The Hollywood Palace

Season 2 Episode 26

Host: Tony Randall / Diana Ross & the Supremes

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 27, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

Episode transcript (the commercials are from the August 21, 1965 repeat):
Opening credits
Commercials: (1) Carnation Coffee-Mate; (2) Little Friskies dry cat food (Art Linkletter with his cat Whimple)
--Tony Randall begins the show by mentioning his new motion picture with Shirley Jones titled "Fluffy." He then brings out "Fluffy," the lion who appeared in the movie.
--The Marthys (comic acrobats)
--Vikki Carr (singer) - "So In Love," "The Good Life" and "The Days of Wine and Roses"
Commercials: (1) Pledge furniture wax (2) Johnson Klear floor wax
--Pat Morita (comedian) - tells jokes about his Japanese heritage, meeting his Japanese-born wife, etc.
--The Great Mendez (high wire act) - walks along a tilted wire to a high-wire above the stage.
Commercial: break
--Allan Sherman sings "Crazy Downtown" (a parent's answer to Petula Clark's "Downtown")
--Tony Randall & Allen Sherman sing "One Hippopotami," a song about singulars and plurals.
Station ID break
Tony Randall narrates a wrestling match between The Hangman, a 250 pound man, and Victor the Great, a 450 pound Canadian Brown bear.
--Diana Ross and the Supremes - "Stop! In The Name Of Love"
Commercial: Salem cigarettes
--Tony Randall - does a comedy sketch parodying the lame conversational skills of a radio disc jockey.
Commercial: Nescafe ("...the Coffee that's powerful good")
--Nelson Eddy - "The Song Is You"
--Nelson Eddy and Gale Sherwood (singers) - "You and the Night and the Music" & "Indian Love Call"
Commercial: Scripton Wordmaster pen (a man and his friends are combing the yard for his lost pen).
Closing credits
ABC promo for "O.K. Crackerby" a sitcom starring Burl Ives.