The Honeymooners - Season 7

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • The Adoption
    The Adoption
    Episode 4

    Anxious to adopt a baby, Ralph and Alice go to great lengths to impress the adoption agency -- even passing off expensive borrowed furniture as their own. Touched by the Kramdens' honesty, arrangements are made to locate a child for them. Ralph errupts when the baby turns out tto be a "Ralphina" but the Kramden's happiness is short-lived when the birth mother wants her baby back.

    Scene 1 - Exterior of 328 Chauncey Street:

    "Brooklyn U.S.A."
    "There'll Always Be A Kramden"

    Scene 2 - Kramden's 'Old' Apartment:
    "You Can Count On Me"

    Scene 3 - Kramden's 'New' Apartment:
    "We'll Have The Happiest Boy In The World"

    Scene 4 - Hospital:
    "Little Girl"

    Scene 5 - Kramden's 'Old' Apartment:
    Finale: "Because Of My Beautiful Girl"


    Running time: 60:00.

    Notes: This is the last of 3 "Honeymooners" episodes that we're performed on "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine".

    Audrey Meadows returns as Alice for the first time since 6/1/1957 and wouldn't appear again until 2/2/1976.

    This is the first of the Jerry Bresler & Lyn Duddy musical "Honeymooners" that would continue on through the 1966-1970 "Color Honeymooners".

    This is the last episode filmed in black & white.

    This episode is not available on DVD. But did air as a special on TV Land on March 15, 2000.

  • TV Game of the Week

    Ralph finally gives in and buys a television set and he & Norton watch a football game. Just as they are set to watch the TV shuts off. They think there is a problem with the TV. Ed tries to repair by taking it apart. When the janitor comes in & explains the building lost power, the problem is solved, except for the TV.


    Running time: 18:12.

    Notes: This is the 2nd of 3 "Honeymooners" sketches that we're performed on "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine".

    Sue Ann Langdon appears as Alice.

    This episode is not available on DVD. A scene from this episode appeared on "The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary Celebration" (5/6/2002).

  • Two Below
    Two Below
    Episode 2

    Ralph convinces Ed to get more involved in civil defense and spend a week in the basement instead of vacationing with Alice & Trixie in Atlantic City. Once in the basement, hilarity ensues when Ralph & Ed try to sleep in bunk beds.


    Running time: 15:35

    NOTES:This episode is also known as "Retreat To The Basement".

    This is the 1st of 3 "Honeymooners" sketches that we're performed on "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine".

    Sue Ann Langdon appears as Alice & Patricia Wilson appears as Trixie.

    This episode is not available on DVD. It does appear on Goodtimes Home Video titled: "Jackie Gleason's and His American Scene Magazine". The other sketches performed in this hour are: "The Retouchables", a "Untouchables" parody, "Joe the Bartender" with Crazy Guggenheim (Frank Fontaine), and Wayne Newton sings "Love Makes the World Go Round".

  • The Big Sell
    The Big Sell
    Episode 1

    Ralph seeks Norton to invest money in their futures by selling a product that is eight things in one: a can opener, cheese spreader, fish scaler, eye brow tweezer, apple corer, mustache trimmer, toe nail clipper & wart remover.

    This Honeymooners sketch is from the live Oct. 9, 1960 "The Big Sell: A Jackie Gleason Special," a tongue in cheek salute to spoofing salesmanship.
    This sketch spoofs 2 Classic 39 episodes, "Better Living Through TV" Nov. 12, 1955 & "Ralph Kramden, Inc." Feb. 4, 1956.

    NOTES: This sketch would be the only time Gleason & Carney would perform without the character of Alice.

    This special looked like a typical Jackie Gleason Show, complete with The June Taylor Dancers & guests Art Carney, Phil Harris, Bob Warren & Jack Lescoulie.

    Art Carney appears as Ed Norton & Gleason appears as Ralph Kramden, Joe the Bartender & Reggie Van Gleason III.

    This special is not available on DVD.


    Special Run time: 60:00.

    Honeymooners sketch run time: 7:33.