The Hollywood Palace

Season 3 Episode 28

Host: Gene Barry / The Mamas and the Papas

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 09, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Opening credits
Commercial for America's Investor Owned Electric Light and Power Companies
--Gene Barry - "All I Need Is The Girl" and "A Real Live Girl" medley. During "A Real Live Girl," he dances with a woman from the audience.
--Gene Barry monologue, tells a few jokes.
--Gene Barry talks briefly with Don Drysdals and Sandy Koufax.
--The Rudi Lenz Chimps (trained animal act)
--The McGuire Sisters (singers) - "Blue Skies" & a medley ("One of Those Songs," "Bye Bye Blues," "Yesterday," "Night and Day," and the "Batman" theme.)
Commercial: America's Investor Owned Electric Light and Power Companies (little girl is fascinated by an electrical company utility truck.)
--Wally Cox (comedian) - stand up comedy routine: Cox hums "Bicycle Built for Two" while pretending to crank an organ grinders' box, he then then talks about his childhood friend Duffo.
Commercial for America's Investor Owned Electric Light and Power Companies
--The Hildalys (high-wire unicycle act from France) - man rides a unicycle upside-down as a woman does a trapeze act from his shoulders. She then does tricks from a bar and swing that the man is holding in his mouth.
--Gene Barry talks again with Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale.
Station I.D. break.
--The Mamas and the Papas - "Monday, Monday"
Commercials: Resolve seltzer tablets & Ban Roll On deodorant
--Tim Conway (comedian) - plays the operator of a matchmaking machine. Conway explains to Gene Barry how the matchmaking computer works.
Commercial: Muriel Coronella Small Cigars (with Edie Adams singing about the cigars)
--Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale (Dodger pitchers) - join Milton Berle and Gene Barry in a comedy sketch. Berle plays a rookie baseball player. The sketch ends with the four men singing "Together, Wherever We Go" (with special baseball lyrics).
Commercial: Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color
--Gene Barry sings "What Am I?" and "I'll be Seeing You"
Closing credits.
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