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  • Season 5
    • June 12, 2009
      June 12, 2009
      Episode 29
      Tonight on the Hour, one of Hollywood's most acclaimed director's. The man, Norm Jewison, behind 'Moonstruck', 'Jesus Christ Superstar', and 'In the Heat of the Night'. Just to name a few. Plus, when it comes to the F-word - food or otherwise - there's no one more famous or feared than Gordon Ramsay. Tonight he's back - for round two. Plus, a revolutionary force in music, Moby is here. Cue the music - it's the Hour.moreless
    • June 5, 2009
      June 5, 2009
      Episode 28
      Tonight on the Hour. Forget the Kennedy's, forget the Royal Family, we've got the matriarch of one of the most popular families around. Plus, one of the most talented and dark film makers out there today, David Cronenberg, drops by. And, the star of the film 'The Hangover,' Bradley Cooper is here.moreless
    • May 29, 2009
      May 29, 2009
      Episode 27
      Tonight on the Hour, we all want our kids to be great. But how do you encourage them without pushing them too far? The most famous hockey dad around has the answer for you. And, imagine spending a major part your life in prison, for something you didn't do. Well, not only did this guy experience it, he's the guy you want in your corner if it happens to you. Plus, one of the wittiest Brits out there, Ben Elton, drops by. Let's do it - it's The Hour.moreless
    • May 22, 2009
      May 22, 2009
      Episode 26
      Tonight on the Hour, have you ever seen someone tortured? If not, you will tonight. We've got a famed author who underwent waterboarding to see what it was all about and we've got the footage. Plus, one of the finest comics around is dropping by. And, from the film, "The Brothers Bloom" Adrien Brody is here. Let's do it - this is The Hour.moreless
    • May 15, 2009
      May 15, 2009
      Episode 25
      Tonight on the Hour. How does one red paper clip and a snow globe equal a Hollywood movie in a small town in Saskatchewan? We'll explain how it happened. Plus, everyone's favourite entertainer extraordinaire drops by. And, we've got one of the most interesting filmmakers around. Lights, camera, action - this is The Hour.moreless
    • May 8, 2009
      May 8, 2009
      Episode 24
      Tonight on The Hour. It's one of the biggest films of 2009, the latest 'Star Trek' movie. We've got one of the stars dropping by, Bruce Greenwood. Plus, you may know him for his rants on the Daily Show. What's Lewis Black venting about now? We've got a jazz superstar, Diana Krall. Dim the lights and fill up your wine glass. This is The Hour.moreless
    • April 10, 2009
      April 10, 2009
      Episode 23
      Tonight on the Hour, we're talking American politics. The Republican Party has been in shambles since the last election. So, are right wing loud mouths like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly to blame? And do they need to go, for the Republicans to win again? We'll get into it with conservative strategist, former Bush speech writer, David Frum.' Plus, the star of 'Roots,' 'Reading Rainbow,' and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' LeVar Burton is dropping by. And, one of the biggest writers around, Margaret Atwood is here to talk about the culture of your debt. What's that all about? Stick around - this is The Hour.moreless
    • April 3, 2009
      April 3, 2009
      Episode 22
      Tonight on the Hour, how to survive the recession? Is it based on where you live? And how's this for a radical idea - spend money on the big cities and let the one-industry towns die off. We'll get into it. Plus, one of the greats of improv, Colin Mochrie is dropping by. And, The Killers are one of the most interesting bands out there. They've released their 3rd album. And they are here tonight. This is The Hour.moreless
    • March 27 2009
      March 27 2009
      Episode 21
      Tonight on the Hour, the youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history. Joe Clark. Does he have any regrets? And what does he think of the current government? Plus, we've got the star of 'L.A. Ink' Kat Von D. And, one of the greats of comedy. Eugene Levy is dropping by. This is The Hour.moreless
    • March 20 2009
      March 20 2009
      Episode 20
      Tonight on The Hour, the stars of the movie 'I Love You, Man', Jason Segel and Paul Rudd drop by. Plus, one of the biggest rock bands in our fair land. They've sold millions of albums worldwide. Nickelback is here. You've heard of the Boston Tea party? Well, more than 200 years later, why is America having a new tea party ? It's all because of a rant by Rick Santelli, maybe you've seen it. This is the Hour.moreless
    • March 13 2009
      March 13 2009
      Episode 19
      Tonight on The Hour. You know the Howie Mandel you always see, but what about the Howie you don't. Tonight, the real Howie Mandel. Who are the top four bands, with the most gold or platinum albums in a row ? The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Rush. Plus, what's one of French President Nicholas Sarkozy's biggest passions. And what impact does e-mailing and texting have on our brains? It's The Hour.moreless
    • March 6 2009
      March 6 2009
      Episode 18
      Tonight on the Hour, we've got one of the most controversial figures in sports and he doesn't even play, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Plus, Jason Mewes, a drug addiction caused this actor to hit rock bottom. But now he's back, with an amazing story of friendship and recovery. Plus, we've got a Best Story Ever that proves men also have issues with body-image. Put down that bag of chips. This is the Hour!moreless
    • February 27 2009
      February 27 2009
      Episode 17
      Tonight on The Hour. It's gonna be big, as in Mr. Big. We've got one of the stars of two of TV's biggest shows. Plus, we've got another star, a former teen idol who's all grown up, and appearing in the latest J.J. Abrams series. And, can youimagine a world without gas stations? Instead of filling up your tank, you pull into a station and recharge the battery in your electric car. Well, we've got a guy who says it's not far off. Get ready for an electrifying time. This is The Hour.moreless
    • February 20 2009
      February 20 2009
      Episode 16
      Tonight on The Hour. Ah, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. We've got the brain behind THAT show, as well as many other of your favourite sitcoms and movies. We've also got one of today's biggest pop stars. While others are manufactured, this one's not. Plus, she's also smart and opinionated. And, one of the most controversial sports around. Is now one of the most popular these days. We've got the man who's been responsible for it all. Get ready to rumble, this is The Hour.moreless
    • February 13 2009
      February 13 2009
      Episode 15
      Tonight on The Hour. We've got your bases covered. There's your intellectual - a best-selling author who has the secrets of success - Malcolm Gladwell is on the show. There's your comedian - who's had his share of hecklers - Jamie Kennedy is here. And there's your Oscar winner - a man behind some of the most critically-acclaimed films out of Hollywood - Charlie Kaufman is on the program. Plus, hip hop star Wyclef Jean drops by and gives us his best story ever. Sit back and relax. This is The Hour.moreless
    • February 6th 2009
      February 6th 2009
      Episode 14
      Tonight on The Hour. One of the most influential musicians of the last 30 years, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne is here. And remember when Julia Roberts won an Oscar for this role? Well, the real life Erin Brokovich drops by. Plus, life coach and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. Gives us his best story ever. Get ready to transform your lives. This is The Hour.moreless
    • January 30 2009
      January 30 2009
      Episode 13
      Tonight on The Hour. We've got one of the biggest newsmakers of the past year, Sarah Palin is on the program. That guy is one of the most talented and respected R&B singers out there, John Legend will be here. Plus, the youngest woman to ever win the Oscar for best actress. And she did it while being a real trailblazer. Get ready for your close up. This is The Hour.moreless
    • January 23 2009
      January 23 2009
      Episode 12
      Tonight on The Hour, the self-proclaimed King of the World. He's one of the biggest directors in Hollywood, James Cameron. We've got one of the most iconic and influential bands of the past 20 years, a band that's not afraid to pick a fight. And Howie Mandel gives us his Best Story Ever. Put yer feet up folks. Thiis is The Hour.moreless
    • January 16 2009
      January 16 2009
      Episode 11
      Tonight on The Hour. From one of the most violent, cult classic films to ever hit the big screen, we've got one of the greatest villains of all time. And, love him or hate him, we've got a veteran rocker, Who's one helluva marketing machine. Plus, tit your teenage daughters down in front of the TV. The star of the vampire film Twilight gives us his best story ever. This is The Hour.moreless
    • December 12 2008
      December 12 2008
      Episode 10
      A full hour with Tom Cruise.
    • November 28 2008
      November 28 2008
      Episode 9
      Tonight folks, we go behind the scenes. Former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan is here. He's written a memoir about his years with the Republican party. He has a lot to say about American politics then and now he flew in from Washington to talk to us, in an exclusive interview. Scott McCLellan is on the show. Plus, mega producer David Foster. Over the past 40 years, he's worked with everyone from Celine, to Whitney to Alice Cooper. Still says he treats every day in the studio as life or death. David Foster is here. Plus, comedian Finesse Mitchell gives us his Best Story Ever. You won't want to miss this one. We'll also tell you who's dirtier: men or women. And, a new chair's been invented that'll sweep you off your feet. Take a seat folks. This is the Hour.moreless
    • November 21, 2008
      Kings of Leon, these guys sell out arenas in under an hour and have fans like Dylan. Radiohead and Oasis, that's some fine company. They have a new record out, Kings of Leon are here tonight. We've also got one of the kings of standup comedy, comedian Russell Peters is fearless! And he's ALSO selling out arenas around the world. It doesn't matter what ethnicity you are, no one's safe when he hits the stage. Russell Peters is on the program. And another king, this one out of Hollywood. Spike Lee is one of the most important filmmakers of our time. He's got a new film, 'Miracle at St. Anna', Spike Lee will be here. Plus, Who's drinking their own pee? Infidelity is on the rise? You'll be shocked when you hear who's cheating. Bow to the queen my friends. This is The Hour.moreless
    • November 14, 2008
      Get ready for a night of magic and music. Back in the nineties Alanis Morrisette cast a spell that shot her to international fame. Since then, she's sold millions of albums and has won numerous Grammys. Alanis Morisette will be on the show. Harry Potter fans, hold onto your broomsticks. David Thewlis is one of the stars of the Harry Potter films. He's one of Britain's finest, who's worked with some of the best in film. His latest project is on the darker side. Actor David Thewlis is here. Plus, actor Jeff Goldblum gives us his Best Story Ever. A little hint - it has something to do with brothels. Designers come up with underwear that goes where no underwear has gone before. And you think you drink a lot? You've got nothing on these guys. Fill up your glasses folks. This is The Hour.moreless
    • October 31, 2008
      October 31, 2008
      Episode 6
      Okay, tonight it's about 70s nostalgia and nookie. We've got one of the biggest sitcom stars to hit the tube. Suzanne Somers played the dumb blond to a tee, she spent years trying to tighten your thighs, now, she's outspoken about health and traditional medicine. And listen, we all know we've had some tough economic times. Well director Kevin Smith might be able to tell you how to make some extra cash. He turned the slacker/mall rat thing into a film genre, Kevin Smith is here. Plus, Michael Buble drops by with his best story ever. You better cover your kids ears for that. Now, get yer platforms shined up, this is The Hour.moreless
    • October 24, 2008
      October 24, 2008
      Episode 5
      We're mixing it up. A little comedy, a little bloodshed, and a little pony. What if you were trying to make it big in football, but it just wasn't working for ya? Well, you'd do stand up, of course! Ok, maybe not. But that's what Finesse Mitchell did. He ended up on SNL, he's hosting this year's 'Just For Laughs' Tour. Comedian Finesse Mitchell is on the show. Plus, funnymen Bill Maher and Larry Charles mixed 'religion' and 'ridiculous' and called their new documentary "Religulous." I think we know which side they're on, Bill Maher, Larry Charles are here tonight. And we have Alice Cooper and My Little Pony. No. Not together. But imagine the horror? No time to waste friends. The Hour has begun!moreless
    • October 17, 2008
      October 17, 2008
      Episode 4
      Tonight we are being dazzled by stardom. Starting with superstar Hollywood director James Cameron. Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, and he was recently honoured with a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. Plus, Robin Thicke has got the ladies all starry eyed! He's got the R&B/HipHop thing down! He has topped the Billboard Charts and worked with the likes of L'il Wayne, Usher and Mary J. Blige. Johnny Depp, Britney Spears and Vladimir Putin are all coming out with new releases if you can believe what you hear on the television. Look up to the heavens, The Hour starts now.moreless
    • October 10, 2008
      October 10, 2008
      Episode 3
      One of the biggest games in the world is under attack and one of pop music's biggest stars is ON the attack. First up, is the beautiful game fixed? Are games getting thrown? Even at the World Cup level? We've got a Declan Hill tonight who says hell yeah, it's happening. And he's got the proof. Pop super star Pink is back again, she's got a new album out and she's got a lot to say - about Sarah Palin. Pink vs. Palin, coming up. Plus, the very funny Cheech and Chong are here, with their best story ever. It's double plus good, cause The Hour starts now!moreless
    • October 3, 2008
      October 3, 2008
      Episode 2
      One of the most important filmmakers of our time, Spike Lee is here. He's got a new film, 'Miracle at St. Anna.' Plus, comedian Russell Peters is fearless and he's selling out arenas around the world. It doesn't matter what ethnicity you are, no one's safe when he hits the stage. Russell Peters is on the program. Andrew Lloyd Webber & Eddie Vedder are using music to sooth and inspire. No. Not each other. But they might...someday. This is The Hour.moreless
    • September 26, 2008
      We're kicking off the show in style. One of Hollywood's best, Oscar winner Tim Robbins is on the show. Plus, one of the funniest guys alive, the hilarious Ricky Gervais is here. Finally, Kid Rock gives us his best story ever. A little drunken debauchery anyone? The Hour starts now!
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