The House of Eliott

BBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Episode Thirty-Four
      Evie and Daniel contemplate the Paris bursary and Tilly and Norman accept Lady Westlake's generous offer. Agnes' dreams come true, much to the surprise of some of the workroom staff. The venue for the latest House of Eliott collection is cancelled and there is a last minute rush to find a new, suitable location. Jack begins his political campaign against Conservative candidate John Crowborough. However, when things get dirty and the truth is manipulated, it has disasterous consequences. Miles' parents show a financial interest in the House of Eliott business, but will everyone be happy?moreless
    • Episode Thirty-Three
      Madge wants promotion and Agnes follows her dreams. The House of Eliott designs an outfit for Lady Crowborough's mother, Lady Westlake. However, when she proves to be a difficult client,the commision is at risk. Jack wants to be a party candidate for the Independent Labour Party, but will he be chosen to stand for election in the face of such stiff competition? Evie asks Daniel's family to attend their wedding but her interference is not appreciated by everybody. Tilly, Norman and Daniel recieve offers of a lifetime. If they agree to accept them, it could change their lives forever.moreless
    • Episode Thirty-Two
      Betty's role in the production of the Crystal collection may mean that she loses her job. Will the sisters accept infomation about Larry and Grace's whereabouts in return for Betty's job? The House of Eliott business continues to suffer as a result of the recent scandal. Norman is at the end of his tether where Tilly is concerned and takes drastic action. Agnes discovers a hidden talent. Jack makes his first political speech to an antagonistic crowd. A weekend spent at a client of the House of Eliott's brings two announcements; one from Jack and one from Daniel.moreless
    • Episode Thirty-One
      When inferior copies of the Aurora collection go on sale in the shops, the House of Eliott lies in ruins. Can Bea and Evie expose those responsible, vindicate the House of Eliott and make up their financial losses? Charles' wife turns up and threatens to destroy his happiness with Madge. Jack's political activism continues when he is invited to join the Independent Labour Party. However, his involvement creates conflict with Bea when the House of Eliott is accused of worker exploitation in the press.moreless
    • Episode Thirty
      Episode Thirty
      Episode 6
      Tilly's depression following the death of William deepens and Norman becomes desparate to save their marriage. Daniel and Evie make their relationship official. However, when Bea asks Daniel to paint a portrait of Lady Romford, he succeeds in ailienating those around him. Jack's involvement with politics take a major step forwards when he writes a contentious article on the living wage and working conditions. But not all his ideas are popular and his political career could come to an end before it's really begun. Grace becomes increasingly frustrated at her negleted desigining talents, especially after the successful launch of the Aurora collection. Madge and Charles' relationship results in a violent confrontation and an eviction. Something suspicious is going on at the Bayswater workshop.moreless
    • Episode Twenty-Nine
      Jack's involvement with the Communist Party leads to trouble. Bea's pregnancy becomes increasingly difficult and when Jack goes on a distant jounalism job, her worries are intensified. A mysterious fire at the Bayswater workshop spells potential disaster for the House of Eliott. Tilly finds the death of William hard to bear. When she returns to work, all those around her express concern about her dejected appearance. Meanwhile, as Madge's marriage continues ot flounder, she finds companionship in Charles. There is a new arrival but things don't run as smoothly as hoped.moreless
    • Episode Twenty-Eight
      The Aurora collection goes into production but the sisters are concerned about the quality of the outfits. Bea worries about her ability to be a good mother and Jack's flippant attitude towards fatherhood. Evie's friendship with impoverished artist Daniel develops and she is determined to see him succeed. Madge's marriage becomes increasingly troubled and Betty's husband faces the consequences of his violent actions. There is reason to celebrate but some tragic news brings a swift end to the party atmosphere.moreless
    • Episode Twenty-Seven
      The ready to wear collection goes from strength to strength but Grace is not too happy in her designing role. When Katya is employed at the House of Eliott, it causes some animosity in the workroom.Tilly's purse is stolen and some wild accusations are made. Tilly's pregnacy takes a toll on her health. Donald makes a proposal and a confused Bea is forced to make a decision; will she choose Donald or Jack?moreless
    • Episode Twenty-Six
      Jack and Bea stuggle to forgive past grievances. Meanwhile, Donald continues to pursue Bea. The sisters contempate Larry's business offer. Grace proves to be a difficult but imaginative apprentice. Evie begins to socialise with her and is introduced to an impressive illustrator, Miles. Madge's marriage problems continue to escalate and the appearance of her brother Gerry adds fuel to the fire. When Jack's new film script is rejected by numerous studios, he asks Bea's advice. Could an evening spent chatting and reminiscing lead to a reconcilliation for them?moreless
    • Episode Twenty-Five
      After living it up in the USA, the House of Eliott entourage returns to London. Some familar faces have gone and there are some new arrivals. Bea is concerned that nobody knows of Jack's where abouts and Alice's temporary replacement proves hard work. Meanwhile, Madge struggles to reunite with her husband. A young, struggling designer, Grace Keeble, sells the sisters some of her designs but they are livid when she breaks business etiquette. Larry Cotter tries to convince Evie to expand into ready to wear. A business associate from the USA, Donald, arrives and is obviously attracted to Bea.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1