The Hollywood Squares

Season 6 Episode 56

November 24 - 28, 2003 - Monday

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 24, 2003 on



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    • Tom Bergeron: True or false: Taco Bell recently ran a promotion where they gave away free gas.
      Madame (Thom Fountain): I believe they had that since they opened.

    • Tom Bergeron: What are there more of: people in the United States or creatures in your mouth?
      Kathy Griffin: I hardly knew the guy!

    • Tom Bergeron: Little Johnny Green put pussy in and Little Johnny Stout put pussy out. Where was pussy?
      Madame: (to Joey, since it's his question) If you answer this, I'm never dating you again.
      Joey McIntyre: (serious answer) You'd think it's a kitten. I'm gonna say a blueberry pie.

    • Tom Bergeron: Can the owl actually rotate his head 360°?
      Martin: No, I think it can get at 320°, then it just snaps.

    • Tom Bergeron: In a newspaper article, what magazine is most read in the bathroom?
      Martin: It would be People if only the paper was softer.

    • Madame (Thom Fountain): (trying to remove feather boa) Someone get this off. God, I hate birds. I used to hate flies, too, until I learned how to open them.

    • Tom Bergeron: Newsweek said that a surprising 11% of these got new toothbrushes. Who are they?
      Martin: The Oakridge Boys. I'm kidding. The LPGA. Again I jest. Isn't that what we gave away on the old Hollywood Squares?
      Madame (Thom Fountain): I still got mine.
      Martin: Nothing cheers you up like a new toothbrush, so my answer is yes.

    • Tom Bergeron: Who was known, in her lifetime, as the saint of the gutters?
      Mario López (looks at Kathy Griffin): I think I'm sitting right next to her.

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