The Hollywood Squares

Season 6 Episode 76

January 12 - 16, 2004 - Monday

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 12, 2004 on



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    • Tom Bergeron: True or false: The largest nuts in the world weigh over forty pounds.
      Rip Taylor: Oh, that's exacly why I gave up horseback riding.

    • Tom Bergeron: A lot of rats can do this longer than a camel. Do what?
      Bear: Stay in law school.

    • Tom Bergeron: What famous person was reported to bathe herself every month whether she needed to or not?
      Bear: Right now, Courtney Love's going, "Every month?"

    • Tom Bergeron: Reader's Digest says this is the #1 thing that keeps elderly people up at night. What is it?
      John Salley: Their bladder.

    • Tom Bergeron: Studies show that California has lost some of its population. Where does it say they would rather be?
      Martin Mull: Back to El Salvador.

    • Tom Bergeron: Because this was Warner Bros. main source of income, what dog had more billing than its human co-stars. What dog?
      Rip Taylor: Joan Crawford.

    • Tom Bergeron: According to Elle Magazine, what's the most painful form of cosmetic surgery?
      Bear: Well, for me, it's a full body wax.

    • Tom Bergeron: Bill Clinton's slogan was, "Don't stop thinkng about it." Don't stop thinking about what?
      Jay Thomas: Don't stop thinking about it? Didn't he say that under his desk? Did he add "baby" at the end of it?

    • Tom Bergeron: An ant just bit you. Why?
      Jay Thomas: This is the stupidest question I ever heard.

    • Macho Man: (giving skin to Bear) Skin.
      Bear: Fur.

    • Tom Bergeron: In Dante's "Inferno", what people were sent to the lowest circle of Hell?
      John Salley: Referees.

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