The Honeymooners

Season 5 Episode 9

Brother Ralph

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1955 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When there's a knock on the door with Ralph and Norton in the apartment, Norton says, "That's probably him (Alice's boss) now." But Ralph has not told Norton that the boss was coming over.

  • Quotes

    • Ralph: You don't know how to handle money!
      Alice: Of course I don't! I never had any practice!

    • Alice: Listen, Ralph. I think you've gone crazy. I think you've gone completely out of your mind! These jealous moods of yours are crazy, you know. And just take a little tip from me, Ralph, I think you should have your head examined.
      Ralph: You think that, Alice? You think I should have my head examined now? I'll have my head examined, Alice, if you want! Anywhere in the United States I'll have it examined! I'm going to Vienna and have it examined for you! Vienna! Any doctor, any place, any hospital! They can bring doctors from the moon down here to examine my head! And they'll find nothing in there, Alice!

    • Alice: Listen, Ralph. I did not spend my money on clothes, and you know it! Besides, how far do you think sixty-two dollars a week will go?
      Ralph: Will you shut your big mouth and stop yelling my salary? I don't want the neighbors to know how much I'm making!
      Alice: Sixty-two dollars a week! SIXTY-TWO DOLLARS A WEEK! SIXTY-TWO DOLLARS A WEEK!
      Ralph: Will you stop that? I don't want my salary to leak out!
      Alice: Your salary couldn't drip out.
      Ralph: Oh, you're flirting with death!

    • Ralph: (About Norton) Somewhere Alice, somewhere there's a straightjacket waiting for that man!

    • Ralph: Go ahead, say it, Alice! Say it! Go ahead! Tell me I'm a maniac! Go ahead! Say anything you want! But I don't care! I don't care! That's the way I feel!

      Alice: (she smiles) Oh, Ralph. I love you.

      Ralph: You love me?

      Alice: Yeah.

      Ralph: Why?

      Alice: Don't you know why? It's not every woman, Ralph, who's lucky enough after fifteen years of marriage to have a husband this jealous.

      Ralph: Baby, you're the greatest. (Both kiss and embrace each other.)

    • Norton to Ralph,("What's the good word, buddy boy?" Ralph,(I was the 1st to go!")

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