The Honeymooners - Season 6

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Manager Of The Baseball Team

    Ralph thinks he's appointed manager of the bus company, when in fact it's actually the company's soft ball team.

    Running time: 10:45.

    NOTE: This is the last episode to feature Gleason, Carney, Meadows & Randolph.

    This is a remake of "Manager of the Baseball Team" (5/16/1953 & 5/9/1953) and "The New Manager" (4/19/1969).

  • Six Months To Live
    Six Months To Live
    Episode 19

    When Ralph finds a letter from a doctor he believes the information in it leaves him with only six months to live. After some time to reflect, it's Alice that explains that the letter is from the vet who has given Alice's mother's dog only six months to live.


    Running time: Approx 14 mins.

    NOTES: This episode is still lost.

    This is a remake of "Six Months To Live" (12/13/1952) & "A Matter of Life And Death" (10/29/1955) and was remade as "Six Months To Live" (11/23/1968).

  • I Remember Mau Au
    I Remember Mau Au
    Episode 18

    In Africa: The Kramdens & Nortons go on a safari. Ralph and Ed go hunting.

    Scene 1 - Market Square:

    "Everyone Lives In A World of Sorts"
    "We're A Couple Of Hunters"

    Scene 2 - Jungle Bungalow:

    Scene 3 - African Jungle:
    "We Must Be Out Of Our Minds"

    Scene 4 - African Jungle:
    Finale: "We Must Be Out Of Our Minds".


    Running time: 50:35.

    NOTES: This is the last of the 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "Petticoat Jungle" (12/10/1966).

  • Framed In Spain
    Framed In Spain
    Episode 17

    In Madrid: Blackmailers fake a hanky-panky photo of Ralph, and for once, Alice is jealous.

    Scene 1 - Streets of Madrid:

    "Every Smile, Every Glance"
    "In Spain I Feel Like A Hero"
    Reprise: "Every Smile, Every Glance"

    Scene 2 - Kramden's Hotel Room:
    "Oh It Doesn't Pay To Tell Your Wife The Truth"

    Scene 3 - Kramden's Hotel Room:
    "Anything You Say Is True"

    Scene 4 - Streets of Madrid:
    Finale: "Every Smile, Every Glance".


    Running time: 52:27.

    NOTES: This is the 7th of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "You're In The Picture" (11/19/1966).

  • Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    In England: The Kramdens & Nortons appear in a Flakey Wakey commercial on an TV show.

    Scenes & Musical Numbers:

    Scene 1 - Hotel Lobby:
    "Hurry On Down, Come To London Town"
    "Everything Stops For Tea"
    Reprise: "Hurry On Down, Come To London Town"

    Scene 2 - Kramden's Hotel Room:
    "Flakey Wakies, Flakey Wakies"

    Scene 3 - Tv Studio.


    Running time: 49:02.

    NOTES: This is the 6th of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "The Honeymooners in England" (11/12/1966).

  • Curse Of The Kramdens

    In Ireland: Ralph & Ed have to spend the night in the ancestral Kramden castle, which has its own ghost.

    Run time: 48:32.

    Scenes & Musical Numbers:

    Scene 1 - The Dunellen Inn:
    "Hooray For The Irish"
     "The People Of Dunellen Welcome You"
    "A Kramden Through And Through"
    Reprise: "Hooray For The Irish"

    Scene 2 - Kramden's Hotel Room:
    "Don't You Fear, We'll Be Waitin' Right Here"

    Scene 3 - The Kramden Castle

    Scene 4 - The Dunellen Inn:
    "Hooray For The Kramdens"
    Finale: "Hooray For The Irish".


    Running time: 48:32.

    NOTES: This is the 5th of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "Curse of the Kramdens" (10/29/1966).

  • When In Rome
    When In Rome
    Episode 14

    In Italy: Ralph is jealous of Alice's guide, not knowing the guide is a little boy. Harry Verderchi!!

    Scenes & Musical Numbers:

    Scene 1 - Street: Rome Hotel:
    "Do As The Romans Do"
    "You Will Always Be My Friend"

    Scene 2 - Kramden's Hotel Suite:
    "Thats When You're Glad You Married The Girl"

    Scene 3 - Street Festival

    Scene 4 - Kramden's Hotel Suite:
    Finale: "Do As The Romans Do" (Reprise).


    Running time: 48:01.

    NOTES: This is 4th of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "Confusion Italian " (10/15/1966).

  • Behind The Iron Curtain

    In Germany: Ralph and Ed wander onto a Russian firing range while visiting Berlin.

    Scenes & Musical Numbers:

    Scene 1 - Berlin Train Station:
    "The Berlin Express"
    "Who Play In The German Band"

    Scene 2 - The Russian Zone:
    "A Beautiful Day"

    Scene 3 - Dining Hall:
    "We Must Save The Poor Workers Over There"

    Scene 4 - Berlin Train Station:
    Finale: "Music, Lovely, Music".


    Running time: 48:04.

    NOTES: This is the 3rd of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "We Spy" (12/3/1966).

  • Plastered In Paris
    Plastered In Paris
    Episode 12

    In France: Ralph & Ed get a great exchange rate... on counterfeit money.

    Scenes & Musical Numbers:

    Scene 1 - Kramden's Hotel Suite:
    "They're Coming Here To Paris"
    "We're Goin' Bye, Bye, Bye, We're Off On A Spree"

    Scene 2 - Sidewalk Cafe:
    "Ohh La La, We We"

    Scene 3 - Jail Cell:
    "That's You"

    Scene 4 - Sidewalk Cafe:
    Finale: "Paris, Better Known As Paree".


    Running time: 49:02.

    NOTES: This is the 2nd of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    These episode was remade as "The Poor People of Paris"(10/8/1966).

  • Away We Go
    Away We Go
    Episode 11

    Ralph & Ed win the "Flaky Wakies - Trip Around The World - Slogan Contest".

    Scenes & Musical Numbers:

    Scene 1 - Dock in N.Y.C.:
    "We're Off To Paris"
    "You Can See It In Paree"

    Scene 2 - Ships Deck:
    "I Never Felt Better In My Life"

    Scene 3 - Lifeboat at Sea:
    "Goodbye, Old Pal, Goodbye"

    Scene 4 - Dock in France:
    Finale: "Welcome To Paris".


    Running time: 49:12.

    NOTES: This is the 1st of 8 "Trip To Europe" episodes.

    This episode was remade as "In Twenty-Five Words or Less" (9/17/1966).

  • My Fair Landlord
    My Fair Landlord
    Episode 10

    Ralph, fed up with things always breaking down in the apartment, buys a new house in Queens. Ralph draws up a 99 year lease for the Nortons. After a while Norton hates the arrangements and tries to get himself evicted.


    Running time: 36:17

    This episode was remade as "Be It Ever So Humble" (9/9/1967).

  • Catch A Star
    Catch A Star
    Episode 9

    The Racoon Lodge is holding a dance benefit and the lodge brothers suggest getting a big name celebrity to attend. Norton recalls that Ralph had told him that he knew Jackie Gleason. So the racoons now insist that Ralph go after booking Gleason for the benefit. Gleason, Carney, Meadows & Randolph all play themselves in dual roles.


    Running time: 39:31.

    This episode was remade as "Ralph Kramden Presents" (3/18/1967).

  • Finders Keepers
    Finders Keepers
    Episode 8

    Mr. Bartfeld is selling his candy store to the Chock Full O'Orange people. When Ralph hears this he figures the CFOO people must know something about a boom in the neighborhood, and he wants to buy the store. He and Norton form a partnership and agree to invest $300 each to buy it. When neither of them can get the money, they try to think of a scheme to get it. Norton turns on the radio and they hear a commercial for a find-the-missing-money contest. The prize is a $1,000 bill. They study the clues and decide that the money is hidden in an automat across from Grand Central Station. They go there and search everywhere but don't find the money. They end up getting arrested for creating a disturbance in the automat. When Ralph gets home, he finds out that the CFOO people want to buy the store not because they think it would make alot of money, but to use it as a warehouse. Ralph is relieved that he didn't buy the store, but he is upset because not only did he lose a day's pay, but he also had to pay Joe Cassidy $15 to drive his bus while he was out looking for the money. In comes Alice with the newspaper and big news. Joe Cassidy found the hidden money that morning on the visor of the bus he was driving... Ralph's bus.


    Running time: 36:29

  • Love Letter
    Love Letter
    Episode 7

    Alice borrows a cookbook from Trixie and in it finds a love letter that Ed once wrote to Trixie. Alice leaves it on the icebox and Ralph later finds it. Ralph thinks that Alice is seeing another man. He and Norton try to figure out who wrote it. Norton thinks the handwriting looks familiar but can't figure out who wrote it. The boys take the letter to an analyst and she tells them that the man who wrote it is the romantic type but that he is also not too bright, rude and disorderly. She asks them to leave the letter with her and that she is going to analyze it further and mail Ralph the results. Ralph doesn't want Alice to know so Norton offers to have it sent to his house and writes down the address. The analyst notices that the handwriting is the same and calls in Ralph in private to tell him that Norton wrote the letter. Ralph doesn't let on to Norton. Alice asks Norton to go with her to pick out a bowling ball as a present to Ralph. Ralph sees them leave together and now has more evidence. Ralph goes upstairs and tells Trixie. As he's reading the letter to her, Norton walks in and hears Ralph saying "I love you, I love you, I love you." Norton challenges Ralph to a fight and Ralph socks him one in the gut. Alice gives the bowling ball to Ralph and explains the whole thing.


    Running time: 37:07.

    NOTE: This is a remake of "Love Letter" (10/16/54) & was remade as "The Boy Next Door" 10/12/1968).

  • Two Family Car
    Two Family Car
    Episode 6

    Ralph gets a telegram saying he's won a prize in a raffle. He assumes it's the grand prize-a new car. He tells Alice that he couldn't have bought the ticket if he wasn't able to talk Norton into giving him twenty-five cents. Alice tells Ralph that this makes Norton half owner and Ralph has a fit. Ralph tries to cheat Norton by offering to pay back the twenty-five cents. Ralph and Norton begin to fight over who is going to use the car that weekend until the man from the raffle arrives with the prize. While Ralph, Ed, and Alice look out the window for the new car, the man presents them with their real prize... a turkey.


    Running time: 17:36

  • Goodnight Sweet Prince

    Ralph has been transferred to the night shift by Freddie Muller and he's finding it impossible to sleep during the day. Just as he's about to doze off, Norton barges in. Norton tries to help him sleep by stuffing his ears with cotton and blindfolding him. Norton leads Ralph to the bedroom but lets go of him and he stumbles to the ground. Norton gets thrown out and Ralph goes into the bedroom. Freddie Muller comes by and tells Alice that he's putting Ralph back on the day shift. Alice calls Ralph to tell him and Ralph comes out of the bedroom screaming at her for disturbing him. Ralph doesn't see Freddie by the door and starts blaming him for all his misery. Freddie is insulted and promises to keep Ralph on the night shift forever.


    Running time: 15:33.

  • Expectant Father
    Expectant Father
    Episode 4

    Alice gets a job in an obstetrician's office to make some money for Christmas. One day, Ralph saw Alice and Trixie go into the doctor's office and he thinks that Alice is pregnant. Ralph goes home and tells Norton. Norton thinks that maybe it's Trixie who is pregnant. They both start dreaming about being fathers and Alice and Trixie walk in. Ralph tells Alice that he saw her go into the doctor's office and she thinks that Ralph knows she has a job. Alice sees that he doesn't mind and says that she's thinking of doing it every year. Ralph soon finds out the truth and is disappointed.


    Running time: 16:05

  • Forgot to Register
    Forgot to Register
    Episode 3

    It's Harper vs. Penrose in a local election and Ralph and Norton are campaigning for Penrose. Norton is so involved that he dresses up like Uncle Sam and marches in a parade for Penrose. However, Norton says he's not going to vote because it's too much trouble. Ralph is appalled and delivers a speech about the Pilgrims. Then Ralph finds out that Alice is going to vote for Harper and gets into an argument with her. Ralph goes to the polls to vote for his man but finds out that he forgot to register.


    Running time: 13:41

  • The Check Up
    The Check Up
    Episode 2

    Ralph is getting a promotion and a doctor from the bus company stops by to give him a physical. Ralph isn't home, so the doctor says that he'll stop by later. Alice and Trixie go out and tell Ed to stay in the apartment and wait for Ralph. When Ralph hears that a doctor is coming by, he thinks it's because Alice wants to increase his life insurance. Ralph wants no part of it so he decides to fake being a drunk so that he'll fail the physical and cancel the policy. The doctor is appalled at Ralph. Alice comes home and explains to Ralph who the doctor was.


    Running time: 10:08.

  • Double Anniversary Party

    Alice is planning a surprise anniversary party for Ralph in the Nortons' apartment. Meanwile, Ralph is secretly planning to take Alice to the Kit Kat Club the same night. Ralph asks her if she wants to go to the movies but Alice says she would rather spend the night with the Nortons. Ralph tries to bully her into going but Alice refuses. Ralph gives in and tells her he wants to take her to a club. Alice tells him about the surprise party. They agree to go to the Nortons that night and to the club the next night.


    Running time: 13:11.