The Hollywood Squares

Season 6 Episode 51

Dynamic Duos Week - Monday

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 17, 2003 on



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    • Tom Bergeron: PBS recently aired a special called, She Touched Me. What was it about?
      Kermit: Wasn't it about the Clinton years?

    • Tom Bergeron: At the end of Titanic, what did the old lady throw into the ocean?
      Joan Rivers: I saw this and I am furious. Ashton Kutcher's phone number. I was just... "Oh, what a dumb b*tch!"

    • Tom Bergeron: How does, suggest you cook frog legs?
      Kermit (panics)
      Miss Piggy: In a hot sauna with pork.

    • Lori (Contestant) (reacts provocatively to having just blocked her opponent)
      Tom Bergeron: You know, that's just a block. If she gets the win, I'll need a cigarette.

    • Tom Bergeron: Their motto is "blood and fire" and their paper is the warcry. Who's?
      Harvey Korman: Our ex-wives.

    • Tom Bergeron: We'd like to thank Martin and Peggy for being here. The Hilton Sisters cancelled their appearence here. Apparently they've suffered a migraine from a game of Scrabble.

    • Tom Bergeron: True or false: A man is working on a patent for a musical condom.
      Harvey Korman: Let's just hope he doesn't play "It's A Small World."

  • Notes

    • Martin Mull and his inflatable doll, Peggy, were a last-minute fill-in for Paris & Nicole Hilton, who cancelled.

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