The Hoobs

Friday 7:00 AM on ABC1 Premiered Jun 11, 2007 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Is It Hoobletoodledoo?
      Hubba Hubba announces to the Hoobs that they are coming home. The Hoobs find out about leaving places and how to say goodbye.
    • The Flipperdipper Dancer
      The Hoobs have entered a competition to make up an animal. But when they make it, the nose doesn't seem quite right. Can the Hoobs change it in time?
    • Bossy Boots
      Bossy Boots
      Episode 50
      Iver is being bossy again because of all the work he has to do, so Tula and Groove decide to take over to give Iver...and them a rest!
    • The Big Bonk
      The Big Bonk
      Episode 49
      The Hoobs are worried - Hubba Hubba isn't answering on the Hoobyscreen, no matter how many question they come up with. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise on the roofgarden...Guess who!
    • Shop Til Ya Drop!
      Shop Til Ya Drop!
      Episode 48
      The Hoobs decide to set up their own shop for the Tiddlypeeps - but what will they sell? And how do you run a shop anyway?
    • King Of The Sea
      King Of The Sea
      Episode 47
      Iver's quiz book is interesting all four Hoobs enourmously and the question that is chosen for Hoob News is "If The Lion is The King Of The Jungle, Who is the King Of The Sea?"
    • Tricks With Bricks
      Tricks With Bricks
      Episode 46
      Groove and Iver are trying to make a desert on the roofgarden and they also want Tula to be interested too - but she's much more interested in making something with her bricks! How can Iver and Groove persuade Tula to be interested in the desert?
    • Window Dressing
      Window Dressing
      Episode 45
      Iver becomes fascintated with the subject of glass, but Tula and Groove can't see anything special about it! Can Iver persuade them that windows are beautiful?
    • Soft Floppy Fun
      Soft Floppy Fun
      Episode 44
      After reading a book, Iver is in the mood to find out as much about tails as he can, and he soon gets Tula into it as well. In the meantime, Groove has been trying to make something out of his Soft And Floppy Things collection, but unfortunatly Tula and Iver seem to be able to make things much easier than he does when they try and find a tail for Groove.moreless
    • Costume Drama
      Costume Drama
      Episode 43
      The Tiddlypeeps invite the Hoobs, including Roma, to a fancy dress party, where the theme is historical costumes. As all of the Hoobs find different costumes to wear, Groove becomes more and more dispondent about his own.
    • Pancakes
      Episode 42
      Much to his delight, Groove manages to grow a lemon on one of his trees, and pancakes are the most constructive thing he can think to do with it! But How do you make one? Meanwhile, Iver attempts to find out where all the ingrediants for a pancake come from.
    • Day Off
      Day Off
      Episode 41
      Hubba Hubba calls the Hoobs to explain to them that they are due a day off and so today, they can do whatever they want and forget about Hoob News. Unsurprisingly, Iver finds Hoob News hard to let go of and so he tries to find something to do.
    • Voice Choice
      Voice Choice
      Episode 40
      Tula and Groove are preparing a surprise for Iver, but he is well under the impression that he is being ignored. The fact that he is talking in a whingy voice isn't helping either, so he decides to speak in a different voice.
    • Three Hoobs, One Bus
      After a tidying up fit, Iver becomes extremly annoyed at all the mess that Tula and Groove make, so he decides that it would be a good idea if the Hoobs slept in seperate rooms!
    • Record Breaker
      Record Breaker
      Episode 38
      After conversing on HoobNet, The Hoobs all decide to break the world record for something... but there is nothing they can see to do in time for Hoob News! Meanwhile, Roma's actions mystfy everybody
    • Llama Farmer
      Llama Farmer
      Episode 37
      It is absoulutly freezing in the Hoobmobile, so The Hoobs need to think of a way to keep themselves warm.
    • Iver Five 0
      Iver Five 0
      Episode 36
      When a police car runs by the Hoobmobile, Iver becomes obsessed with riding in the back of one, but as far as The Hoobs can see, the only way for this to happen is if Iver became a criminal...
    • Flower Power
      Flower Power
      Episode 35
      Tula is admiring the Hoobygarden again when she decides to take something from a peep garden back to Hoobland. Iver thinks pansies are the answer, but Tula wants something a little more dramatic.
    • Restaurant
      Episode 34
      After Groove eats Tula's freshly baked Hoobycookies after she's been cooking all morning, she decides that it's time the boys did some cooking too! So Iver and Groove decide to treat Tula as a customer in a restaurant - but what happens in a resturant?
    • Overloaded
      Episode 33
      The Moterettes are having a lot of difficulty moving the Hoobmobile everywhere, and it soon becomes obvious that Groove's collections are just too heavy for them to pull anywhere, which means one collection has to go. But which one?
    • Lost
      Episode 32
      Tula calls Roma to the Hoobmobile in distress - Iver and Groove have gone missing, and are nowhere to be found!
    • Jambo Tambo
      Jambo Tambo
      Episode 31
      The Hoobs have a friend from another country who owns an elephant called Tambo. Now, Tambo is going to be realeased into the wild soon, but Iver, Tula and Groove really aren't sure that the elephant is ready! What dangers could face Tambo in the african jungle?
    • The House Of Iver
      The House Of Iver
      Episode 30
      The Tiddlypeeps invite Iver to a party, but the trouble is that some of the invitation has been smudged on the part of the invitation that is telling him how to dress. So, Iver decides to be as fashionable as he can!
    • Signs
      Episode 29
      Iver is reading up on signs of the Zodiac and is finding it all madly fasicinating! Groove on the other hand thinks that star signs are a load of rubbish, in fact he thinks all signs are useless! Can he be convinced? Meanwhile, Iver tries to find what star sign everyone could be judging by their personality.moreless
    • Opera Singer
      Opera Singer
      Episode 28
      Tula discovers that auditions for a part in a opera are being held and decides to go for it! However, despite Iver and Groove's help, she finds that it's nowhere near as easy as she thought it would be!
    • Hooby Holiday
      Hooby Holiday
      Episode 27
      Tula's Tiddlypeep friend Jake is feeling unhappy because he is the only one who isn't going away out of his friends, so The Hoobs try to think how to make him feel better,
    • Tight Fit
      Tight Fit
      Episode 26
      The Hoobs decide to go jogging, but when they get their vests on, Groove discovers his doesn't fit! It was fine yesterday, so what's happened?
    • Emperor
      Episode 25
      After hearing all about emperors, Iver decides to become one, but he's really not a nice emperor and is soon banishing everyone in sight! Including Hubba Hubba....
    • Banana Banana Carrot
      Groove discovers the art of quiz shows and so decides to try and go for one! Not really possible however, and so The Hoobs try their own.
    • The Fastest Thing On Legs
    • Buddy Beacon
      Buddy Beacon
      Episode 22
      Tula decides to make a flashing light to alert other Hoobs who are passing by the Peep Planet, but there is one rather important problem - how are they gonna make the light work?
    • Iver's Buns
      Iver's Buns
      Episode 21
      Something VERY odd is occuring. Lots of things are being moved around the Hoobmobile, and The Hoobs have absolutly no idea how!
    • Cover Up
      Cover Up
      Episode 20
      In a tussle with Tula, Groove manages to splatter his Hoobjuice all over the wall, and Hoobjuice is famous for staining! What can they do about it? Meanwhile, Tula attempts to create a museum, which makes her a rather large hindrance for all the question solutions!
    • Twinkly Wrinklypeep
      When the Hoobyharvest produces too much food, Iver decides to take some spare to the old people's home down the road, but is dismayed to see an Wrinklypeep looking miserable. How can they cheer him up?
    • Promises
      Episode 18
      Groove just can't help himself, he just keeps breaking promise after promise after promise, and Iver and Tula are sick of it. They need to help Groove try and keep his promises, but after he breaks another one, they give up on him, and Groove's on his own..
    • Tiger In Need
      Tiger In Need
      Episode 17
      Tula hears of a tiger named Tallulah that needs help, so all the Hoobs try to raise as much money as possible so that she can be taken back to the wild safely.
    • Little Green Sticky Thing
      Groove has found a little green sticky thing on one of the trees on the roof garden, and a HUGE mystery arises about to what it could be. Meanwhile, Tula and Iver try to find out as much as they can about butterflies.
    • Hooby Races
      Hooby Races
      Episode 15
      The Tiddlypeeps are having an annual sports day at their school, and so the Hoobs attempt to reenact their own!
    • Little Pink Riding Hoob
      The Tiddlypeeps have written a play for Iver, Tula, Groove and Roma - Little Red Riding Hood! Tula gets Little Red Riding Hood, Roma gets the woodcutter, Groove gets the wolf.... and guess who's Grandma!
    • Hooby Grow In A Day Tree
      The Hoobs try to find out about Tiddlypeep families! They are getting extremely confused about all the different names... Meanwhile, Groove grows a "Hooby Grow In A Day Tree," which is literally a tree that grows in a day, which annoys Tula no end!
    • Moterette Magic
      Moterette Magic
      Episode 12
      There appearers to be a problem with the Moterettes and Iver is having great difficulty trying to fix the problem. Meanwhile, Groove tries to fix a bike.
    • Elbows
      Episode 11
      Iver is feeling very frustrated, he keeps banging his elbow and it really hurts! Apart from causing great pain, what is the point in elbows?!
    • Not A Horse
      Not A Horse
      Episode 10
      Tim, Groove's Tiddlypeep friend, has a favorite animal, and it's apparently an unusual animal. Can our furry chums work out the mystery creature?
    • Sherlock Groove
      Sherlock Groove
      Episode 9
      On the clutter cupboard floor, there was a filthy tablecloth which Iver decides to clean. He washes it and hangs it up, but when he goes back outside it has become filthy again! Can Groove solve the mystery?
    • Change
      Episode 8
      Iver is tired of everything being the same. Every morning they wake up, think up a question, go to the Tiddlypeeps - it's all just getting too much. He wants to change himself more than anything, so how can this be achieved?
    • Cards
      Episode 7
      Groove has found a pack of cards in his collection, and wants to be able to do lots of clever stuff with them! But the problem is Iver seems to the best at everything they try!
    • Groove's Special Collection
      Groove is trying to think up another collection - but this one needs to be special. Tula and Iver think it would be a good idea if there was one about him! What makes Groove...Groove?
    • News
      Episode 5
      Horror of horrors - the Hoobnews screen is broken! Now, as far as Iver's concerned it needs to be fixed, but Groove and Tula are up for finding other ways of broadcasting the news to Hoobland.
    • Dangerous
      Episode 4
      The Tiddlypeeps have invited Iver on an expedition, but he's worried about how dangerous it could be. He needs to decide what he should take with him that will protect him in all circumstances!
    • Chocolate
      Episode 3
      Tula is making some gingerbread Hoobs and has some chocolate buttons ready! Groove, being Groove, eats them and it would seem that there is no more chocolate in the Hoobmobile! How on earth can a Hoob have Chocolate when he wants it?
    • Hooblebumper Box Day
      Every year The Hoobs celebrate Hooblebumper Box Day. It's when Hubba Hubba sends them all a challange in a box and this year's tasks have arrived! Tula has to create a song and Groove has to make a list, but Iver is left with his achilles heel - craftwork. His confidence in himself keeps going down as the day goes on, so what can the others do?!moreless
    • Hoobledoop!
      Episode 1
      Roma has been asked to take pictures of Groove and his collections for a magazine in Hoobland, but unfortunatly Iver and Tula aren't going to be featured. They could however if they were in someway famous like Groove and his collections are, so how can they be famous? Meanwhile, the fame begins to go to Groove's head, which Roma isn't prepared to stand for!moreless
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