The Hollywood Palace - Season 5

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Host: Bing Crosby / The Association
    --Bing Crosby (host) - "When We All Get Together"
    --The Association - "Never My Love"
    --Ravi Shankar - "Raga"
    --Milton Berle, Jimmy Durante and Bing Crosby - "Good Old Days" medley
    --Joey Heatherton, Bing Crosby and Diahann Carroll - "Girl Talk"
    --Diahann Carroll - "I Only Miss Him When I Think of Him"moreless
  • Host: Phyllis Diller / Fifth Dimension
    --Phyllis Diller (host)
    --The 5th Dimension - "Up - Up, and Away" and "California, My Way"
    --Frankie Avalon - "Sand and Sea"
    --Annette Funicello - "Promise Me Anything"
    --Phil Harris (comedian) - "Ode to Billy Joe" and "Tiny Bubbles"
    --The Herculeans (balancing act) (Note: another source listed the act as Hercules, a strongman)
    a seal actmoreless
  • Host: Milton Berle / Lena Horne / Spanky & Our Gang
    Host: Milton Berle
    --Spanky & Our Gang - "Making Every Minute Count"
    --Lena Horne
    --Neile Adams
    --David Hedison
  • Host: Sammy Davis Jr. / Diana Ross & Supremes
    --Sammy Davis Jr. (host) - "After Today," "Something in Your Smile," "Talk to the Animals," "That Old Black Magic" and "Mack the Knife"
    --Diana Ross and the Supremes - "Reflections" and "The Lady Is A Tramp"
    --Sammy Davis Jr. and the Supremes - sing a medley of songs about cities (Please see "Recap" for song titles)
    --Raquel Welch sings "Bang Bang"
    --Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber (comedy team) - parody confrontational TV talk shows.
    --Baby Lawrence (jazz dancer) - appears with Sammy Davis Jr. in a tap-dancing "duel."
    --Joey Bishop (comedian) - makes a cameo walk-onmoreless
  • Host: Victor Borge / Adam West
    Expo '67 Salute hosted by Victor Borge
    --Adam West
    --Don Ho
    --Hendra & Ullett
    --Mircille Mathieu
  • Host: Milton Berle (All-Comedy Show)
    All-Comedy Show
    --Milton Berle (host)
    --Kaye Ballard
    --Joe Besser
    --Irving Benson
    --Prof. Irwin Corey
    --The Bottoms Up (comedy troupe)
  • Host: Petula Clark (All-British Show)
    Guests (All-British performers):
    --Petula Clark (host) - "This Is My Song," "Don't Sleep in the Subway," "Imagine" & "Just Say Good-Bye"
    --Lynn Redgrave, Petula Clark and Noel Harrison - "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
    --Noel Harrison - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
    --George Sanders
    --Hendra & Ullett (comedy team)
    --The Nitwits (humorous musical group)
    --A "Camelot" parody narrated by Petula Clark. Lynn Redgrave portrays a clumsy Queen Quinevere, George Sanders as the "gouty" King Arthur, and Noel Harrison as the dashing Lancelot.moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Roger Miller
    --Bing Crosby (host)
    --Bing Crosby and the United Nations Children's Choir - "Small World"
    --Bing Crosby and Roger Miller - Hobo medley
    --Roger Miller - "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd" and "Code of the West"
    --Bing Crosby and Gail Martin - "You Make Me Feel So Young," "Roses and Lollipops," "Mutual Admiration Society" and "That's Amore"
    --Bing Crosby, Victor Borge, Roger Miller and Paul Lynde sing "I Dig Rock 'n' Music"
    --Fred and Mickie Finn (ragtime group) - "Sweet Georgia Brown"moreless
  • Host: Sid Caesar / Marlo Thomas
    --Sid Caesar (host) - plays an orchestra drummer during Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture." Later in show, Sid sings "A Real Live Girl."
    --Marlo Thomas (actress) - narrates a fashion show of 1968 resort fashions.
    --Sergio Franchi - "The Girl from Ipanema" and "I Should Care"
    --Fran Jeffries - "Another Night"
    --The Checkmates - "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"
    --Sid Caesar, playing saxophone, joins the Checkmates for "I May Be Wrong"moreless
  • Co-hosts: Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
    Co-hosts: Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
    --Steve and Eydie - "I Believe in You" and a medley of Broadway songs ("Without You I'm Nothing," "Where Would You Be Without Me?" Walking Happy," "Cabaret" and "The Honeymoon Is Over")
    --Eydie Gorme - "How Could I Be So Wrong?"
    --Steve Lawrence - "I've Gotta Be Me"
    --Steve Lawrence and Corbett Monica - "Making Whoopee"
    --Corbett Monica (comedian, doing a monolog about family life)
    --Tim Conway (comedian, plays a square at a hippie love-in)
    --Szony and Claire (dancers)
    --The Mascotts (head-balancing act from Germany)
    ABC repeated this show on May 25, 1968.moreless
  • Host: Milton Berle / Nanette Fabray
    Host: Milton Berle
    --Milton Berle - "Comedy Tonight"
    --Nanette Fabray - "Toot, Toot, Tootsie"
    --Buddy Greco (singer-pianist) - "Is It All That Bright and Beautiful?"
    --The Fearsome Foursome (Merlin Olsen, Rosevelt Grier, Roger Brown, Deacon Jones and Lamar Lundy of the Los Angles Rams) - sing "On the Football Field"
    --Jack Burns and Avery Schreiber (comedy team)
    --The King Family - medley of Spanish songsmoreless
  • Host: Jimmy Durante / Ethel Merman / Grass Roots
    Host: Jimmy Durante
    --The Grass Roots - "Let's Live For Today"
    --Jimmy Durante - "Hellzapoppin'" & "Yesterday"
    --Jimmy Durante and Ethel Merman - "Something Stupid"
    --Larry Bishop and Rob Reiner (comedy team, sons of Joey Bishop and Carl Reiner)
    --Ethel Merman - "Walking Happy"
    --The Lennon Sisters - "This Is My Song" and "Up-Up and Away"
    --Noel Harrison - "Suzanne"
    --Jimmy Durante, Ethel Merman and Noel Harrison - "The Rain in Spain"
    --Milt Kamen (comedian)
    --The Berosinis (acrobats)moreless
  • Host: Herb Alpert / Liza Minnelli / Boyce & Hart
    Host: Herb Alpert
    --Boyce & Hart - medley ("I Wanna Be Free" & "Last Train To Clarksville") and "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight"
    --Liza Minnelli - "Happy Time" and "Mammy"
    --Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - "With A Little Help from My Friends" (instrumental)
    --Burt Bacharach sings "What the World Needs Now," "What's New, Pussycat?" and "Alfie"
    --Sergio Mendez and Brasil '66 (with female singers) - "Going Out of My Head"
    --Wes Montgomery
    --Baja Marimba Band
    Please see "Recap" for additional song titles.moreless
  • Bing Crosby (1967 Christmas Show)
    1967 Christmas Show hosted by Bing Crosby, with wife Kathryn Crosby, and their children Harry, Mary Frances and Nathaniel.
    --Bing Crosby - "White Christmas"
    --Kathryn Crosby - "Try to Remember"
    --Mary Frances Crosby - "Where Is Love?"
    Also appearing:
    --Adam West (from "Batman")
    --Adam West, Louis Nye, Bing Crosby and the Crosby children - "This Old Man"
    --The King Family - "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"
    --Louis Nye (comedian)
    --The Marquis Chimpsmoreless
  • Host: Jimmy Durante / Anissa Jones
    Hollywood Palace Circus Show
    --Jimmy Durante (host, appearing as the ringmaster) - sings "Be a Clown," "Buffoons" and "When the Circus Leaves Town"
    --Anissa Jones (of "Family Affair") - appears as the honorary ringmistress
    --Candy Cavareta (trapeze artist)
    --The Hanneford Family (bareback horse riders)
    --Linon (low-wire acrobat-comedian)
    --Roselle Troupe (aerial acrobats)
    --The Rudos (performing elephant act)
    --The Sensational Parker (acrobat, performs on a 110-foot tall swaypole)
    --The Hanneford Family (bareback horse riders)
    --Kay's Pets (performing dogs, monkeys & ponies)moreless
  • Host: Phyllis Diller / Robert Vaughn / Johnnie Ray
    --Phyllis Diller (host) - "Wives and Lovers"
    --Phyllis Diller and Shari Lewis - "It Was a Very Good Year" & "When I'm 64"
    --Robert Vaughn (from "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.")
    --Johnnie Ray - "The Little White Cloud," "Cry," "Just Walking in the Rain" & "Walking My Baby Back Home."
    --The Sandpipers - "What Now, My Love?"
    --Shari Lewis (singer-ventriloquist, with Lambchop) - "Alexander's Ragtime Band"
    --Charlie Manna (comedian)
    --Phyllis Diller, Robert Vaughn and Charlie Manna appear in a Sherlock Holmes sketch.moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Peggy Lee
    Host: Bing Crosby
    --Bing Crosby - "Step to the Rear" (with dancers)
    --Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee - medley (including "The Doodling Song")
    --Peggy Lee - "Seems Like Old Times" & "What Is a Woman?"
    --Milton Berle
    --Jimmy Durante
    --Phil Harris
    --Lawrence Welk
    --Roosevelt Grier - "Spanish Harlem"
    --Roosevelt Grier and the Fearsome Foursome - "Under the Boardwalk"
    --The Solokhins (acrobats of the Moscow Circus)moreless
  • Host: Jack Benny / Liza Minnelli / Sammy Davis Jr.
    --Jack Benny (host)
    --Liza Minnelli
    --Sammy Davis Jr. - dances to "You Got Trouble," a recording by Robert Preston
    --Jack Benny and Sammy Davis Jr. - "Fascinating Rhythm," a musical duel with Benny's violin playing against Sammy's dancing and singing.
    --Peter and Chris Allen (Australian folk singers)
    --Beverly Washburn, Iris Adrian and Peggy Mondo (actresses) - appear in a sketch in which they audition a musical act for Benny.
    --The Rudenko Brothers (jugglers)moreless
  • Host: Phil Silvers / James Brown Revue
    Host: Phil Silvers
    --The James Brown Revue - medley: "I Can't Stand It," If I Ruled the World," "Cold Sweat," "Try Me," "I Feel Good" and "There Was a Time"
    --Connie Stevens - "Wouldn't It Be Nice?"
    --Polly Bergen - "A House Is Not a Home" & "Ain't Misbehavin'"
    --Jack Jones sings "Gypsies, Jugglers and Clowns" & "I'm Getting Sentimental over You"
    --Phil Silvers, Polly Bergen, Connie Stevens & Jack Jones - "There's Nothing Like a Model T"
    --Phil Silvers, Polly Bergen & Connie Stevens - sing a 'leap-year' medley
    --Henny Youngman (comedian)
    --The Waraku Trio (Japanese jugglers)moreless
  • Host: Victor Borge / Steve Allen / Dino Desi & Billy
    Host: Victor Borge
    --Victor Borge plays Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #1.
    --Dino, Desi & Billy - "My What A Shame"
    --Jayne Meadows sings "Hello, Dolly!" in Chinese.
    --The King Family (singers) - perform a 'States' medley (please see "Recap" for song titles)
    --The Scots Guards (Bapipe, Drum and Dancer Corps.)
    --The Gimma Brothers (tumblers)
    --Comedy sketches:
    --Steve Allen, in character as Senator Phillip Buster, answers questions from the studio audience (with help from Jayne Meadows).
    --Victor Borge, Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen perform a Baroque version of "I Dig Rock 'n' Roll Music."moreless
  • Host: Jimmy Durante / The Temptations

    --The Temptations sing "The Best Things In Life Are Free" and "I Wish It Would Rain."

    --Jimmy Durante (host, celebrating his 75th birthday) performs "The Parade" and "The Glory of Love."

    --Jimmy Durante and Van Johnson - "I Taught Him Everything He Knows."

    --Van Johnson dances to "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" as part of a medley of songs about maids.

    --Jimmy Dean sings "This Old House."

    --Jimmy Durante, Van Johnson and Jimmy Dean - "Lulu's Back in Town."
    --Vikki Carr sings "The Lesson," "Some of These Days" & "After You've Gone."

    --Pat Henry (comedian).
    --Mac Ronay (magician).
    --Franklin D'Amore (strongman).
    --The Bodyguards (strongmen).
  • Host: Milton Berle / Louis Armstrong
    Host: Milton Berle
    --Louis Armstrong - "Willkommen" & "No Time Is a Good Good-bye Time"
    --Phyllis Diller (comedian)
    --The Lettermen (vocal group) - medley of hits
    --Elaine Dunn (singer-dancer) - "After Today"
    --Enzo Stuarti (operatic tenor) - "Vesti la glubba" (from Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci")
    --Irving Benson (comedian playing heckler Sidney Shpritzer)
    --The "Bottoms Up Revue" (comedy ensemble from Las Vegas with Nancy Austin, Melendy Britt, Bill Fanning and Breck Wall)
    --Milton Berle and Nancy Austin - "The Put-Down Song"moreless
  • Host: Sammy Davis Jr. / Peter Lawford / Diahann Carroll
    --Sammy Davis Jr. (host) - "Tonight," "Once in a Lifetime," As Long As She Needs Me," "It Only Takes a Moment," "Let's Keep Swinging" & "Sam, by George"
    --Diahann Carroll - "Goin' Out of My Head" & "Here's That Rainy Day"
    --Sammy Davis Jr. and Diahann Carroll - perform a condensed version of "Porgy and Bess."
    --Peter Lawford - gives Sammy a musical French lesson
    --Rowan and Martin - comedy routine: sidewalk interview where a man gives his opinion about actors in politics
    --Checkmates Ltd. - "Soul Man"moreless
  • Host: Don Knotts / Merry Go Round
    --The Merry Go Round - "Live" (excerpt), "You're A Very Lovely Woman" (excerpt) and "Listen, Listen" (complete song).
    --Don Knotts (host) talks with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. about Hollywood attractions.
    --Nancy Ames (singer) - medley: "Fly Me to the Moon" & Spanish songs.
    --Don Knotts and Glenn Ash - "Shanty in Old Shanty Town"
    --Glenn Ash (guitarist) - plays "Lady of Spain" on guitar then plays banjo.
    --Don Knotts (stand-up routine) - nervous man speaking at doctors' convention.
    --Mary Costa (opera singer) - sings two songs
    --"Guess Who's Coming to Tea" comedy sketch with Mary Costa, Don Knotts and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.moreless
  • Host: Phil Harris / The Hollies
    --The Hollies - "Jennifer Eccles"
    --Phil Harris - "The Bare Necessities" and "But I Loved You"
    --Abbe Lane (singer) - "Abanda," "Samba de Orpherus" and "It Must Be Him"
    --Phillip Crosby - "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
    --Bill Dana (as Olympic skier Jose Jimenez)
    --Sid Miller and Rose Marie (comedians) - play songwriters who are adding lyrics to movie titles
    --Hendra & Ullett (comedy team)
    --Jacques Ary (comic magician)moreless
  • Host: Jimmy Durante / Liza Minnelli
    Jimmy Durante (host) - "The Lost Chord"
    --Liza Minnelli
    --Tim Conway (comedian) - plays an Olympic coach whose team is losing.
    --Jerry Shane
    --Fred and Mickie Finn (honky-tonk musicians)
    --Le grand ballet Classique (from Paris)
    --On film: Beatles - "Lady Madonna" (promo video)
  • Host: Don Adams / Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
    Host: Don Adams
    --Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"
    --Nancy Sinatra - "100 Years"
    --Kaye Ballard (comedian) - "Fabulous You"
    --Joey Forman (comedian)
    --Hal Frazier (singer) - "Somewhere" & "Who Am I?"
    --The King Family - "Girl Talk," "Music to Watch Girls By," "A Man and a Woman" & "A Hymn to Him"
    --Jerry Quarry and his sister Diana - "This Is Me" (Jerry Quarry was a heavyweight boxer making his singing debut.)
    ABC repeated this show on Sept. 21, 1968.moreless
  • Host: Bing Crosby / Every Mother's Son
    --Bing Crosby sings "Simon Says" and "Where the Rainbow Ends"
    --Every Mother's Son - "Put Your Mind at Ease"
    --Florence Henderson - "When I Look into Your Eyes"
    --Bing Crosby & Florence Henderson - medley of songs about strings (incl. "Zing, Went the Strings of My Heart")
    --Joe Bushkin (pianist) - "Dr. Dolittle"
    --Joe Bushkin and Bing Crosby - medley of songs about animals ("Talk to the Animals," "Abba Dabba Dabba" & "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?")
    --Restaurant sketch with Sid Caesar, Florence Henderson and Bing Crosby.
    --Gene Baylos (comedian) - stand up routine with Bing Crosby
    --The King Sisters sing "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" & "Valley of the Dolls"
    --Bunraku (Japanese puppeteers) - play about a Japanese warlord, narrated by Bing
    ABC repeated this show on August 31, 1968.moreless
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