The Hollywood Palace

Season 3 Episode 6

Host: Milton Berle / Sonny & Cher

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 23, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

Host: Milton Berle

--Sonny and Cher - "Baby, Don't Go" & "Where Do You Go?"

--Sonny and Cher with Milton Berle - in a skit, perform a version of "But You're Mine" titled "But You're Ours." (Milton is portrayed as S&C's kid in the skit with long hair, fur vest, etc.)

--Abbe Lane (singer)

--Bill Dana (comedian, as Jose Jimenez talking about his jujitsu book)

--Maury Wills (Los Angeles Dodger captain) - sings and plays banjo

--Mike McGivney (quick-change actor doing an abbreviated version of "Oliver Twist")

--The Rudas (Austrailian dancers) - "This Must Be the Place"
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