The Hollywood Palace

Season 2 Episode 33

Host: Tennessee Ernie Ford

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 22, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

--Tennessee Ernie Ford (host) - sings "Gee, But It's Good to be Here" and talks about moving from Tennessee to California.
--Ann Miller - dances and sings "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?" (with male dancers)
--Jack Carter (comedian) - talks to Ernie Ford using a fake Southern accent, sings "Big Bad John" (imitating Jimmy Dean), tells jokes about folk music, folk singers, teen music, discotheques, and popular dances.
--Santos (low-wire acrobat act from Portugal) - man dressed as a matador, does tricks on a low wire: back flip, jumps rope, and does a forward somersalt.
--The Gus Augspurg Monkeys - Gus Augspurg does a dinner party sketch with a baboon and a Rhesus monkey.
--Edie Adams (singer) - medley including "In the Still of the Night"
--Tennessee Ford - "King of the Road"
--Edie Adams - "Queen of the House"
--The O'Keffe comedy divers (from England) - Begins with Rex Richards, champion diver claiming the diving board is damaged. He is followed by 5 comic divers, who are attempting to fix the diving board.
--Tennessee Ernie Ford - "Sixteen Tons" ("updated" version with go-go dancers doing "the swim").
--Tennessee Ernie Ford - Gospel medley with choir.
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