The Hollywood Squares

(ended 2004)





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  • A game show that I can watch for any reason.

    I remember watching this show when it was still on the air. I could get comfortable on the sofa or on my bed and see some of my favourite celebrities in the panel.

    Today, I still watch it on GSN. I usually wake up to it on saturday and sunday mornings and I won't get out of bed until it's over. Some of the celebrities' humour is pretty funny and sometimes edgy. I like it though. I also watch most nights at 6pm EST and won't want to walk away unless there's a commercial.

    In 10 years or more, I might still be watching this show since I like it so much. I wouldn't mind if there was a new version of the show with brand-new episodes and more celebrities appearing.

    Until then, I can settle with the celebrities that were on this show 3-9 years ago.