The Honeymooners

Season 5 Episode 31

On Stage

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1956 on CBS

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  • This episode has nothing going for it

    This episode is rather uninteresting and not very funny. The episode sounded like it had an interesting plot with Ralph starring in a play, which could be interesting, but no. It's a romantic play and it had Ed courting Alice, something interesting would've come out of it, but no, Ralph gets a sappy moral idea about how to treat his wife...and it has a poor ending. Ralph is pretty out of character, he has no angry outbursts in this, and they milk the gag with the poloponies (Steptoe and Son did it better). I also noticed that Ed doesn't at all sound right in this, he must've been sick that day. A poor episode in summary, I reccomend Ralph the Janitor for a good episode.