The Hollywood Palace - Season 2

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Host: Groucho Marx / Margaret Dumont
    Host: Groucho Marx
    --Margaret Dumont (comedian, in her last TV appearance)
    --Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont perform their comedy classic "Captain Spaulding," a number from "Animal Crackers."
    --Melinda Marx (Groucho's daughter) - "East Side of Town"
    --Groucho and Melinda Marx - "Play a Simple Melody"
    --Gordon and Sheila MacRae sing "I Want to Be with You"
    --Sheila MacRae - "Hello Dolly" and "Happy Days Are Here Again"
    --Gordon MacRae - "More"
    --Shecky Greene (comedian)
    --Miriam Makeba (African folk singer) - African Game Song
    --Lydia Torea (flamenco dancer, with her troupe) - "Dos en Ritmo" & "Un Pinto"
    --Don Saunders (comedian from Scotland)
    --The Four Kents (trick unicyclists from Denmark)moreless
  • Host: Gene Barry / Bette Davis & Olivia de Haviland
    Host: Gene Barry
    --Gene Barry (star of "Burke's Law") - "Lady Be Good" and "It's All Right with Me"
    --Bette Davis and Olivia de Haviland - perform "The Twilight Shore," a dramatic reading.
    --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (comedians) - perform one of their "2000-Year-Old Man" sketches.
    --Monique Van Vooren (singer) - "The Girl from Ipanema" and "Mack the Knife"
    --The Back Porch Majority (folk singers) - "Where Will You Be?"
    --U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winners
    --Ben Blue (comedian, pantomime artist)
    --Yonely (musical clown)
    ABC repeated this show on Sept. 4, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Buddy Ebsen
    Host: Buddy Ebsen
    Episode 6
    Host: Buddy Ebsen
    --Buddy Ebsen (from the "Beverly Hillbillies") - "I Was in Vaudeville"
    --Willie Mays (San Francisco Giants' center fielder)
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Buddy Ebsen appears in a comedy baseball sketch with Willie Mays and Jack Carter.
    --Jane Morgan (singer) - "Funny World"
    --Buddy Ebsen and Shani Wallis - "Tea for Two"
    --Shani Wallis (English singer) - "No Thanks, Just Looking" and "Looking for a Little Boy"
    --The Wiere Brothers (comedy musical trio)
    --The Mascotts (German acrobats)
    --Tony the Wonder Horsemoreless
  • Host: David Janssen
    Host: David Janssen
    Episode 19
    David Janssen (host, from "The Fugitive")
    --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (comedians) - Brooks gives advice on filing income tax returns.
    --Edie Adams sings "Love," "I'm Glad There Is You" and "The Man That Got Away"
    --Tim Conway (comedian, of "McHale's Navy") appears in a sketch titled "The Warden" with Janssen.
    --Vic Damone (singer) - "But Not for Me," "Fascinatin' Rhythm" and "They Can't Take That Away from Me"
    --The Harlem Globetrotters do basketball tricks (while their theme "Sweet Georgia Brown" plays in the background). Later in show, the Globetrotters play the Hollywood Palace Dribblers: Janssen, Reiner, Brooks, Damone and Conway.
    --Les Surfs (singing group from Madagascar) - "Pretty Please" (a.k.a. "If You Please")
    --The Zeros (knife-throwing act)
    --Princess Tajana (trapeze act).moreless
  • Host: Tony Randall / Diana Ross & the Supremes
    Host: Tony Randall
    --Tony Randall - does a comedy sketch parodying the lame conversational skills of a radio disc jockey.
    --Diana Ross and the Supremes - "Stop! In The Name Of Love"
    --Allan Sherman sings "Crazy Downtown" (parody of Petula Clark's "Downtown")
    --Nelson Eddy and Gale Sherwood sing "You and the Night and the Music" & "Indian Love Call"
    --Nelson Eddy - "The Song Is You"
    --Vikki Carr (singer) - "The Good Life," "So in Love" and "The Days of Wine and Roses"
    --Pat Morita (comedian)
    --The Marthys (comic acrobats)
    --The Great Mendez (high-wire act)
    Tony Randall narrates a wrestling match between the Hangman and Victor the Great, a Canadian Brown Bear.moreless
  • Host: Burl Ives / Edgar & Candice Bergen
    Host: Burl Ives
    --Burl Ives (folk singer) - "Blue Tail Fly," "Wayfarin' Stranger," "Big Rock Candy Mountain," "Foggy Foggy Dew," "Funny Way of Laughing," "Lavender Blue," "Little Bitty Tear," "Pearly Shells" and "Chim Chim Cheree"
    --Edgar Bergen (with Charlie McCarthy)
    --Candice Bergen (Edgar Bergen's daughter, then 18-years-old) - appears in a skit with her father.
    --Ann Miller (dancer) - "It Had Better Be Tonight"
    --Anna Moffo (operatic soprano) - "Ach, chacun le sait" (from Donizetti's "Daughter of the Regiment.")
    --Burl Ives and Anna Moffo - "Turn Around"
    --Pat Henry (comedian)
    --Rih Aruso (bicycle-balancer)
    --Liana Stanek (trapeze artist from Vienna)
    ABC repeated this show on August 14, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Van Johnson / Betty Grable
    Host: Van Johnson
    --Van Johnson - "I'm a Ham," "Let Me Entertain You," "I Want to be Happy" and "Lot of Livin' to Do"
    --Betty Grable - "Please, Mr. Brown"
    --Jackie Mason (comedian)
    --Sergio Franchi (tenor) - "In the Still of the Night" and "Al Di La"
    --Johnson, Grable and Franchi - "You Gotta Give the People Hoke"
    --Paul Gilbert (comedian)
    --The Bal Caron Trio (dancers)
    --The Zeros (knife-throwing act)
    --The Jambaz (balancing act)
    --Mimi Zerbini (trapeze artist from France)moreless
  • Host: Donald O'Connor
    Host: Donald O'Connor
    --Donald O'Connor - "Take a Bow"
    --Dorothy Provine (singer-dancer) and Donald O'Connor - "I Love to Dance"
    --Sergio Franchi - "I Have Dreamed" and "Ungrateful Heart"
    --Donald O'Connor, Dorothy Provone and Sergio Franchi - "I Get that Minstrel Feeling"
    --Morgana King (singer) - "Corcavado"
    --Shecky Greene (comedian)
    --Marilyn Michaels (song impressionist)
    --The Haslevs (acrobats, doing a trampoline act)
    --Victor Julian's Dog Act
    --The Martin Granger puppets
    --Mitchell Ayres (orchestra conductor, regular cast member)
    ABC repeated this show on July 10, 1965.moreless
  • Hosts: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans / Jan and Dean
    Co-hosts: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
    --Roy Rogers makes his stage entrance by riding atop his horse Trigger.
    --Towards the end of the show, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and the Sons of the Pioneers perform a medley of Western songs (please see "Recap" for song titles)
    --Jan and Dean - "From All over the World" (theme from the movie "The T.A.M.I. Show")
    --The Nicholas Brothers (singers-dancers) - "That Old Black Magic"
    --Shelley Berman (comedian)
    --Billy de Wolfe
    --The Ballet Folklorico of Mexico - "Jalisco"
    --The Murais (jugglers from Japan)
    --The Flying Armors (trapeze act).moreless
  • Host: Victor Borge
    Host: Victor Borge
    Episode 8
    Host: Victor Borge
    --Victor Borge (comic pianist) - in a comedy segment, Borge composes by amalgamation, using sheet music, a pair of scissors and a role of cellophane tape.
    --Victor Borge and Alice Faye - "Alexander's Ragtime Band"
    --Alice Faye - "Hello Dolly"
    --Nancy Wilson (singer) - "Satin Doll" and "The Very Thought of You"
    --The Nicholas Brothers (tap dancers) - "My Kind of Town"
    --Pat Morita (comedian)
    --The Swingle Singers (French vocal group) - "Bach's Fugue in D Minor"
    --Rih Aruso (bicyclist)
    --De Mille (a 15-year-old high wire performer)
    ABC repeated this show on July 5, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Robert Goulet / Bill Cosby
    --Robert Goulet (host)
    --Carol Lawrence (singer, wife of Robert Goulet)
    --Bill Cosby (comedian) - does a monolog about Noah and the Ark.
    --Les Surfs (singing group from Madagascar) - song title possibly "Pour la Rose"
    --Bill Dana (comedian, in character as "El Matador" Jose Jimenez)
    --The Trhee Akeffs (balancing act)
    --Eva Vidos (juggler)
    --Kay and her petsmoreless
  • Host: Louis Armstrong
    Host: Louis Armstrong
    --Louis Armstrong - "Hello, Dolly!" "When the Saints Go Marching In," "Mack the Knife" and "Blueberry Hill" (Also, Armstrong is saluted for his 50 years in show business and his role as a goodwill ambassador.)
    --Edward G. Robinson (actor) - reads tributes to Louis Armstrong from President Johnson and the Senate.
    --Jimmy Durante - "Well-Dressed Man," "What a Day," "Alley Cat" and "Again You Turn-a"
    --Louis Armstrong and Jimmy Durante - "Old Man Time"
    --Diahann Carroll (blues singer) - "Outskirts of Town," "Porgy" and "Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out"
    --Rowan and Martin (comedy team)
    --The Ballet Folklorico of Mexico - "Jalisco" and "Deer Dance"moreless
  • Host: Dale Robertson
    Host: Dale Robertson
    --Tim Conway (comedian, from "McHale's Navy") - does an obstetrician sketch
    --George Gobel (comedian)
    --Barbara McNair (singer)
    --Lisa Kirk (singer-dancer)
    --Gaylord and Holiday (comedy team)
    --The Four Winds of Notre Dame (vocal quartet)
    --The Morways (teeterboard artists from Prague)
    --The Hennefore Family's comedy animal act
  • Host: Tennessee Ernie Ford
    --Tennessee Ernie Ford (host) - sings "Gee, But It's Good to be Here," "King of the Road" and does an updated version of "Sixteen Tons" (with go-go dancers)
    --Tennessee Ernie Ford closes the show by singing a Gospel medley (with choir).
    --Edie Adams sings "Queen of the House" and a medley including "In the Still of the Night."
    --Ann Miller - "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?" (production number with male dancers)
    --Jack Carter (comedian) - tells jokes about different types of music and popular dances.
    --Santos (low-wire acrobat act from Portugal)
    --The Gus Augspurg Monkeys (trained animal act)
    --The O'Keffe comedy divers (from England)moreless
  • Host: Eddie Fisher
    Host: Eddie Fisher
    Episode 23
    Host: Eddie Fisher
    --Eddie Fisher - "Let Me Entertain You"
    --Connie Stevens - "It Only Takes a Moment"
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --The Arirang Korean ballet troupe
    --Ben Wrigley (comedy pantomimist)
    --The Kuban Cossacks (Cossack dancers)
  • Host: Bette Davis / Bert Lahr
    Host: Bette Davis
    --Bette Davis sings "To Be Single" (an answer to Richard Burton's recording "A Married Man")
    --Bette Davis and Bert Lahr appear in "Jealousy," a comedy sketch from the 1952 Broadway musical revue "Two's Company" (in which Bette appeared on Broadway). Lahr plays a paranoid husband who's trying to get his dowdy wife to admit that she's having an affair.
    --Barrie Chase (dancer) - "The Girl from Ipanema"
    --Julius La Rosa (singer) - "Out of This World" and "People"
    --Jan Murray (comedian, does a monologue about his daughter's first date)
    --Les Cinci (a Parisian couple who parody apache-style dancers)
    --Rob Murray (comic juggler from Australia)
    --The Nerveless Nocks (three Swiss men and a girl who perform atop 100-foot sway-poles)
    ABC repeated this show on July 3, 1965.moreless
  • Host: George Burns / Connie Stevens
    --George Burns (host) - "History of the Dance" & "Pack Up Your Sins"
    --Connie Stevens - "Married I Can Always Get" (or " Married I Can Always Stay")
    --George Burns and Connie Stevens (co-stars of the 1964-65 series "Wendy and Me") - "At the Ball That's All"
    --Wayne Newton - "Red Roses for a Blue Lady"
    --George Burns and the Greenwood County Singers - "La Vie en Rose"
    --The Greenwood Country Singers - "Greenwood County" & "Anne"
    --Rich Little (impressionist-comedian)
    --Prassana Rao (illusionist)
    --The Gaonas (trampoline act from Mexico)
    --The Zacchinis (human cannonballs)moreless
  • Host: Cyd Charisse
    Host: Cyd Charisse
    Episode 18
    --Cyd Charisse (host) - "Let's Dance" and "Ballet Blues"
    --Tony Martin (Cyd Charisse's husband) sings "Dear Heart" and "Lullaby of Broadway"
    --Cyd Charisse and Tony Martin - "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening"
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Kay Starr (singer) - "Three Letters," "That Old Gang of Mine" and "Ho Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha, Me Too."
    --Alphonse Bergé (French dress designer)
    --Shai K. Ophir (pantomimist from Israel)
    --The Cosmos (motorcycle aerialists)
    --The Dalrays (comic acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Kate Smith / Trini Lopez
    Host: Kate Smith
    --Kate Smith (singer) - "Danke Schön," "You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You," "Temptation" and "God Bless America"
    --Trini Lopez (singer) - "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore" and "Lemon Tree" (and possibly "We'll Sing in the Sunshine")
    --Mort Sahl (comedian-satirist)
    --Ben Blue (pantomime artist, silent comedian)
    --The Juan Carlos Copes dance troupe (from Argentina)
    --Stan Fisher (harmonica player) - "Slaughter on 10th Avenue"
    --Desmond and Marks (comedy dancers from England)
    --The Karlini and Jupiter dog act
    ABC repeated this show on May 29, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Beverly Garland / Frank McHugh
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby, Beverly Garland and Frank McHugh - "Top Banana" (Note: Beverly Garland and Frank McHugh were regulars on Bing's 1964-65 sitcom)
    --The King Sisters (6 sisters with their children) - "Lollipops and Roses," "There is Nothing Like a Dame," "Got a Lotta Livin' to Do" and "I'm Old-fashioned."
    --Bing Crosby and the King Sisters - "Dream"
    --Jacques d'Amboise and Catherine Mazzo (ballet dancers, of the New York City Center Ballet) - "Meditation," from Massenet's opera "Thais."
    --Corbett Monica (comedian)
    --The Three Rebertes (acrobats)
    --Leonardo (plate spinner)
    Also: Bette Davis and former Hollywood Palace hosts Gene Barry, George Burns, Cyd Charisse, Buddy Ebsen, Phil Harris, Liberace, Tony Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Groucho Marx and Ed Wynn join Bing Crosby in a birthday sketch.moreless
  • Host: Victor Borge / Rosemary Clooney
    Host: Victor Borge
    --Victor Borge (comic pianist) - demonstrates how great composers stumbled on some of their famous compositions.
    --Rosemary Clooney - "Cabin in the Sky," "Come on A-My House," "Botch-a-Me," "Hey There" and "Tenderly"
    --Shecky Greene (comedian, does a routine about folk and nightclub singers)
    --The Kessler Twins (singers) - "For Me, Formidable" and "Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York"
    --The Two Freddies (acrobats, on trampoline)
    --Russ Lewis (ventriloquist)
    --Marco (sword-balancer)moreless
  • Host: Pat Boone
    Host: Pat Boone
    Episode 29
    Host: Pat Boone
    --Pat Boone - "Exodus," "Walk Right In," "Love Letters in the Sand," "Wonderful Time Up There" and "April Love"
    --Dorothy Collins (singer) - "Sleeping Bee" and "The Eagle and Me"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --Ben Blue (comedian-impressionist, with his troupe) - "The Parisian Sidewalk Café" sketch
    --Liliane Montevecchi (singer-dancer)
    --The Cherokys (acrobats)
    --The Steckles (illusionists)moreless
  • Host: George Burns
    Host: George Burns
    Episode 32
    Host: George Burns
    --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (comedians, do an interview sketch on dieting)
    --Jack Jones (singer)
    --Mary Costa (operatic soprano)
    --The Young Americans (vocal group) - "The Young Americans"
    --Cully Rihcards and Company (pantomimists)
    --The Almiros (jugglers)
    --The Flying Zacchinis (trapeze artists)
  • Host: Steve Lawrence
    Host: Steve Lawrence
    --Mickey Rooney and Bobby Van - in a comedy sketch, do a spoof of the movie "Bridge on the River Kwai"
    --Jean Fenn (operatic soprano)
    --The Backporch Majority (folk singers) - "Ramblin' Man" and "Old Dan Tucker"
    --Jack Cole (choreographer-dancer)
    --Gene Baylos (comedian)
    --Alberto and Rosita (plate spinners)
    --The Gimma Brothers (novelty act)
    --Poogie Bell (a 4-year-old drummer)
    ABC repeated this show on August 7, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Liberace / Edward G. Robinson

    --Liberace (host) sings "There'll Be No New Tunes on This Old Piano" and dances to "Me and My Shadow."
    --Liberace plays "Blue Danube" on piano.
    --Edward G. Robinson (actor) - reads from Milton Geiger's patriotic writing "This Is It"
    --Shani Wallis (English singer) - "There Goes My Heart" (with Liberace playing the piano)
    --Liberace and Shani Wallis - medley ("I've Told Every Little Star," "You Were Meant for Me" and "Tea for Two")
    --Rowan and Martin (comedy team)
    --Gene Baylos (comedian)
    --Page and Bray (dancing team)
    --The Getschys (European cycling family)
    --Bertha the Elephant and her daughter Tina
    ABC repeated this show on Aug. 28, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Donald O'Connor
    Host: Donald O'Connor
    --Louis Armstrong
    --Jane Powell (actress-singer)
    --Cliff 'Charley Weaver' Arquette
    --Norm Crosby (comedian)
    --The Vienna Boys Choir
    --The Hanneford Family (trained horse act)
  • Host: Debbie Reynolds
    Second season premiere
    Host: Debbie Reynolds
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian)
    --Rich Little (comedian-impressionist)
    --Astrud Gilberto (singer) & Stan Getz
    --Nine gymnasts from the U.S. Olympic team appear in a sketch with Debbie Reynolds.
    --The 44-member Arirang Korean ballet troupe
  • Host: Ed Wynn / The Rolling Stones
    Host: Ed Wynn
    --The Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away" (on tape)
    --Eydie Gormé (singer, backed by six guitarists and the Trio Los Panchos)
    --Ed Wynn and Eydie Gormé - "Tea for Two"
    --The Nicholas Brothers (tap dancers) - "I've Been Away" and "Rhythm Cocktail"
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Zizi Jeanmarie (singer, appearing with her "La Revue Parisienne" troupe) - "Mon Truc en Plumes"
    --Linon (rope-walking clown, from Paris)
    --Rob Murray (comic juggler from Austraila)
    ABC repeated this show on July 31, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Phil Harris / Ginger Rogers
    Host: Phil Harris
    --Phil Harris - "This Could be the Start of Something"
    --Ginger Rogers - "These Foolish Things"
    --The McGuire Sisters (singing group) - perform a medley of their hits
    --Bill Dana (comedian)
    --Gary Crosby (singer) - "Can't Stop Loving You"
    --The Jubilee Four (vocal group)
    --Phil Harris and the Jubilee Four - "It Ain't Necessarily So" and "That Old-time Religion"
    --Dwight Moore and his Mongrels
    --The Merkys (acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Tony Martin / Cyd Charisse
    Host: Tony Martin
    --Tony Martin - "Avalon," "Everybody Loves Somebody" & "People"
    --Cyd Charisse (dancer, wife of Tony Martin) - "An Occasional Man"
    --Desi, Dino and Billy (Dean Martin Jr., Desi Arnaz Jr. and Billy Hinche) - "Since You Broke My Heart"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --Ted Lewis (veteran song-and-dance man) - "When My Baby Smiles at Me" & "Me and My Shadow"
    --Ted Lewis, Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse, Jack E. Leonard, Johnny Puleo - "Me and My Shadow" (reprise)
    --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
    --The Half Brothers (jugglers)
    --Fred Roby (ventriloquist)
    ABC repeated this show on July 24, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Arthur Godfrey
    Host: Arthur Godfrey
    --Arthur Godfrey - "Trail of the Lonesome Pine," "I Like Being Here with You," "I'd Give a Million Tomorrows," "My Little Grass Shack," "Too Fat Polka" and "This Is All I Ask"
    --Shelley Berman (comedian)
    --Dorothy Collins (singer) - "Love Makes the World Go Round," "But Beautiful," "He Loves Me" and "Hi Lili"
    --John Gary (singer)
    --Gaylord and Holliday (comedy team)
    --The Delrays (mimes, comic acrobats)
    --Eva Vidos (juggler)
    --Dwight Moore and his Mongrels
    ABC repeated this show on June 12, 1965.moreless
  • Host: Betty Grable
    Host: Betty Grable
    Episode 5
    Host: Betty Grable
    --Harry James and his band
    --Dan Dailey
    --The Smothers Brothers
    --Diahann Carroll
    --Henny Youngman (comedian)
  • Host: Maurice Chevalier
    Host: Maurice Chevalier
    --Maurice Chevalier sings "Louise," "J'attendrais" and "When You're Smiling"
    --Jane Powell (dancer) - "Come Dance with Me"
    --Maurice Chevalier and Jane Powell - "Some People" and "I Like the Likes of You"
    --Rowan and Martin (comedy duo) - do a sketch about a heckler at Richard Burton's night club debut.
    --Tim Conway (from "McHale's Navy) - does a comic lecture on military history.
    --The Collins Kids (singers) - "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee," "Swanee," "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody" and "The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise"
    --Dave Parker (Dutch comedian, doing an imitation of Charlie Chaplin)
    --The André Tahon Puppets - "The Galopade"
    --The Staneks (acrobats, doing a teeterboard act)
    ABC repeated this show on July 17, 1965.moreless