The Hollywood Palace

Season 6 Episode 1

Host: Bing Crosby / Bobby Goldsboro

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 1968 on ABC

Episode Recap

Opening credits
Commercial: Cream of Wheat
--Bing Crosby with chorus - "If You're Looking For A Man" (with chorus and dancers). During song, Bing introduces the guests. Bing then makes a mock campaign speech promising what to expect this season on the Hollywood Palace.
--Milton Berle cameo (from audience).
--The Four Robertis (acrobats) - do various balancing stunts.
--Abbey Lincoln (actress-singer)- "Africa"
Commercial: Bel-Air Cigarettes
Sid Caesar (comedian) plays Professor Ludwig Know-It-All, the coach of the United States Karate Team interviewed by Bing.
Commercial: 1969 Buick Electra (with family telling their impressions of the car).
--Leland Palmer, Danny Apolinar, John Kuhner and Anthony Travis perform a song from their off-Broadway play "Your Own Thing" (described as a "Hippie musical")
--Don Adams cameo, gives his congratulations to Bing and the Hollywood Palace.
Station ID break
Commercial: Polident denture cleaner (with Don George, composer, and people in other careers).
--Bobby Goldsboro - "Honey" (30 second excerpt) and "The Straight Life"
Don Knotts (upcomming Hollywood Palace host in a cameo appearance) talks with Bing
Commercials for Mrs. Paul's products: frozen fish sticks and onion rings
--On tape: The Iriston Horsemen
--Bob Gibson (of the St. Louis Cardinals) is interviewed by Bing Crosby.
Commercial: Lay's Potato Chips (with Buddy Hackett in character as a European-accented psychiatrist); Cheetos (animated mouse)
--Jeannie C. Riley - "Harper Valley PTA" --Bing Crosby talks with Jeannie C. Riley.
--Bing, Jeannie C. Riley & Bobby Goldsboro - perform a medley of 'Nashville Sound' songs: "Nashville Cats," "Gentle On My Mind," "Little Green Apples" and "Hold Me Tight" (During "Gentle on My Mind," Jeannie C. Riley sings a few lines from "By the Time I Get to Phoenix")
Bing's closing comments, announces next week's host, Jimmy Durante.
Closing credits.
Thanks to Malcolm Macfarlne, Editor, BING magazine for providing the following information on this episode:
Produced by William O. Harbach. Directed by Grey Lockwood. With the Mitchell Ayres Orchestra, Milton Berle, Buddy Schwab Dancers, The Four Robertis, The Iriston Horsemen, Bob Gibson, Abbey Lincoln, Jeannie C. Riley, Bobby Goldsboro and Sid Caesar.
"If You're Looking For A Man": Bing with Chorus
"Honey": Bobby Goldsboro
"The Straight Life": Bobby Goldsboro
"Harper Valley PTA": Jeannie C. Riley
Medley: Bing with Jeannie C. Riley & Bobby Goldsboro "Nashville Cats" / "Gentle On My Mind" / "Little Green Apples" / "Hold Me Tight"
"The Hollywood Palace is in for its sixth seasonal go-round, thanks in part to Ed Sullivan's vaudeo spadework but mostly to a crackerjack production and creative staff that makes the hour flow smoothly. Another plus is in the rotating emcees of star value, with Bing Crosby as the inaugural host in his twenty-fifth appearance on the show. . . . Sid Caesar took a turn as Prof. Ludwig, coach of an Olympic karate team and Crosby helped along on the tomfoolery. . . Crosby had a quickie interview with Bob Gibson, ace pitcher of the St. Louis Cardinals who start in the baseball annual today (Wednesday). Der Bingle announced it as Tuesday. Must be the Pittsburgh Pirate blues!"
('Variety' 2nd October 1968)
Thanks to Malcolm Macfarlne, Editor, BING magazine for the above review and providing song titles.