The Hollywood Palace - Season 1

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Host: Dean Martin / The Rolling Stones
    Host: Dean Martin
    --Dean Martin - "Smile," "Take These Chains" & "Everybody Loves Somebody"
    --The Rolling Stones - "I Just Wanna Make Love To You"
    --Joey Forman (comedian)
    --The King Sisters & daughters (including Tina Cole) - "Always," "Don't Take Your Love from Me" and "Jersey Bounce"
    --SHARE (singing group made up of Hollywood celebrity wives working for charity, please see "Recap" for more info)
    --Larry Grizwold (comedy trampoline act)
    --Bertha the elephant and her daughter Tinamoreless
  • Host: Gene Barry / Buster Keaton & Gloria Swanson
    Host: Gene Barry (from "Burke's Law")
    --Gene Barry - sings "Just In Time," "Day In, Day Out" & "Perfect Paris Night"
    --Buster Keaton and Gloria Swanson - (1) perform a Mack Sennett silent-comedy version of "Cleopatra" (2) join Gene Barry in a dance routine
    --Juliet Prowse (dancer) - "C'est Magnifique" & "I Love You and Don't You Forget It"
    --Jack Carter (comedian-singer) - "Le Grande Boom-Boom"
    --The Swingle Singers - "Sinfonia" & Bach's Fugue in D Minor
    --The Andre Tahon Puppets
    --The Romano Brothers (jugglers)
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Wayne Newton
    --Marilyn Michaels (singer-impressionist)moreless
  • Host: Phil Harris
    Host: Phil Harris
    Episode 22
    Host: Phil Harris
    --Louis Armstrong
    --Louis Nye (comedian)
    --Mary Costa (soprano)
    --Peter Gennaro (dancer-choreographer)
    --Pete Barbuti (comedian)
    --The Jubilee Four (instrumental group)
    --The Peiro Brothers (juggling act)
    --The Robert Baudy leopard and panther act
  • Host: Victor Borge
    Host: Victor Borge
    Episode 21
    Host: Victor Borge
    --Victor Borge and Caterina Valente perform "The Girl from Ipanema"
    --Caterina Valente - "Cute" and "Hindustan"
    --Caterina Valente sings an original jazz number with percussion support from drummers Louis Bellson, Shelly Manne, Irv Cottler, and "Philly" Joe Jones.
    --Dennis Day sings "Give Them All You've Got" and "Charlie Brown." He also does impressions of Lawrence Welk, comedian Frank Fontaine and a Japanese Beatle.
    --Gaylord and Holiday (comedians)
    --Clifford Guest (ventriloquist from England)
    --Les Tonellys (Parisian acrobats)
    --The Andre Tahon Puppets (appear as Russian folk dancers)moreless
  • Host: Fred MacMurray
    Host: Fred MacMurray
    --George Gobel (comedian)
    --Dorothy Collins (singer)
    --Trini Lopez (singer)
    --Guy Marks (comedian)
    --Augie and Margo (adagio dancers)
    --Military acts performing a salute to Armed Forces Day:
    (1) The Army "Old Guard" Fife and Drum Corps
    (2) The Marine Pacific Drum and Bugle Corps
    (3) The Air Force Flying Rifles drill team
    (4) The Navy Starflights trampoline actmoreless
  • Host: Dale Robertson / The Womenfolk
    Host: Dale Robertson
    --Betty Hutton - "It Had To Be You"
    --Paul Lynde and Carole Cook perform a dramatic scene. They then do the same scene a comedy.
    --The Womenfolk (folk singers)
    --John Gary
    --Davis and Reese
    --Dave Parker (juggler)
    --Varel and Bailly & Les Chanteurs de Paris
    --Kunio's Horse Fantasy
    --The Bumpy Spectacular Acrobat Teammoreless
  • Host: Louis Jourdan
    Host: Louis Jourdan
    Episode 18
    Host: Louis Jourdan
    --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer) - "Irma La Douce"
    --Henny Youngman (comedian)
    --The King Sisters (singers) - "Me and My Shadow" and a medley of old favorite tunes
    --John Bubbles (tap dancer) - "Tip and Tap"
    --Russ Lewis (ventriloquist)
    --Lewis and Christy (comedy team)
    --Muriel and Abe Grossfeld (Olympic athletes)
    --Armando Vega (Olympic athlete)
    --Ron Barak (NCAA champion gymnast)
    --Johnny Broadway (juggler)moreless
  • Host: Ken Murray / Chad and Jeremy
    --Ken Murray (host) - shows his home movies of Hollywood stars
    --Chad & Jeremy
    --Rowan and Martin (comedy team)
    --Eddie Albert
    --The Step Brothers (tap dancers)
    --Charlie Callas (comedian)
    --Jane Morgan (singer)
  • Host: Jimmy Durante
    Host: Jimmy Durante
    Episode 16
    --Jimmy Durante (host) - "Words," "I Could Have Danced All Night," "What a Day" & "This is All I Ask"
    --Jimmy Durante & Liberace - "When a Real Piano Player Sits down at the Keys"
    --Liberace - "Stardust"
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Piccola Pupa (singer) - "Bonga Cha-Cha-Cha"
    --The Sylte Sisters (singers) - "Love Is a Thing" & "Them There Eyes"
    --Silvio Francesco (dancer-juggler) - "Anything Goes"
    --Colvin and Wilder (comedians)
    --Otto and Maria (balancing act)
    --The Hardy Family (acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Donald O'Connor
    Host: Donald O'Connor
    --Donald O'Connor - "Tea for Two"
    --Donald O'Connor and the Four Little Angels - sing "Old MacDonald"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --Jerry Van Dyke (comedian)
    --Rich Little (comedian-impressionist)
    --Fran Jeffries sings "It Had Better Be Tonight"
    --The Wellingtons (singers)
    --The Frielanes (unicyclists)
    --Tarzan and his Eight Lions (circus act)moreless
  • Co-hosts: Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse
    Co-hosts: Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse
    --Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse (husband & wife) - "The Old Soft Shoe"
    --Tony Martin - "The Best Things in Life Are Free," "Wives and Lovers" and "More"
    Other guests:
    --Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer)
    --Ferrante and Teicher (pianists)
    --Corbett Monica (comedian)
    --Gaylord and Holliday (comedy team)
    --The Collins Kids (singers) - perform a Dixie medley
    --The Amandis teeterboard act
    --The Three Bizzaros Brothers (comedy act)
    --The Berosini Chimpsmoreless
  • Host: George Burns
    Host: George Burns
    Episode 13
    Host: George Burns
    --George Burns - "Don't Take Me Home" & "I'll Buy the Ring"
    --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks
    --Patti Page - "Call Me Irresponsible" & "Sweetest Sounds"
    --George Burns and the Lennon Sisters - "Ain't Misbehavin'"
    --The Lennon Sisters - "Moonglow" & "East of the Sun"
    --George Burns and Sergio Franchi - "Some of These Days"
    --Sergio Franchi (tenor) - theme from "Summertime"
    --Mac Ronay (comic magician)
    --The Dunhills (tap-dancers)moreless
  • Host: Nat King Cole
    Host: Nat King Cole
    Episode 12
    --Nat King Cole - "My True Carrie Love," "Paper Moon," "Unforgettable" and "Day In, Day Out"
    --Nat King Cole and the Young Souls - "Get on Board!"
    --Diahann Carroll (singer-actress) - sings a tribute to Ethel Waters. Songs include "Am I Blue?" "Taking a Chance on Love," "Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe," "Dinah," "After you've Gone" and "Stormy Weather"
    --Paul Winchell (ventriloquist, with his dummy Jerry Mahoney) - do a "Ben Casey" spoof.
    --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) - sing "Let's Face the Music and Dance" in their routine.
    --Ken Murray (narrates his home movies of Hollywood stars)
    --The Merry Young Souls (singers)
    --The Amin Brothers (acrobats, foot-jugglers)
    --The Brunos (sway-pole act) - Bruno balances atop a 90-foot pole in the Palace parking lot.moreless
  • Host: Groucho Marx
    Host: Groucho Marx
    Episode 11
    --Groucho Marx (host)
    --Morey Amsterdam & Rose Marie (comedians, from "The Dick Van Dyke Show")
    --Jose Greco (flamenco dancer with his dance troupe)
    --Jennie Smith (singer) - "You and the Night and the Music"
    --Gilbert Becaud (French pop singer) - "More" & "What Now My Love"
    --Lee Allen (roller-skating comedian) - acts intoxicated during his comedy routine
    --The Andre Tahon Puppets - sing "I Feel Pretty" in a mouse version of "West Side Story"
    --Bertha the Elephant (trained animal act) - dancing, balancing elephant
    Comedy sketch:
    --A society matron, played by Dee Hartford, isn't convinced that "Dr. Hackenbush" (Groucho) is a real doctor. It could be because all his nurses look more like chorus girls. Groucho Marx sings "I'm Dr. Hackenbush" in a the sketch.moreless
  • Host: Dean Martin
    Host: Dean Martin
    Episode 10
    --Dean Martin (host)
    --Jackie Mason (comedian)
    --Barrie Chase (dancer)
    --Vikki Carr (singer)
    --Piccola Pupa (12-year-old singer from Italy)
    --Leonard Barr (acrobatic dancer)
    --Rola and Rolan (acrobats)
    --The Berosini Chimps
  • Host: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
    Host: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
    --Louis Quinn (previously appeared with Zimbalist on "77 Sunset Strip")
    --Kate Smith
    --Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger and the Sons of the Pioneers
    --Corbett Monica (comedian)
    --Lewis and Christy (comedians)
    --The Great Wallendas (high-wire act)
    --Albert Rix and his trained Russian bears
    --Szony and Claire (Adaigo dancers)moreless
  • Host: Gene Kelly
    Host: Gene Kelly
    Episode 8
    --Gene Kelly opens the show by singing a few lines from "Singin' in the Rain"
    --Gene Kelly (and two other dancers, Dick Humphries and Alex Plaschheart) do a tribute to precision dancers "King, King and King."
    --Della Reese (singer)
    --Joey Heatherton (actress, sings and dances with Gene Kelly)
    --Bill Dana (comedian)
    --Ford and Hines (comedians)
    --The Women Folk (folksingers)
    --The Tangier Brothers (Moroccan tumblers)
    --Anden's poodlesmoreless
  • Host: Dale Robertson
    Host: Dale Robertson
    --Red Buttons (comedian)
    --The Smothers Brothers (comedy folk singers)
    --Vic Damone (singer) - "On the Street Where You Live" & "You and the Night and the Music"
    --Jane Morgan (singer) - "Stay Out of Paris"
    --Dale Robertson and Jane Morgan - "Turkey in the Straw"
    --The Four Amigos (singing quartet) - "Volare"
    --Russ Lewis (ventriloquist)
    --The Harris Nelson Family (musical novelty act, correct name might be "Harrison Family")
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Zony and Claire (adagio dancers)
    --The Half Brothers (comic acrobats)
    --The Old Grey Mare (performing horse)moreless
  • Host: Gig Young
    Host: Gig Young
    Episode 6
    Host: Gig Young
    Other guests:
    --Yma Sumac (singer)
    --The Mills Brothers (vocal group)
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian, whose appearance was postponed last week)
    --Dorothy Collins (singer)
    --Michael Bentine (British comedian) - joins Gig Young in a sketch on British commuters
    --The Andre Tahon puppets (do a parody of the Beatles)
    --The Berosinis (acrobats, teeterboard act from Czechoslovakia)moreless
  • Host: Donald O'Connor
    Host: Donald O'Connor
    --Donald O'Connor dances with the Louis DaPron dancers
    --Don Knotts (comedian) - appears, in a comedy sketch, as a nervous after-dinner speaker
    --Buddy Greco (singer-pianist)
    --The Wellingtons (singing group) - perform with Donald O'Connor
    --Mary Costa (Metropolitan Opera soprano, formerly a TV pitchwoman)
    --Jack Olvin and Yvonne Wilder (comedians, spoofing "Hamlet)
    --The Pompoff Thedy musical clowns (Vaudeville comedians)
    --Francis Brunn (juggler)
    Note: Buddy Hackett was originally scheduled to appear on this episode.moreless
  • Host: Ernest Borgnine
    Host: Ernest Borgnine
    Other guests:
    --Carl Ballantine (comedian, from "McHale's Navy")
    --Joe Flynn (comedian, from "McHale's Navy")
    --Tony Bennett
    --Eleanor Powell (dancer)
    --Vikki Carr (singer)
    --Miriam Makeba (South African folksinger)
    --Pepper Davis and Tony Reese (comedians)
    --The Levee singers
    --The Norbu novelty gorilla act
  • Host: Hugh O'Brian
    Host: Hugh O'Brian
    Episode 3
    Host: Hugh O'Brian
    Scheduled guests:
    --Johnny Mathis
    --Ginger Rogers
    --Marty Ingels (comedian)
    --Joanie Sommers (singer)
    --Johnny Puleo (harmonica player)
    --Les Charlivels (acrobats)
    --Bertha, the dancing elephant
    --The Andre Tahon Puppets
  • Host: Bob Cummings / Rosemary Clooney
    --Bob Cummings (host)
    --Rosemary Clooney
    --Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks (comedians)
    --Anthony Newley
    --Patachou (French singer)
    --Dave King
    --Les Carsonys
    --The Volentes
  • Host: Bing Crosby (Series Premiere)
    --Bing Crosby (host) - "Climb Every Mountain" (with the Young Americans)
    --Gary Crosby sings "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho"
    --Bing and Gary Crosby sing "Teamwork"
    --Bob Newhart (comedian) - does a telephone routine about Sir Walter Raleigh calling from the Colonies.
    --Mickey Rooney and Bobby Van do a "Candid Camera" sketch.
    --Nancy Wilson sings "Almost In Your Arms"
    --The Young Americans sing a medley of "Saturday Night," "Green, Green" and "If I Had A Hammer"
    --Silvan (illusionist)
    --The Andre Tahon puppets - puppets dressed as nuns dance to "Dominique"
    --The Hardy Family (acrobats)
    --Les Salvadori (musical clowns)moreless