The Hollywood Squares

(ended 2004)





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  • One of my favorite game shows ever!

    I\'ve loved this incarnation of the show since the very beginning, it was a laugh a minute full of terrific stars and hilarious moments. Who couldn\'t forget that moment in the second season when Gilbert Gottfried shouted \"YOU FOOL\" after each missed answer to the questions he got, or the week in Season 5 when the legends of game shows played and Peter Marshall came full circle and hosted for a day. I know I never will!
  • Which square will you pick?

    This is an all time classic game show. It has humor and comedy. You get to see many different stars outside of their element as character in shows, It shows us just how many others think and have fun all at the same time. It is a show that could still be running today with a whole new set of stars and contestents. It brings fun to those who play from home. It is a gameshow that withstands time. The remake didn't catch on as well as the original but it was still a great show to watch and play along with.
  • The rules sort of changed but that made it better.

    The new recent version mostly 2003 -2004 or just starting in 2004. Was best game 2/3 Easy pick a square disagree or agree with the celbreity if right you get the square ir wrong the openent gets the suare unless the onpenthas two suares around it to get a three in a row. I do not remember how the old rules went. But the winner at the end of the 2/3. They have 30 seconds to say disagree or agree about sopmeting about the celbrity. The amount they get right the better thaey have with getting the prize. Nine keys the bads keys go away and you have to pick ones in red.
  • A game show that I can watch for any reason.

    I remember watching this show when it was still on the air. I could get comfortable on the sofa or on my bed and see some of my favourite celebrities in the panel.

    Today, I still watch it on GSN. I usually wake up to it on saturday and sunday mornings and I won't get out of bed until it's over. Some of the celebrities' humour is pretty funny and sometimes edgy. I like it though. I also watch most nights at 6pm EST and won't want to walk away unless there's a commercial.

    In 10 years or more, I might still be watching this show since I like it so much. I wouldn't mind if there was a new version of the show with brand-new episodes and more celebrities appearing.

    Until then, I can settle with the celebrities that were on this show 3-9 years ago.
  • One I Grew Up With

    Some ep (99)
  • A show where a poker face is mandatory for the panel. Celebrity's are asked a question and contestants decide if they agree or disagree.

    This show is okay. The questions are out of the blue, and I probably would not recommend it. It gets kind of boring. Contestants have a 50/50 chance of answering correctly, so they don't even necessarally have to know the answer. You can check it out, people have different oppinions. But mine is that it's not that great.