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  • Love, Brooklyn style.

    When I was a teenager back in the 70's, growing up in Brooklyn, here was the late-night lineup on Channel 11 WPIX:
    11:00-The Odd Couple
    11:30-The Honeymooners
    12:00-The Twilight Zone
    12:30-Perry Mason

    Talk about a great lineup. The first to make an impression was The Honeymooners. Set in Brooklyn on Chauncey Street (which is nowhere near Bensonhurst) Ralph a hard working busdriver lives in apartment with Alice the housewife. They are friends with the Norton's upstairs, Ed the sewar worker and his wife Trixie. There's also from time to time Alice's mother making an appearence and a few character actors that play more than one role. This show has every formula used, so many hijinks involved and what usually happens is Ralph does something boneheaded, Ed is in on it or gives equally knuckleheaded advice and the games are underway. Alice is greatly annoyed, Trixie says not to be too harsh on Ralph and Alice and Ralph make up at the end. Week after 39 weeks, almost the same, but oh so funny.

    Today's Curb Your Enthusiasm is similar but that show is a little more high brow. Perhaps the Honeymooners charm is that Ralph is always well meaning but he has "A Biiiiiiig Mouth!" He berates Alice too and threatens her...Bang-Zoom...You're going to the moon!" Of course Ed is always causing trouble in his unknowing way, Ralph yells at him too, "Cut It Out Norton!" (Rats, it won't let me type them in CAPS) But in the end Ralph always tells Alice "Baby, you're the Greatest!" That's another thing. These are all memorable lines that have entered the vernacular. This is the mark of a classic show. Additionally and perhaps because there are only 39 (39 regularly played not including the lost episodes) episodes I can recite the lines before the cast can.

    Even today, Channel 11 will have a Honeymooners marathon on either Christmas or New Years and we all sit around and laugh uproariously. This is one of the best shows ever.