The Hollywood Palace

Season 7 Episode 17

Host: Bing Crosby (Final episode with highlights from past shows)

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 07, 1970 on ABC

Episode Recap

--Bing Crosby talks about this being the final Hollywood Palace show.
--Bing Crosby sings "Play the Palace"
Crosby introduces clips from previous shows:
--Fred Astaire and Ethel Merman duet (12Mar66) --Nat King Cole - "Unforgettable" (B&W) --Mrs. Miller and Jimmy Durante (10Dec66) --Eydie Gorme and Ed Wynn (B&W) --Sammy Davis Jr. --Martha Raye singing --James Brown Revue - "I'm Black and I'm Proud" --Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass --Ray Bolger --Gene Kelly (B&W) --Perry Como --Dean Martin (B&W clip) singing "Volare" and introducing the Rolling Stones. (The Stones are not shown) --Judy Garland --Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald
--Novelty acts: Nerveless Nocks (on swaypoles, 90 feet in the air), Linon (wire walker from Denmark, B&W), The Wallendas (high-wire walkers), Leonardo (plate spinner, B&W), Marido (spelling??), man doing shadow puppets (B&W), woman uggler, Tagora (fire eater), teeterboard act and a blindfolded knife thrower.
--Bloopers: acrobat Sandos keeps failing when attempting to do a summersault on a wire; acrobats; various people falling; man's pants fall down; Tony Randall and Allan Sherman routine (Sherman's fly is unzipped); and Victor Borge (having trouble with the piano stool).
--Bloopers of hosts flubbing their lines. Includes Don Adams; Mike Douglas; Sammy Davis Jr.; Jimmy Durante; Englebert Humperdinct; Perry Como; Diana Ross and Sammy Davis Jr.;
--Blooper: Jimmy Durante and Peter Lawford preparing for sketch.
--Animal acts: Bertha the Elephant; comedy dogs; John Zarbini and his Lions (man dressed as Tarzan in lion cage); Berosini Chimps; men in Russian costumes riding horses; Circus elephant act; Bob Williams and his dog Louis.
--Dramatic scene: Joan Crawford (as woman seeing her own tombstone in a grave yard)
--Raquel Welch (billboard girl) and David Janssen
--Comedy Moments: (1) Ed Wynn and one of his inventions; (2) Betty Davis and Bert Lahr (jealous husband sketch); (3) Buster Keaton and Gloria Swanson in a Cleopatra pantomime; (4) Marty Allen and Martha Raye (she gives him a permanent wave using cake mix); (5) Crosby talks with Tiny Tim; (6) Burns and Schreiber; (7) Rowan and Martin; (8) sketch with Imogene Coca; (9) Sid Caesar and Buddy Rich; (10) Candice Bergan talks with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy; (11) David Janssen interviews warden Tim Conway; (12) Phyllis Diller stand-up routine; (13) Don Rickles; (14) Debbie Reynolds with acrobats (15) Milton Berle talks with himself (double super-imposed on screen); (16) Groucho Marx as doctor describing an operation to woman; (17) Jack Benny; (18) George Burns; (19) Don Knotts (as pharmacy spokesman); (20) Don Adams; (21) Victor Borge
--Clips of various hosts saying "goodnight" (in color & B&W)
--Bing Crosby closes the show by singing a few lines from "Play the Palace." (with closing credits)
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