The Honeymooners

Season 5 Episode 7

Better Living Through TV

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1955 on CBS
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Better Living Through TV

Ralph and Norton go on T.V. to sell the "Handy Housewife Helper"kitchen utensil. Can it core a apple?


Running time: 26:00.

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  • Ralph and Ed's funniest scheme

    Well Ralph has a get rich quick scheme that just might work. He buys stock from a closed factory and trys to make profit off of selling a gadget. Alice doesn't like this idea and they have a rather big argument about it, especially when it came to selling the product on tv. It gets hillarious when Ralph and Ed finally appear on TV, where Ralph is really nervous and says the wrong things. Hillarious, in one word and the plot is good too.moreless
  • Ralph and Norton try selling a kitchen utensil on TV.

    Ralph and Norton in another get rich quick scheme. Ralph and Norton buy a kitchen utensil that does many different things all in one. Alice of course is against it and thinks it will fail. Ralph tells Norton about selling it on TV as a way of getting it sold the fastest. They both on TV to do a commercial for it. Ralph and Norton are clam during the rehearsals but once the actual time comes for the live commercial, Ralph chokes up and gets nervous and can't say anything. This makes for a very funny commercial that just goes downhill fast.moreless
  • My question is this: Did Ralph really sell his utensil? Was it a success or a flop?

    My favorite part is when Ralph and Ed get into a rehearsal of "Chef of the Past" and "Chef of the Future" before it was recorded live on TV and that's when Ralph gets very nervous and shakes, especially when he says: "Homina, homina, homina... (etc.)" You won't be able to stop cracking up!
Audrey Meadows

Audrey Meadows

Alice Kramden (1952-1957)

Art Carney

Art Carney

Ed Norton

Sheila MacRae

Sheila MacRae

Alice Kramden (1966-1970)

Joyce Randolph

Joyce Randolph

Trixie Norton (1952-1957)

Jean Kean

Jean Kean

Trixie Norton (1966-1970)

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    • Ralph: (in his ideas on selling the "handy housewife helper") Now look, Alice, please. It's simple arithmetic. We buy something for 10 cents, we sell it for a dollar! It's that simple!
      Alice: If it's so simple, Ralph, why didn't the man who has these things in his warehouse sell them and make this big profit?
      Ralph: Because he thinks small like you do. He thinks he's gotta go from door to door to sell these things. That's where my great idea comes in. I go on television, and in five minutes, I can sell the whole 2,000 of them. Look, how long do you think it would take that guy to sell 2,000 of these if he went from door to door?
      Alice: About one minute if this was the first door he knocked on.

    • Ralph: We can't lose.
      Norton: Can't lose, huh? That's what you said when you bought the parking lot next to where they were building up the movie house there. You said, "People going to the movies got to have a place to park their car."
      Ralph: How did I know they were building a drive-in theater?

    • Norton: If my wife Trixie is looking in, and when I get home she says, "I told you so," I'm gonna belt her right in the mouth!

    • Ralph: I wish you would stop talking like that, nervous, you're gonna get yourself all Norton.

    • Ralph: This is probably the biggest thing I ever got into!

      Alice: The biggest thing you ever got into was your pants.

    • Ed: (shouts) And now, back to Charlie Chan!

    • Ralph: I've found out something tonight which I have suspected for a long time. You don't love me. You've never loved me! Never loved me! I know why you married me, Alice! I know why you married me! You know why you married me? Because you were in love with my uniform!

    • [Ralph is threatening to leave Alice if she doesn't give him the money for the "Handy Houswife Helper"...]
      Ralph: Just remember this- "You can't put your arms around a memory"!
      Alice: (ubersarcastic) I can't even put my arms around YOU.....

    • [Ralph is trying to assert himself to Alice to give him the money for the "Handy Housewife Helper"...]
      Ralph: (obstinate) For the last time, Alice....ARE you going to give me the money?
      Alice: (very cool) No.
      Ralph: This is the last time...
      Alice: No...
      Ralph (screaming) THE LAST TIME!!!!
      Alice: (shouting) NO!!!

    • Norton: "Can it core a apple?"

  • NOTES (2)

    • Near the end of the commercial Ralph and Ed were doing, Ralph injuries his hand with the utensil. While walking around yelling, and shaking his hand, Jackie runs into one of the fake walls, knocks it over, and falls with it. This was unscripted, and is classic Gleason just "going with the flow."

    • In the making of this episode, a piece of the utencil flies off towards the audience. Ralph goes over to it, picks it up, and says "Maybe we should mention something about spear fishing" This was not scripted, and occured during the live production.