The Honeymooners - Season 7

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • The Adoption
    The Adoption
    Episode 4

    Anxious to adopt a baby, Ralph and Alice go to great lengths to impress the adoption agency -- even passing off expensive borrowed furniture as their own. Touched by the Kramdens' honesty, arrangements are made to locate a child for them. Ralph errupts when the baby turns out tto be a "Ralphina" but the Kramden's happiness is short-lived when the birth mother wants her baby back.

    Scene 1 - Exterior of 328 Chauncey Street:

    "Brooklyn U.S.A."
    "There'll Always Be A Kramden"

    Scene 2 - Kramden's 'Old' Apartment:
    "You Can Count On Me"

    Scene 3 - Kramden's 'New' Apartment:
    "We'll Have The Happiest Boy In The World"

    Scene 4 - Hospital:
    "Little Girl"

    Scene 5 - Kramden's 'Old' Apartment:
    Finale: "Because Of My Beautiful Girl"


    Running time: 60:00.

    Notes: This is the last of 3 "Honeymooners" episodes that we're performed on "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine".

    Audrey Meadows returns as Alice for the first time since 6/1/1957 and wouldn't appear again until 2/2/1976.

    This is the first of the Jerry Bresler & Lyn Duddy musical "Honeymooners" that would continue on through the 1966-1970 "Color Honeymooners".

    This is the last episode filmed in black & white.

    This episode is not available on DVD. But did air as a special on TV Land on March 15, 2000.

  • TV Game of the Week

    Ralph finally gives in and buys a television set and he & Norton watch a football game. Just as they are set to watch the TV shuts off. They think there is a problem with the TV. Ed tries to repair by taking it apart. When the janitor comes in & explains the building lost power, the problem is solved, except for the TV.


    Running time: 18:12.

    Notes: This is the 2nd of 3 "Honeymooners" sketches that we're performed on "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine".

    Sue Ann Langdon appears as Alice.

    This episode is not available on DVD. A scene from this episode appeared on "The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary Celebration" (5/6/2002).

  • Two Below
    Two Below
    Episode 2

    Ralph convinces Ed to get more involved in civil defense and spend a week in the basement instead of vacationing with Alice & Trixie in Atlantic City. Once in the basement, hilarity ensues when Ralph & Ed try to sleep in bunk beds.


    Running time: 15:35

    NOTES:This episode is also known as "Retreat To The Basement".

    This is the 1st of 3 "Honeymooners" sketches that we're performed on "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine".

    Sue Ann Langdon appears as Alice & Patricia Wilson appears as Trixie.

    This episode is not available on DVD. It does appear on Goodtimes Home Video titled: "Jackie Gleason's and His American Scene Magazine". The other sketches performed in this hour are: "The Retouchables", a "Untouchables" parody, "Joe the Bartender" with Crazy Guggenheim (Frank Fontaine), and Wayne Newton sings "Love Makes the World Go Round".

  • The Big Sell
    The Big Sell
    Episode 1

    Ralph seeks Norton to invest money in his future. Not much more in known about this sketch, other than the scene is similar to the opening in "Ralph Kramden, Inc." (2/4/1956).


    Running time: 60:00.

    NOTES: This is from "The Big Sell: A Jackie Gleason Special". Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Phil Harris & Bob Warren Star in a tongue in cheek salute to the American salesman.

    Art Carney appears as Ed Norton. Gleason appears as Ralph Kramden, Joe the Bartender & Reggie Van Gleason III.

    This special is not available on DVD. The audio recording is available at

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