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The Hollow Men

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In the tradition of Monty Python and The Kids in the Hall, The Hollow Men take sketch comedy to absurd new places that you could only see on Comedy Central. Each half-hour episode features unique characters and situations that combine wit, satire and song from an unexpected and outrageous perspective. Tune in for nudist-powered car engines, chronic Marlon Brando impersonators, vag badgers and much much more!
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  • Deadpan... The best.

    I miss being a bum... I don't earn money but I do get a lot of useless informotion on the telly. Hollow Men brings me back to those days. It may be just for half an hour but it's a royal laugh whenever they do all sorts of stupid antics. Go Monkey Spunk!!!

    It's also refreshing to have straight guys being funny... It's a rarity nowadays, isn't it? I don't know if they've released a DVD version of some of the episodes already but you'll sure to find me queueing up for it (not that I think it would be a long line because not a lot of blokes, including my friends, don't get their brand of humour). I don't care... Hollow Men roxx.moreless
  • The Hollow Men is a sketch show.

    David Armand, (mime artist, My family and other animals, Peep Show, Swinging, My Family) Rupert Russell (I)(Dead Ringers [Writer], The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) Sam Spedding (As If, Absolutely Fabulous) and Nick Tanner (I)(Bleak House) star in this sketch show about four men with multiple personalities. They all write it for this C5 gold bar of entertainment. There has only been one fabulous season of The Hollow Men (Not to say the rest weren't fabulous, there wasn't any more!) but it has entertained me and the others on this web page. So a big thanks to David, Rupert, Sam and Nick for bringing us a fantastic peace of comic history! (David's real name is Johann Lippowitz)moreless
  • It is refreshing to have something finally out there that demonstrates creative talent to make someone laugh rather than resorting to foul language and dumb routines that we've seen before.

    I loved Monty Python, but let's face it - unless you lived in British History or in the late 60's early 70's in England - or even knew your History - you can't get to understand the deepness of their humor below the obvious slap stick.

    Hollow Men is a recreation of this type of humor at our current generation and it is a welcome to the crap humor that we face now.

    BRING THEM BACK!!!moreless
  • Sketch Comedy with 4 different people. Classic sketches include "Nudist Powered Car and Train Scene". Knows how to use a joke so its funny but not overkilled. It will keep you laughing for 30 minutes.moreless

    Very interesting show. Wish they renewed it. Wasnt a classic but it kept you occupied for 30 minutes when you had nothing to do. Quick wit and funny premimes are the strengths. Its weakness's are not prominent enough to hinder the shows comdical factor. It'll keep you busy with its insightful humor and original ideas. Good show for Comedy Central.

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