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A really lost Honeymooners episode

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    As any Honeymooners fan knows when Jackie Gleason moved from Dumont to CBS, because of health reasons, Pert Kelton bowed out of the show and was replaced by Audrey Meadows. But what few know is that since many parts of the country could not get the Dumont network they did not know about Gleason's many characters. For this reason soon after Jackie signed on with CBS in May of 1952 he was the main guest on Ed Sullivan's "Toast Of The Town" (May 25,1952). On this show he reprised all his characters for the first time on CBS and there is a Honeymooners sketch with Pert Kelton still in the role of Alice!. Art Carney also appears. This show is in the collection of the Paley Center so fans in NY and LA can view this totaly lost Honeymooners episode.
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    Actually there were 2 Honeymooners sketches performed on Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town. "The Ring" (3/30/52). (Toast Season 5, Episode 30) Ralph is jealous of Joe the jeweler. Run time: 9:07. This is a remake of "Ring Salesman" (12/7/51) on Gleason's Cavalcade of Stars. And "The Dance" (5/4/52) (Toast Season 5, Episode 35) Ralph & Alice get ready for a night out. Run time: 9:43. This 2nd sketch is highly sought after, since it is the only time this episode is performed.

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