The Honeymooners

Season 5 Episode 21

A Dog's Life

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Notice that when Ralph says something to the effect that he can't ask Alice for the recipe because she will think it's just another scheme his suit coat is OPEN. In the very next moment his suit coat is BUTTONED.

    • In 2001 WPIX in New York (which has aired Honeymooners episodes ever since the classic 39 were first syndicated) was trying to find lost 16mm footage of a fireplace to revive the station's trademark presentation The Yule Log which had been off the air for 11 years. The original footage was found in WPIX's New Jersey storage warehouse in a film can marked 'The Honeymooners - "A Dog's Life"'. Because of this, when WPIX created a 40th anniversary special for the show in 2006, they called it The WPIX Yule Log - A Log's Life

    • Art Carney flubs his line, and Jackie Gleason has to correct it for him during the dinner table scene where they're naming the new food. (Quotes not verbatim.)

      Ralph: "How about Kranmar's Delicious Mystery Appetizer?"

      Ed: "Yeah, Kranmar's Mystery Delicious-" (Pauses as if he knows he's messed it up but can't quite remember the real thing.)

      Ralph: "No, Delicious Mystery."

      Ed: "Oh, yeah, yeah. Kranmar's Delicious Mystery Appetizer!"

    • Ralph Flubs his line when talking about Alices mom to Mr. Marshall. He says her mother inlaw.

    • Ralph decides to keep the dog at the end as well as some others..they of course never show up in the next episode. Although this is a bit nitpicky I have to give a little space in light of the fact that back in that day TV was fairly new and I don't think they had the total formula down yet

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    • The funniest moment of the episode is when the boss and his two co-workers realize they are eating dog food.The reaction is priceless.

    • There's no follow-up in a future episode to the scenario at the end of the episode: Ralph taking home several dogs from the pound.

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