The Hollywood Palace

Season 4 Episode 5

Host: Phillis Diller / Herman's Hermits

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 22, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Opening titles
Commercial break
--Phyllis Diller sings "I Feel Pretty" (accompanied by male dancers)
--The Del Morals (balancing act)
--Bob Newhart (comedian) - does a monologue about a policeman using psychology while talking to a man attempting suicide.
Commercial: Bayer Aspirin
--Lada Edmund Jr. (former "Hullabaloo" dancer) - dances with 8 male dancers.
--Kirk Kirkham (magician) - shows Phyllis Diller a few magic tricks.
B&W commercial: Glade Air Freshener (wiith Amy Vanderbilt)
--Tony Martin - "I Could Write a Book," "Strangers in the Night" and "September Song"
Commercial break: (1) Station ID break; (2) Lucky Strike cigarettes
The Palace Duo (trapeze artists, from West Germany) - perform trapeze act, without a net, in parking lot outside of theatre.
Commercials: (1) Camay (2) Prell Concentrate Shampoo (2nd ad in B&W)
--Herman's Hermits - "Listen People" & "Dandy"
B&W Commercials: (1) Rolaids Antacid mints; (2) Listerine
--Phyllis Diller - stand-up comedy routine (tells jokes about housework, drinking, ironing, etc.)
Commercial: Pall Mall cigarettes
--Closing credits.