The Go-Between
    The Go-Between
    Episode 18
    Mark has been tutoring a new girl, Cara, whom he has a crush on. However, she doesn't know he's alive because she has a crush on Willie. When Willie goes to Mark to help him win Cara, a reluctant Mark goes along ala "Cyrano De Bergerac." Meanwhile, David prepares for an upcoming talent show for a fundraiser and after he fails at ventriloquism, he turns to magic and Sandy soon finds herself trapped in his magic box, just as she is preparing for an important guest.moreless
  • Heartburn
    Episode 17
    While having lunch with Burt at a cafeteria, a girl named Annie catches David's eye and he quickly becomes obsessed with her and lays out a plan to get her. However, once he has her and their relationship becomes serious, he becomes haunted by the memories of a lost love and fears he may get hurt again. Meanwhile, the Hogans get cable, which quickly turns Michael and Sandy into couch potatoes.moreless
  • Forget Me Not
    Forget Me Not
    Episode 16
    David might have to forget about his internship with a local TV station when Sandy, suffering from short-term memory loss, goes along for the interview.
  • The Franklin Family
    The Franklin Family
    Episode 15
    Michael's old war buddy, Skip comes to Chicago for yet another visit and a flight school reunion where he will meet up with an old flying rival. However, Skip doesn't want to look like a failure, so David volunteers Sandy to pose as Skip's wife and himself to pose as Skip's son. They must keep up the charade later during a family dinner and things seem to be going along just fine, that is until Michael returns home early from his camping trip.moreless
  • Bad Day at Bossy Burger
    When Sandy has to prepare for an upcoming presentation to the school board and Michael has to study for a flight re-certification test, David is asked to take over the reins of the family. However, David takes his duties a little too seriously and begins to drive both Michael and Sandy up the wall. Meanwhile, Mark finds himself battling a bully at Bossy Burger and decides to stand up for his principles even though it would mean getting beaten to a pulp.moreless
  • Snowbound
    Episode 13
    Sandy and Michael's parents come to Chicago for a visit and Sandy manages to make it through the visit without loosing her cool with her mother who is constantly trying to get on her nerves. However, things really start heating up when a blizzard hits and the family is snowed in leading Sandy and her mom to a confrontation. Meanwhile, David is planning a ski trip but goes stir crazy when it gets canceled.moreless
  • Sandy in Love
    Sandy in Love
    Episode 12
    David has a toothache and finally musters up enough courage to visit the dentist with Sandy as an escort. Meanwhile, not only does the dentist take away David's toothache but he catches Sandy's eye but she is hesitant in going out with him when she learns he is married but going through a divorce. Despite this, Sandy goes out with him and begins to fall hard for him but she is not prepared when he announces that he is going back to his wife.moreless
  • Stan and Deliver
    Stan and Deliver
    Episode 11
    Mark and Willie's science teacher, Stan Forrest, takes Sandy's relationship advice and goes through with asking his girlfriend to be his wife. However, when she tells him she is dating someone else, Stan slips into a deep depression. Sandy invites Stan to stay at the Hogans', but his mood begins to depress everyone in the house.moreless
  • Educating Rita
    Educating Rita
    Episode 10
    After a breakup, Sandy tries to cheer up the man-hungry neighbor, Rita Traeger and quickly discovers that being her friend is a 24-hour job. However, Sandy is shocked when she realizes her new best friend isn't the best of friends when she strands her at a singles bar. Meanwhile, David is trying to sell his mountain bike in order to raise enough money for a ski trip.moreless
  • Stir Crazy
    Stir Crazy
    Episode 9
    David is filming Mrs. Poole cooking for a project for one his college courses and his project is so successful that it gets noticed by a local TV station who hires Mrs. Poole to star in her own local cooking show with David as a producer. However, David soon discovers that producing is not exactly a piece of cake. Meanwhile, Michael is excited when he purchases and expensive home security system but the entire family becomes boiling mad when it turns out to be faulty.moreless
  • Get a Job
    Get a Job
    Episode 8
    Mark gets a job at Bossy Burger and goes out of his way to get Willie a job there too. However, Willie's constant goofing off goes un-noticed by the boss, who promotes him, then finds himself in a bind when a rush of customers invade the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sandy's attempts to re-finish the floor in the living room hits a snag when Michael is called out of town, leaving her to turn to David for help.moreless
  • The Hospital
    The Hospital
    Episode 7
    David is all excited about riding on a float in the Homecoming parade but is let down when he discovers that he will be sharing a camel costume with Burt. To make matters worse, during the parade, Burt causes a fall that lands the both of them in the hospital and soon they begin getting on each other's nerves that just may lead to them ending their friendship. Meanwhile, Michael takes the rest of the family on a fishing trip.moreless
  • License to Drive
    License to Drive
    Episode 6
    Mark and Willie are both looking forward to getting their drivers licenses and Mark is certain that he will have no problem obtaining his, that is until he gets behind the wheel and has a car accident during the test. Following the accident, Mark comes down with a fear of driving and vows never to drive again. Meanwhile, David is shooting a documentary for one of his college courses and decides that Mark's drama would be the perfect subject for his film.moreless
  • The Rivals
    The Rivals
    Episode 5
    Mark is all excited when he gets a date with a popular girl in school, however, his high comes to an abrupt stop when he discovers Willie has a date with her and soon it becomes a battle of brothers over the affection of one girl. Meanwhile, Sandy wants to save some money but soon discovers she may have made a mistake when David does his best to put together an exercise bike that Sandy had ordered.moreless
  • Tracks of My Tears
    Tracks of My Tears
    Episode 4
    Willie becomes obsessed with being number one on the track team and enlists David's help training him. However, Willie quickly finds that he doesn't have the will for training and slowly begins to break under the pressure. Meanwhile, Sandy's ex-husband persuades her to dog-sit for a Cujo-like pooch who takes up permanent residence on the ankle of anyone who comes by.moreless
  • Paris (3)
    Paris (3)
    Episode 3
    After a night of running away from the private investigators, David and Julia breathe a sigh of relief, that is until the private investigators catch up to Julia sitting on the bench and whisk her away leaving David without an explanation or a goodbye. Later, Sandy discovers Julia's secret on the cover of a magazine and things turn around for David and Julia when she invites him and his family to a Parisian party fit for a princess.moreless
  • Paris (2)
    Paris (2)
    Episode 2
    Paris, the City of Lights, has cast a romantic glow over David and Julia, however, Julia's day of playing hooky begins to slowly come to an end as the private investigators stake out the Hogan family. Sandy and Mrs. Poole quickly find themselves in trouble as they are chased through Paris by two private investigators who believe they may be planning to harm the princess.moreless
  • Paris (1)
    Paris (1)
    Episode 1
    The Hogans take a free trip to Paris and once there they plan on meeting the Pooles who are already on vacation. As the rest of the family enjoys the sites and sounds of Paris, David befriends an attractive woman, Julia, who unknowingly to him is a princess playing hooky from her royal duties. However, private investigators soon begin searching for her.moreless