The Honeymooners

CBS (ended 1978)





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  • Set the standard for all sitcoms to shoot for.

    It is great that we can still watch reruns of this classic and brilliant series. Mr. Gleason had a wonderful comic timing and delivery (developed in vaudeville to some degree), and Art Carney, Joyce Randolph and Audrey Meadows were perfect as the foil and the straight men (women). Each of them could carry scenes all on their own. What began as sketches on 'The Jackie Gleason Show', turned TV comedy on its head. Other sitcoms of the day mostly had a wisecracking lead comedian, with little supporting cast. 'I Love Lucy' clearly borrowed from the ideas and situations explored by this show, with amazing success, of course. After that, every single sitcom that deals with family life owes an immense debt. The character development was far ahead of any other show of its time, and the idea of episodes with recurring threads and continuing story development was virtually unheard of until 'The Honeymooners'. Even shows that are produced now borrow heavily from many of the themes and situations that the Kramdens and the Nortons, neighbors and friends, conjured up.