The Honeymooners

Season 5 Episode 12

Something Fishy

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1955 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Ralph can't start the car, Alice borrows one of Trixie's hair pins to put in the motor to start it and then pulls it out afterwards. When Ralph wants to try the same thing, Alice borrows another one of Trixie's hair pins to give to Ralph. Why didn't she give Ralph the one she was holding that she pulled out of the engine in the first place?

    • Ralph is going to call Norton a nut.He starts off saying" brother Kramden" then stops and says "brother Norton is a nut."

    • The Racoon Lodge President apparently forgets his line when he says "We've got to get more- more- more-". Gleason finishes his sentence: "Applicants!" The flustered President then says "Oh, yes, I couldn't think of the word."

  • Quotes

    • (Ralph and Alice are arguing over her determination to go on the fishing trip...)
      Alice: ...I gave up going to the beauty parlor for THREE MONTHS to buy this fishing outfit!!
      Ralph: Oh yeah? Well, that fishing outfit will not do you ONE BIT of good! What do you know about catching fish, anyway? When did YOU ever catch anything?
      Alice: (defiant) Fifteen years ago!! I caught THREE HUNDRED POUNDS OF BLUBBER!!!

    • (Ralph is trying to assert himself to Alice as to his intentions about the fishing trip.)
      Ralph: Let's not do any hollering, screaming, or are not going on the fishing trip.
      Alice: (very cool and defiant) I AM going.
      Ralph: (a bit louder) You're NOT going.
      Alice: (insistant) I AM going.
      Ralph: (shouting) YOU'RE NOT GOING!!
      Alice: (yelling) I AM GOING!!!!!!
      Ralph: The only place YOU'RE going is to the moon!!!!

    • Ralph Kramden: Mr. President, Brother Kramden . . . Brother Norton is a nut!

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