The House of Eliott

Season 2 Episode 7

Episode Nineteen

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1992 on BBC

Episode Recap

The mood is sombre as the funeral of Florence Ranby takes place. Her aggrieved husband expresses his bitterness towards The House of Eliott as her body is being interred. Everyone feels guilty about recent events. Mr. Ranby eventually apologises for his outburst. Madge and Tilly are promoted.

Elizabeth Montford continues to patronise the House of Eliott, which leads to a chance encounter for Evie and Alexander. At Elizabeth's suggestion, he invites her on a tour of the Houses of Parliament. During the tour, their mutal attraction becomes evident however their romantic clinch is interrupted.

After Bea pressurises Jack, he talks to Joseph about the activities of Ralph Saroyan. They agree that they should investigate and Joseph sneaks into Ralph's vaults to retrieve some questionable portfolios. He is almost seen by Ralph as he leaves, but he manages to get the information to Jack.

Ralph flirts with Alice He continues to seduce her over dinner but is given short shrift. He also seeks to increase the hold he has over the business, much to Bea's dismay.

The vivacious Duchess of Bridgewater is pursued by the paparazzi when she pays the sisters' establishment a visit. Agnes overhears some societal gossip and leaks inaccurate information to the press after a journalist ensnares her. False press accusations about the Duchess create a scandal and she terminates her affiliation with the House of Eliott as she holds them responsible. She explains that she is taking legal action against the papers in order to protect her reputation. The Dutchess is highly embarrassed by the accusations and is distraught at the apparant betrayal of the sisters.

Agnes is forced to confess when Evie and Bea challenge her. They tell Agnes she must explain her role in the scandal to the Dutchess' solicitor. When the journalist is sacked for writing libelous articles, he vents his anger on Agnes. Although the sisters are furious at Agnes' indiscretion, when they see how beaten she has been, they feel such sympathy for her that they decide not to sack her.

Jack and Bea's marriage deteriorates further as they bicker constantly about work commitments and the little time they have together. Instead of going to the cottage with Evie, Bea agrees to go to a working party with Jack.

Evie discusses her emotional turmoil with Jack. He does not condone her relationship with Alexander but understands how difficult it is for her to deny her feelings. She confides in Jack that she is uncertain about how to deal with her conflicitng feelings. She knows that to pursue her attraction for Alexander would create significant problems, but she cannot alter how she feels about him.

When Evie spends the weekend at Jack and Bea's cottage, Alexander joins her and begs her not to send him away.