The Hollywood Palace

Season 3 Episode 13

Host: Bing Crosby (1965 Christmas Show)

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 25, 1965 on ABC

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  • A Christmas show with Bing, the cast of Hogan's Heroes, and the most hilarious and original dog act ever by Bob Williams and "Louie."

    Two favorite things from childhood come together in this episode -- Bing Crosby and Hogan's Heroes. I have to confess, I have not seen the entire episode (we caught it on Malcolm Leo's and ABC's "Best of the Hollywood Palace"), but one clip alone makes this worth it's weight in gold doubloons: Bob Williams and his dog Louie. The entire bit is that Bob wants Louie to jump up on a table, and the dog is oblivious.

    I used to write comedy, back in the day, and I have a tendency to laugh at EVERYTHING. My husband, the engineer, laughs at very little. (Opposites attract.) We were both on the floor, almost unable to breathe, laughing, crying and turning blue at the sight of this amazing dog. If Norman Vincent Peale can cure cancer with laughter, Louie is my drug of choice. I have searched for a way to get this clip for nearly 15 years now and have met every dead end. All that's left now is to raise a glass to Louie, and Bob, and propose a toast that, one day, they can be recalled at will from the great beyond (my DVD player) to sit upon my table and put me and mine into spasms of laughter once again.