The Hollywood Palace - Season 3

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Host: Bing Crosby / Leslie Uggams / Johnny Mercer
    --Bing Crosby (host) - "This Is One Of Those Songs"
    --Leslie Uggams - "What Did I Have?" & "Inka-Dinka-Doo"
    --Bing Crosby and Johnny Mercer - "From Monday On"
    --Johnny Mercer (sings a medley with Bing Crosby, see below)
    --Shelley Berman (comedian doing a telephone routine)
    --The King Family and Bing Crosby - "Young At Heart" & "You Make Me Feel So Young"
    --The Mecners
    --Pat Daly & Bill Wayne
    --Mac Ronay
    --Bing Crosby and Johnny Mercer - Medley: "Three Little Words" (Crosby), "Too Marvellous For Words" (Mercer), "Witchcraft" (Crosby), "That Old Black Magic" (Mercer), "Chattanooga Choo Choo" (Crosby), "On the Atcheson, Topeka & The Santa Fe" (Mercer), "A Shine On Your Shoes" (Crosby), Come Rain Or Come Shine" (Mercer), "Three O'clock In The Morning" (Crosby), "One For My Baby" (Mercer), "Yes, We Have No Bananas" (Crosby), Tangerine" (Mercer), "Lazy River" (Crosby), "Lazy Bones" / "Moon River" (Mercer), "Manãna" (Crosby), "Blues In The Night" (Parody) (Mercer), "Winter Wonderland" (Crosby), "In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening" (Mercer), "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" (Crosby), "And The Angels Sing" (Mercer), "Love Me Or Leave Me" (Crosby), "Autumn Leaves" (Mercer), "Russian Lullaby" (Crosby), "Fools Rush In" (Mercer), "Manhattan" (Crosby), "I'm Old Fashioned" (Mercer), "The Night They Invented Champagne" (Crosby), "Days Of Wine And Roses" (Mercer), "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy" (Crosby), "Dream" (Mercer), "Miss America" (Crosby), "Goody Goody (Parody) (Mercer), "What A Difference A Day Makes" (Crosby), "Day In, Day Out" (Mercer), "New York, New York" (Crosby), "Hooray For Hollywood" (Mercer), "Margie" (Crosby), "Laura" (Mercer), "Diga Diga Doo" (Crosby) and "Something's Gotta Give" (Crosby/Mercer).
    Thanks to from Malcolm Macfarlane, Editor of BING magazine, for providing the above song titles. He also provided reviews of this episode (Please see "Notes")moreless
  • Host: Judy Garland / Johnny Rivers / Van Johnson
    Host: Judy Garland
    --Judy Garland - "What the World Needs Now Is Love" & "By Myself Alone"
    --Judy Garland & Van Johnson - "Mr. and Mrs. Clown"
    --Van Johnson - "Guys and Dolls"
    --Johnny Rivers - "Secret Agent Man" & "The Snake"
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --The Black Theatre of Prague (pantomimists) - perform "The Chair"
    --Charlie Cairoli (comedy pantomimist from Britain)
    --The Roselle Troupe (acrobats from Colombia)moreless
  • Host: Fred Astaire / Barrie Chase / Herb Alpert

    Host: Fred Astaire
    --Fred Astaire - "Steppin' Out with My Baby" & "I'm Puttin' All My Eggs in One Basket."
    --Fred Astaire and Barrie Chase (do modern dances to rock 'n' roll music) - "See See Rider" and "Boom Boom."
    --Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - "Lonely Bull," "A Taste of Honey," "What Now, My Love?" & "Freckles."
    --Barrie Chase with Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - "Spanish Flea" & "Love Potion No. 9."
    --Louis Nye (comedian)
    --Helen O'Connell (singer) - "Embraceable You," "All of Me," Yours," "Amapola," "Tangerine," and "Green Eyes."
    --Bela Kremo (juggler from Switzerland)
    --John Zerbini (lion tamer)

  • Host: Victor Borge / Jane Powell
    Host: Victor Borge
    --Victor Borge - "The Viennese Waltz" and does a routine about phonetic punctuation.
    --Jane Powell (singer) - "I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy" & "On a Wonderful Day Like Today"
    --Peter Gennaro (choreographer-dancer) - "Ol' Man River"
    --The Kim Sisters (singing-musicians) - "Birth of the Blues" & "Bill Bailey"
    --The Brothers Kim (instrumentalists)
    --The Kim Sisters and the Brothers Kim - "Fingers of Fire," "Steel Guitar Rag," "You'll Never Walk Alone" & "Violin Hoedown"
    --Professor Irwin Corey (comedian)
    --Gala Shawn (trapeze artist from Ireland)moreless
  • Hosts: Tony Martin & Cyd Charisse / Cesar Romero
    Hosts: Tony Martin & Cyd Charisse (husband & wife)
    --Tony Martin (singer) - "Singing in the Rain," "I'll Only Miss Her," "Who Can I Turn To?" and "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening"
    --Cyd Charisse (dancer)
    --Cesar Romero (actor) - appears in the sketch "At Home with the Martins"
    --Rowan & Martin (comedy team)
    --Norm Crosby (comedian)
    --Vikki Carr (singer) - "Them There Eyes"
    --Bobby Winters (juggler)
    --The Suns Family (acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Gene Barry / The Mamas and the Papas
    --Gene Barry (host) - "All I Need Is The Girl" and "A Real Live Girl" medley.
    --Gene Barry, at end of show, sings "What Am I?" and "I'll Be Seeing You"
    --Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale (Dodger pitchers) - join Milton Berle and Gene Barry in a comedy sketch. Berle plays a rookie baseball player. The sketch ends with the four men singing "Together, Wherever We Go" (with special baseball lyrics).
    --The Mamas and the Papas - "Monday, Monday"
    --Wally Cox (comedian)
    --Tim Conway (comedian) - plays the operator of a matchmaking computer.
    --The McGuire Sisters (singers) - "Blue Skies" & a medley ("One of Those Songs," "Bye Bye Blues," "Yesterday," "Night and Day," and the "Batman" theme.)
    --The Hildalys (high-wire motorcycle act from France)
    --The Rudi Lenz Chimps (trained animal act)moreless
  • Host: Martha Raye / Chad and Jeremy
    --Martha Raye (host) sings "Lover" & "Little Girl Blue"
    --Chad and Jeremy - "Distant Shores"
    --Martha Raye, Chad and Jeremy - "The Stately Homes of England"
    --Sgt. Barry Sadler - "The Ballad of the Green Berets" & "The 'A' Team"
    --Ann Miller (singer-dancer) - "Slap That Bass"
    --George Carlin (comedian)
    --Steve Rossi sings "The Impossible Dream"
    --Marty Allen & Steve Rossi (comedy team) - lion tamer routine
    --Jerry Bergen (spelling?) pantomime artist from Holland.
    --Comedy sketch: "The Hair Dresser" with Martha Raye and Marty Allen.
    Please see "Recap" for more episode details (episode transcript).moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Tammy Grimes / Jackie Mason
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby - "Bye, Bye, Blackbird," "Red, Red Robin" & "The Men in My Little Girl's Life"
    --Bing Crosby and Tammy Grimes - "Typically English"
    --Tammy Grimes - "Feeling Good"
    --Bing Crosby and Nanette Fabray - medley: "Greensleeves," "Tell Me, Pretty Maiden," "Country Garden," "Indian Love Call" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
    --Nanette Fabray - "American Patrol"
    --Jackie Mason (comedian)
    --David Frost (satirist)
    --Cully Richards (comedy pantomimist)
    --The Harris Nelson family (play unusual musical instruments)moreless
  • Host: Robert Goulet / Nancy Sinatra
    --Robert Goulet - "Moment of Truth" & "Soliloguy" ("My Boy Bill" soliloguy from "Carousel")
    --Nancy Sinatra - "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" & "As Tears Go By"
    --Robert Goulet and Nancy Sinatra - Shoe medley (includes "The Old Soft Shoe," "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Oh, Them Golden Slippers")
    --Chita Rivera (singer-dancer) - "My Home Is In My Shoes"
    --Jan Murray (comedian)
    --The Muppets
    --Mac Ronay (comedic magician)
    --The Nerveless Nocks (sway pole acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Fred Astaire / Ethel Merman
    Host: Fred Astaire
    --Fred Astaire - sings "Fascinatin' Rhythm" & "Lady Be Good." Astaire also dances to "Bugle Call Rag."
    --Ethel Merman - "Some People"
    --Fred Astaire and Ethel Merman sing a duet. Medley: "I Got Rhythm" (Astaire), "Everything's Coming Up Roses" (Merman), "Let's Face the Music and Dance" (Astaire/Merman), "I Get A Kick Out Of You" (Merman), "Cheek To Cheek" (Astaire), "Putting on the Ritz" (Merman), "They Say it's Wonderful" (Astaire & Merman), "Anything Goes" (Astaire/Merman), "I've Got Rhythm" reprise. (During medley, Merman tries to get Astaire to sing like her and project his voice.)
    --Jack Jones (singer) - "The Shadow of Your Smile" & "What Now, My Love"
    --Marcel Marceau (mime) - pantomimes "The Butterfly Collector" and "Bip the Lion Tamer"
    --Pat Morita (comedian)
    --The Rogge Sisters (French balancing act)
    --The Hardy Family (tumbling acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Milton Berle / Adam West
    A comic book spoof with Milton Berle, Adam West, Henny Youngman, Martha Raye and Abdou Amin.
    --Adam West (from "Batman," making his TV singing debut) - sings "Miranda" & "Only You See Her."
    --Martha Raye - "Taking a Chance on Love"
    --Elaine Dunn (singer-dancer) - "Buckle Down Winsocki"
    --Sandler and Young (musical-comedy team) - please see "Recap" for song titles.
    Also appearing:
    --Henny Youngman (comedian)
    --The Amin Brothers (acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Liberace / Bob Newhart
    --Liberace (host)
    --Bob Newhart (comedian) - does a monologue about a night watchman encountering King Kong.
    --Jack Burns and Avery Schreiber (comedy team) - do a taxicab routine
    --John Davidson (singer)
    --Marni Nixon (singer)
    --Channing Pollock (magician)
    --Betty Pasco (trapeze artist)
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Rosemary Clooney
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby - "Just the Way You Are"
    --Rosemary Clooney - Blues medley
    --Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney - "Hear That Band," "New Vienna Woods," "The Poor People of Paris" and "Molly Malone"
    --Gary Crosby (Bing's son) - "Who Can I Turn To?"
    --Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (ventriloquist act)
    --Hugh Lambert (dancer) - "Gabriel"
    --Roger Ray (comedy xyloponist)
    --The Fiji military band - "Senikau-ni Bula" & "Krisimasi"moreless
  • Host: Donald O'Connor / Paul Anka / Edward G. Robinson
    Host: Donald O'Connor
    --Donald O'Connor - "Mother Goose"
    --Donald O'Connor and Jane Morgan - "Look at That Face"
    --Edward G. Robinson - reads an excerpt from Aaron Copland's "A Lincoln Portrait"
    --Roger Williams (pianist) - "Bach's Minuet in G Major" & "Flight of the Bumble Bee"
    --Paul Anka - "Oh, Such a Stranger" & a medley of songs written by Anka
    --Jane Morgan - "This Train" & an Al Jolson medley
    --Shecky Greene (comedian)
    --The Three Bragazzis (acrobatic act)
    --The See Hee Troupe of Formose (acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Vincent Edwards / Liza Minnelli / Bette Davis
    --Vincent Edwards (host) - "A Fellow Needs a Girl" & medley: "Lulu's Back in Town," "Maria" and "Ida"
    --Vincent Edwards and Liza Minnelli - "Everything I've Got Belongs to You"
    --Liza Minnelli - "Where Did You Learn to Dance?" & "There Is a Time"
    --Bette Davis - does a dramatic reading of a Dorothy Parker poem
    --Joan Rivers (comedian)
    --Liliane Montevecchi (singer-dancer) - "Dis-Donc" & "Walk on the Wild Side"
    --Miss Elizabeth (trapeze performer)
    --The Rogge Sisters (acrobats)
    --Bertha and Tina (trained elephant act)moreless
  • Host: Arthur Godfrey / The Mamas & the Papas
    Host: Arthur Godfrey
    --Arthur Godfrey - "The Wonderful Thing About Love," "S' Wonderful," "England Swings" and "Good Old Days"
    --Arthur Godfrey with the Mamas and the Papas - "Be My Valentine"
    --The Mamas and the Papas - "California Dreamin'"
    --Sid Caesar (comedian) - appears in a sketch with Arthur Godfrey and Corbett Monica. In the sketch, titled "How to Make Motion Pictures," Sid portrays a bumbling Viennese filmmaker who comes to Hollywood to save a failing movie studio.
    --Abbe Lane (singer) - "Gonna Build a Mountain," "A Wonderful Day Like Today" & "Down by the Riverside."
    --Corbett Monica (comedian doing a stand-up routine)
    --The Berosinis (acrobats, teeterboard act from Czechoslovakia)
    --Les Apollo (balancing act)moreless
  • Host: Fred Astaire / Barrie Chase / Petula Clark
    --Fred Astaire (host) sings "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" and "They All Laughed"
    --Barrie Chase dances to "St Louis Woman"
    --Astaire and Chase do a dance routine. Barrie Chase plays a mannequin who comes to life.
    --Petula Clark - "My Love" & a medley of "My Fair Lady" tunes: "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face," "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" and "I Could Have Danced All Night"
    --Ray Hastings (comedian) - monologue about bachelors.
    --Mickey Rooney and Bobby Van sketch. Bobby Van interviews corrupt politician Horace B. Swindlegrafter (Rooney).
    --The Nitwits (British comedy troupe) - orchestra plays the second movement from "Heidens symphony #94 in C" and "12th Street Rag." Astaire then joins the Nitwits for "Temptation."
    --The Black Theatre of Prague - A bird (?) fights with an Ostrich over a house.
    --The Lenz Chimpsmoreless
  • Host: Phil Harris / Alice Faye
    Host: Phil Harris
    --Alice Faye
    --Tim Conway
    --Georgie Kaye
    --Sergio Franchi
    --The Kim Sisters
  • Host: Kate Smith / Juliet Prowse
    --Kate Smith (host) - "Fine and Dandy," "When the Moon Comes over the Mountain," "Who Cares?" and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing"
    --Juliet Prowse (dancer, star of the 1965-66 series "Mona McCluskey") - "Dixie" medley
    --Charles Aznavour (singer-composer) - "Who?" & "The Comedians"
    --Burns & Schreiber (comedy team doing a routine about a talking vending machine)
    --Albert T. Berry (comedy-novelty act, billed as a momologist)
    --Charles Cairoli and Company (pantomime group doing a routine about a bakery)
    --The Rodos (eight tumblers/acrobatic dancers from Germany)
    --Prasano Rao (illusionist from India, does shadow puppets of famous people)moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Sonny and Cher
    Second Anniversary show
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby - "Let's Start the New Year Right" and "This Could be the Start of Something Big"
    --Sonny and Cher with Bing Crosby - "Resolutions"
    --Sonny and Cher - "What Now My Love"
    --Danny Thomas (comedian)
    --Bob Newhart (comedian)
    --David Nelson (from "Ozzie and Harriet," performs on the trapeze with the Flying Artons)
    --Donna Butterworth (8 year old actress-singer) - "Swanee" and "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee"
    --Donna Butterworth and Bing Crosby - "Little Grass Shack"
    --Marilyn Maye (singer) - "Misty"
    --Ben Blue (pantomimist doing a routine about an ice skater)moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby (1965 Christmas Show)
    Host: Bing Crosby (1965 Christmas Show)
    --Bing Crosby - "White World of Winter"
    --Bob Crane, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Collins - "We Wish You the Merriest"
    --Bing Crosby and Dorothy Collins - "Glow Worm"
    --Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians - "Twelve Days of Christmas"
    --Robert Clary - "French Christmas Song"
    --Werner Klemperer and John Banner - "Stille Nacht" ("Silent Night" in German)
    --Andre Tahon (puppeteer)
    --Bob Williams and Louie the Dog (humorous animal act) - overly enthusiastic man tries to get his lazy dog to do tricks.
    The cast of "Hogan's Heroes" (Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, Richard Dawson, John Banner, Robert Clary, Larry Hovis and Ivan Dixon) joins Bing in a sketch.moreless
  • Host: Caterina Valente / Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
    Host: Caterina Valente
    --Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - "Whipped Cream" & "The Lonely Bull"
    --Caterina Valente - sings "Danke Schön," "Don't Rain on My Parade," "Falling in Love with Love" & "Till"
    --Bill Cosby (from "I Spy") - does a stand-up monologue about shopping for a new car.
    --Bill Dana (comedian, appearing as flamenco dancer José Jimenez)
    --The Black Theatre of Prague (pantomimists)
    --Luiz Bonfa (Brazilian guitarist) - "The Ski Song"
    --Channing Pollock (magician)
    --The Fredonias (tumblers from Germany)moreless
  • Host: Milton Berle / Liberace / Cesar Romero
    Host: Milton Berle
    --Milton Berle and Liberace - "My Kind of Town"
    --Liberace - "More," "Alley Cat" and the theme from "Exodus"
    --Cesar Romero (actor)
    --Joey Heatherton (singer-dancer) - "I'm All Smiles"
    --The McGuire Sisters (singers) - "Bye Bye, Blackbird," "I Can't Give You Anything but Love," "My Melancholy Baby" and "When My Baby smiles at Me"
    --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
    --The Peiro Brothers (jugglers from Argentina)
    --The Berosinis (acrobats, teeterboard act from Czechoslovakia)
    Comedy sketch (about the filming of a spy movie):
    Cesar Romero (plays the pampered star); Phyllis McGuire (as "Kitten Plenty," the leading lady); Liberace (as "Irving Goldjacket," the ruthless killer); Milton Berle (as the stuntman); Milton Frome (as "Alfred Hitchcluck," the director); Johnny Puleo (as the makeup man)moreless
  • Host: Janet Leigh
    Host: Janet Leigh
    Episode 10
    Host: Janet Leigh
    --Janet Leigh and Allan Sherman - "Sarah Jackman"
    --Allan Sherman (comedy singer) - "Peyton Place"
    --Rowan & Martin (comedy team)
    --Andy Russell (singer) - "Besame Mucho," "Magic Is the Moonlight," "What a Difference a Day Makes," "Amor" and "The Second Time Around"
    --Michel de la Vega (magician)
    --Bob Ashley and Erwin Klein (table tennis experts)
    Additional guests (from the cast of "F Troop"):
    --Forrest Tucker - sings "Old Man Time"
    --Ken Berry - sings "I'm Beginning to See the Light"
    --Larry Storch (comedian)
    ABC repeated this show on August 27, 1966.moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Diahann Carroll
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby (host) - "Them There Eyes"
    --Diahann Carroll (singer) - "It's Not Unusual" and "If I Ruled the World"
    --John Bubbles (song-and-dance man)
    --Charlie Manna (comedian)
    --The Kessler Twins (singers Ellen and Alice Kessler) - "Married I Can Always Get" and "Identical"
    --Michael the Waiter (German juggler)
    --Desmond and Marks (English comedians)
    --The Black Theater of Prague (pantomimists)moreless
  • Host: Judy Garland / Vic Damone
    Host: Judy Garland
    --Judy Garland sings "Once in a While," I Loved Him" and "We're a Couple of Swells"
    --Judy Garland sings "Play the Palace" then performs songs made famous by other singers at the Broadway Palace: "Shine On, Harvest Moon" (Nora Bayes); "Some of These Days" (Sophie Tucker); "My Man" (Fanny Brice) and "I Don't Care" (Eva Tanguay).
    --Judy Garland and Vic Damone - "West Side Story" medley: "Maria," "There's a Place for Us" and "Tonight"
    --Vic Damone - "Quiet Nights"
    --Chita Rivera (singer-dancer) - "Blue is the Color"
    --Jack Burns and Avery Schreiber (comedy team)
    --Gene Baylos (comedian)
    --The Lyons Family (acrobats)
    --The Three Bragazzi (musical clowns from Italy)moreless
  • Host: Ray Bolger / Lionel Hampton
    --Ray Bolger (host) - "Put on a Happy Face," "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries," "Ida," "Rosie O'Grady," "Once in Love with Amy" and "Who?"
    --Kay Starr - "Never Dreamed I Could Love Someone New" and "Rockin' Chair"
    --Ray Bolger and Kay Starr - "Dearie"
    --Lionel Hampton - "How High the Moon"
    --Jim Bradley (7-year-old drummer) and Lionel Hampton - "Vibe Boogie"
    --Norm Crosby (comedian)
    --Rich Little (impressionist-comedian)
    --Michael De La Vega (escape artist)
    --The Five Armandis (acrobats, teeterboard act)moreless
  • Host: Milton Berle / Sonny & Cher
    Host: Milton Berle
    --Sonny and Cher - "Baby, Don't Go" & "Where Do You Go?"
    --Sonny and Cher with Milton Berle - in a skit, perform a version of "But You're Mine" titled "But You're Ours." (Milton is portrayed as S&C's kid in the skit with long hair, fur vest, etc.)
    --Abbe Lane (singer)
    --Bill Dana (comedian, as Jose Jimenez talking about his Jujitsu book)
    --Maury Wills (Los Angeles Dodger captain) - sings and plays banjo
    --Mike McGivney (quick-change actor doing an abbreviated version of "Oliver Twist")
    --The Rudas (Austrailian dancers) - "This Must Be the Place"moreless
  • Host: Frank Sinatra / Count Basie
    Host: Frank Sinatra
    --Frank Sinatra - "I've Got the World on a String"
    --Frank Sinatra and Count Basie - "Fly Me to the Moon," "Everybody Has a Right to be Wrong," "Please Be Kind," "The Gal That Got Away" and "Too Marvelous for Words"
    --Count Basie - "Summertime"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian, does a soft-shoe number & recalls former appearances with Sinatra)
    --Peter Gennaro (choreographer-dancer) - "What's New Pussycat?" production number
    --The Kessler Sisters (Alice and Ellen Kessler, singers from West Germany) - "The Best is Yet to Come" & "Together Wherever We Go"moreless
  • Host: Joan Crawford / Jack Jones
    Host: Joan Crawford
    --Joan Crawford reads "A Prayer for Little Children"
    --Jack Jones - "Just Yesterday" & "More"
    --Jack Jones & Joanie Sommers - "Call Me"
    --Joanie Sommers (singer) - "Till There Was You"
    --Allen and Rossi (comedy team)
    --Steve Rossi - "Al Di La" & "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
    --Godfrey Cambridge (comedian)
    --Lily Yokoi (Japanese bicyclist)
    --The Rodos (acrobats from West Germany)
    --Stebbings' Boxers (a comic dog act from England)moreless
  • Host: Fred Astaire / We Five / Jackie Mason
    --Fred Astaire (host) sings "The Time Has Come" and tries to dance to an updated version of "Top Hat" (with go-go dancers)
    --We Five - "You Were on My Mind"
    --Jimmy Smith (jazz organist with combo) - "The Organ Grinder's Swing"
    --Astaire dances to "The Cat" (to music performed by Jimmy Smith).
    --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - discusses unemployment, politics, etc.
    --Rudolf Nureyev and Dame Margot Fonteyn (ballet stars of London's Royal Ballet Company) - "The Black Swan" pas de deux
    --Paul Lynde & Carmen Phillips - appear in a sketch about a girl on a pier who "wants to end it all."
    --The Andre Tahon Puppets (featuring Fuzzy the Caterpillar)moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Louis Armstrong
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby - "My Blue Heaven"
    --Louis Armstrong - "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"
    --Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong - "Dardanella"
    --Phil Harris (comedian) - "King of the Road"
    --The Young Americans (36 young singers led by Milton Anderson) - "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" & "Swanee"
    --Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Phil Harris & the Young Americans - "South Rampart Street Parade"
    --Bing Crosby and The Young Americans - "Happiness Is"
    --Carl Ballantine (comic magician, a regular on "McHale's Navy")
    --Pat Woodell (a former regular on "Petticoat Junction," making her singing debut) - "It Might as Well Be Spring"
    --Fred Roby (ventriloquist from France)
    --La Norma (Danish trapeze artist)
    --Sims' performing poniesmoreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby
    Host: Bing Crosby
    Episode 1
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby - "The Hollywood Palace Song"
    --Caterina Valente (singer) - "Meditation"
    --Bing Crosby and Caterina Valente - "Slow Boat to China," "Hindustan," "Fancy Meeting You Here" and "It Happened in Monterrey"
    --Tim Conway (comedian, from "McHale's Navy")
    --Avery Schreiber and Jack Burns (comedy team)
    --The Nitwits (comedy music group)
    --The Rudas (Australian dancers)
    --The Black Theater of Prague
    --Bertha the Elephant and her daughter Tinamoreless