The Honeymooners

CBS (ended 1978)




  • Season 5 Episode 36: Alice And The Blonde

  • Carney accidentally bumps into a table, causing a cookie to fall on the floor. This inspires the ad-lib "Leave it there, the cat'll get it."

  • Season 5 Episode 37: The Bensonhurst Bomber

  • While in the poolroom, Norton goes into painful detail about what impressive shot he will take next:

    "I will knock the 8 and 15 ball into the corner pocket there. But before the 8 ball goes into the corner pocket, it will kiss off the 3 there, causing the 9 ball to drop into this side pocket here. Before the 9 ball drops into that pocket, it will hit there, carOOM off the cushion there, come bouncing into these bunch of balls here, which will cause a chain reaction making all of the balls go into the corner pocket with the exception of the #4 ball which will end up there in my upper left in that corner..."

    However, just as Ed is about to take the called shot, George interrupts them, saying the table is reserved for him and Harvey. All well and good, except that after the entire exchange, when Norton resumes the game, he takes a completely different, much easier to sink corner pocket shot vs. the one he outlined. Granted he makes the shot, to which Ralph says "Lucky...very lucky", but meanwhile, an obvious continuity error has already occurred.

  • Notice that when Norton is in the process of telling Ralph his plan to get Ralph out of the fight, Ralph quickly interjects that he is "going to get someone that's bigger than Harvery." even though Ed hasn't even gotten to that part of the plan, and it's not very obvious what Ed has in mind. And further, even though Ralph correctly anticipates the plan, Ed still goes into painful detail about what the plan is even though Ralph has already figured out.

    And as for the "password" to know who is Norton's friend, notice how it changes throughout the episode: "Get a load of fatso", "Hello there, fatso" to "Hey, fatso, get out of the way!"

  • Season 7 Episode 4: The Adoption

  • It seems strange that Ralph and Alice have had the baby a week but still don't have a bottle to feed the baby milk from.

  • Season 8 Episode 18: Sees All, Knows All

  • Ralph wonders why there is a shower in Nortons bathroom and not his.But we know Ralph has been in Nortons bathroom before.

  • Towards the end of the episode Norton totally blows his line. Norton,Alice,and Trixie continue on without missing a beat.

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Hair to a Fortune

  • Ralph flubs his line by reversing two words but he and Alice continue on like nothing has happened.

  • Girl passing by flubs her line.

  • Season 9 Episode 3: The People's Choice

  • At the end of the show when Ralph presents the cast to the audience Trixie (Jean Kean) comes out gives Ralph a kiss and bumps him spilling his coffee. Ralph laughs and procedes to drink his beverage from the saucer.

  • The cops have an idea to hide in the bedroom to wait for knuckles. But when they try to reassure Ralph of his safety they say they will be right next door..

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