The Honeymooners

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Season 12
    • Jackie Gleason's Honeymooners' Christmas

      It's Christmastime & Ralph'slatest get-rich-quick-scheme has himrisking his and Alice's life savings, buddy Ed Norton's holiday bonus & his Mother-in-Law's Social Security check. What could be more of a sure thing than -investing in lottery tickets.

      This is the last of the 4 ABC Specials. This is the only special that was filmed in Atlantic City.It is the last time that Jackie Gleaon, Art Carney and Audrey Meadows would work together as their Honeymooners characters.


      Running time: 48:00.

      This special is available on DVD.

    • The Honeymooners Valentine Special

      Alice is secretly planning to buy Ralph a suit for Valentine s Day, however Ralph thinks she is sizing him to fit for a coffin after he finds, a new life-insurance policy. And with Ralph thinking Alice is seeing another man, Ralph has Norton joining him undercover, dressed in drag, to catch the bum. In the end,Ralph buys alice an all-electric kitchen w/ new TV, stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer.


      Running time: 48:00 Minutes.

      This special is available on DVD.

    • The Honeymooners Christmas Special

      Ralph's agrees to produce, direct & star in his Boss, Mr. Marshall's wife's annual fund raising Christmas benefit show, "A Christmas Carol". Problems arise when Ralph realizes he has promised to take Alice to Miami the same weekend as the show. Hilarity ensues when Ralph rewrites the Dickens classic & with Norton directing it's bound to be hit. When the show is a hit, all is forgiven. Guest: Gale Gordon.


      Running time: 48:00 Minutes.

      This special is not available on DVD.

    • The Honeymooners Second Honeymoon

      The Kramden's are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Ralph & Alice plan on renewing their vows in a special ceremony at the Raccoon lodge. The celebration is put on hold when Ralph believes Alice is pregnant. Norton then comes into the picture to teach Ralph how to take care of a baby.


      Running time: 48:00 Minutes.

      Note: Audrey Meadows returns as Alice, her first time since 1966's The Adoption (Season 7).

      This is Gleason's first special on ABC.

      This special is available on DVD.

    • Women's Lib
      Women's Lib
      Episode 1

      When Trixie brings down a copy of "Plaything" magazine to show Alice a questionnaire, Alice now questions if she is an equal to Ralph. Ralph & Alice fight. Alice moves upstairs with Trixie and it's Ralph & Ed on their own.


      Running time: 25:20.

      NOTES: This sketch was part of a 1 hour "Jackie Gleason Special".

      This is Sheila MacRea's final appearance as Alice.

      This is Gleason's last special on CBS.

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