The House of Eliott - Season 2

BBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Thirteen
    Episode Thirteen
    Episode 1
    Set in spring 1924. Bea and Evie consider a life changing offer from successful French Fashion designer Gille Caragnac and they travel to Paris to evaluate the proposition. A new appointment in the workroom, Florence Ranby, generates friction, especially with Tilly. When a surprise visitor turns up in Paris there is a reason to celebrate. However, only one sister returns to London to work for the House of Eliott.moreless
  • Episode Fourteen
    Episode Fourteen
    Episode 2
    Evie returns from Paris determined to make the House of Eliott a commercial success. Newly weds Bea and Jack move in to his flat and begin a life of wedded bliss. However, their happness is disturbed by the arrival of one of Jack's old girlfriends who is intent on getting revenge for being rejected. Her duplicity has dire consequences for the House of Eliott. A sudden death results in financial worries for the business but a substantial inheritance for Evie. In the workroom, Florence continues to pressurise Tilly and makes her feel inept. In the park one lunch time, Tilly strikes up a new friendship.moreless
  • Episode Fifteen
    Episode Fifteen
    Episode 3
    The conflict between Tilly and Florence continues to escalate. A familiar face returns to work for the House of Eliott, much to Florence's disgust. Bea casts doubt over Sir Desmond's honesty and becomes frustrated with the business' struggling finances.Evie spends the weekend at the Douglass home but finds herself in the middle of a family feud. As the Douglass' resolve their issues, with some intervention from Evie, their racing driver son James finds himself preoccupied with other things. As they are worried about how little time they have to spend together, Bea spends the day at Jack's studio. There is a high speed collision with a herd of cows, but are the consequences fatal?moreless
  • Episode Sixteen
    Episode Sixteen
    Episode 4
    Evie and James' relationship continues to flourish but when he puts racing above anything else, she has second thoughts. An apprehensive Bea meets her mother and father in law for the first time. New inspirations result in a last minute change of direction for the new House of Eliott collection. Alice's lax professional approach is explained, much to Bea and Evie's horror. As Jack's involvement with the film industry goes from strength to strength, his marriage begins to suffer. Tilly has some exciting news and the House of Eliott has a very special commission.moreless
  • Episode Seventeen
    Episode Seventeen
    Episode 5
    When the House of Eliott designs the costumes for a contemporary ballet, Jack becomes jealous of Bea's close relationship with the choreographer. Could it be more than just work? The case of the earring that went missing after the Flora and Fauna collection is solved. Bea and Jack celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Tilly and Norman finally tie the knot. Joseph is exceptionally concerned about the state of the House of Eliott accounts and he questions the rationale behind Ralph Saroyan's financial dealings. Meanwhile, Ralph casts suspicion over Joseph's honesty. Who can be trusted?moreless
  • Episode Eighteen
    Episode Eighteen
    Episode 6
    The dire House of Eliott finances continue to be a major concern and Joseph is determined to obtain incriminating evidence against Ralph. Jack's film premier is held at Montford Hall and the sisters are introduced to M.P. Alexander and Royal companion Elizabeth Montford. While Elizabeth begins to frequent the House of Eliott, Alexander and Evie find themselves attracted to one another. Jack and Bea's marriage becomes increasingly troubled. When Tilly and Madge go against Florence's instructions, it results in an impulsive resignation and a tragedy.moreless
  • Episode Nineteen
    Episode Nineteen
    Episode 7
    An aggrieved Mr Ranby vents his anger on all those working for the House of Eliott. The relationship between Evie and Alexander progresses at a rapid pace but they run the fear of discovery. Joseph maintains his mission to destroy Ralph Saroyan's reputation and Alexander agrees to investigate further. Jack and Bea's marriage continues to deteriorate. When the Dutchess of Bridgewater begins to patronise the House of Eliott, gossip leaked from the fitting room results in a press scandal. Will the guilty party get the sack? Evie spends the weekend at the cottage but her solitude is interrupted by a late night visitor.moreless
  • Episode Twenty
    Episode Twenty
    Episode 8
    The newly employed cutter, Charles Quance, causes a stir in the workroom. Alexander confides in Jack. There is enough evidence of fraud to implicate Ralph Saroyan but after he confesses to more than that, the sisters are determined to have him arrested for murder. Alexander continues his affair with Evie unaware that their secret is out. As their marriage continues to flounder, Jack and Bea go to the cottage for the weekend. They finally come to an agreement about their future together.moreless
  • Episode Twenty-One
    Episode Twenty-One
    Episode 9
    The House of Eliott business hangs in the balance after the bank's collapse. Elizabeth is determined to keep Alexander, despite his affair and the social consequences she is forced to pay. The General Strike takes place and brings challenges for many of the seamstresses. Jack directs a documentary about the social upheaval caused by the Strike and becomes close to his leading lady, Emma Casson. Bea struggles to come to terms with the break up of her marriage.moreless
  • Episode Twenty-Two
    Episode Twenty-Two
    Episode 10
    Due to increasing financial difficulties, women from the workroom are laid off. Things are made worse when Maison Gille opens a successful fashion house. News of Alexander and Evie's affair reaches the press with dire consequences. Jack and Alexander want to assist in alleviating the House of Eliott money problems but will Bea and Evie accept? After the completion of his documentary, Jack finds himself growing closer to Emma. When Maison Gille offers to buy out the House of Eliott, the offer seems too good to refuse.moreless
  • Episode Twenty-Three
    Bea and Evie decide on the financial future of the House of Eliott and Evie considers expanding in to day wear as well as designing couture. The sisters' business begins to thrive when they create costumes for a new stage production starring Dame Caroline Troy. Jack invites Bea to the premier of his documentary. Alexander's family begins to suffer as a consequence of his affair. He tells Evie some devastating news but will he tell her everything? Jack, Bea and Evie receive offers from an influential American film director, Elmer Jefferson-Hendry.moreless
  • Episode Twenty-Four
    Episode Twenty-Four
    Episode 12
    Follwoing the success of their latest collection, Bea and Evie receive an offer to promote their designs in the USA. Evie arranges a reunion between Jack and some of his war time companions and he makes a film about World War 1. But as the film becomes a major chore, he discovers the distubing truth about his past experiences. Alexander returns determined to see Evie, much to the concern of Jack and Bea. As the sisters prepare to depart, Bea seems to regret some of the decisions she's made. Jack considers an offer of work in Germany but Bea suggests he goes with them to the USA.moreless