The Hollywood Palace

Season 6 Episode 5

Host: Don Adams / Janis Joplin / Barbara Eden

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 26, 1968 on ABC

Episode Recap

Opening credits
Commercials: (1) Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (2) Bayer Aspirin (animated)
Don Adams opening monologue
--Barbara Eden sings "Big, Beautiful Ball" (production number with dancers)
Commercials (for cigarettes): (1) Raleigh Filter Tip cigarettes (2) Bel-Air Cigarettes
--Arte Johnson (comedian, in character as Rozmenko, an entertainer from Russia). Rozmenko talks with Don Adams about his impressions of the U.S., then sings "Mame" in faux Russian.
Commercial: Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon (with George Plimpton)
--The Brothers Castro (singers from Mexico) - "Michelle" & "Por Usted"
Comedy monologue: Don Adams plays a lawyer known as "The Big Mouthpiece"
Station ID break
Commercial: Nytol
--On tape: The Dovyeko Company (acrobats from the Moscow State Circus) - acrobatics include teeterboard jumps and man doing jumps while standing on 7 foot stilts.
Commercial: Pepsi Cola (teenagers playing football on beach)
--Janis Joplin with Big Brother & the Holding Company - "Summertime" and "I Need A Man to Love"
Following the songs, Don Adams reads an excerpt from a Life magazine article on Janis Joplin. He asks Janis to explain a quote she made in the article.
Commercials (for Mrs. Paul's products): Mrs. Paul's onion rings and Mrs. Paul's Sandwich Thins.
Comedy sketch: Reporter Arte Johnson interviews coach Leon Football (Don Adams)
Commercial: Dentu-Creme toothpaste for dentures.
--Don Adams closing comments, announces next week's host.
Closing credits
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