The Honeymooners

CBS (ended 1978)





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  • Honeymooners is the best TV viewing of its time. I also enjoy the opening when the fireworks begin and the moon shines over Brookly, NY. I love the image of Ralph's face on the moon. GREAT STUFF!!!

    One of the funniest episodes is when Norton takes Ralph's temperature and uses a lighter to read the result on the thermometer of 111*F. I still laugh out loud. Another favorite is when Ralph and Norton are going on a fishing trip without Trixie and Alice. I also love the apartment Norton and Trixie had. Very fashionably up-to-date with a beautiful couch, TV and the greatest wall paper. Norton always bought everything "on time". The bank wouldn't give him any more credit. The Kramdon's apartment was alway dreary even though Alice kept it neat. I think she should have washed the walls-- it really needed it. Trixie was always taking food from the Kramdon's. Apples, oranges, onions. Trixie was ahead of her time wearing a bracelet that resembles the Tiffany heart bracelet that almost every women owns.