The Hollywood Palace

ABC (ended 1970)




  • Season 3 Episode 3: Host: Fred Astaire / We F...

  • After season 2 finished, Rudolf Neurev and Dame Margot Fonteyne were "booked" for a guest spot for Season 3. The Producers Nick Vanoff and Bill Harbach had to "bank" their dance segment of Swan Lake pas de deux. The Hollywood Palace stage and studio were undergoing renovation, turning the studio-stage facility into ABC TV's first West Coast "color" (electronic cameras) Studio; for this transition for Season 3, the studio-stage would not be ready until mid-August, 1965. ABC (Hollywood studio construction facilities) built duplicate stage scenery matching the Hollywood Palace permanent stage proscenium portals. The proscenium scenery, footlights, sheer curtains were set up at the CBS Television City studio in June, 1965, for their segment to be taped and held (on tape) as a "banked" performance segment, for insertion with Fred Astaire's first hosting assignment. The glossy CBS television stage floor, matching the grey vinyl (linoleum) tile floor of the Palace stage, turned out to be a major problem for Nureyev and Fonteyn to dance upon. Hub Braden, the art director, had the CBS construction and paint shop paint the backside of 4' x 8' Masonite panels the matching grey vinyl tile color. The masonite's backside finish had a rough tooth texture. These panels lay on the studio stage floor, substituted for the vinyl, which permitted the two "dancing stars" a satisfactory dance floor. The vinyl was too slippery for the ballet performance.