The House of Tiny Tearaways

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Three Premiered Nov 25, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Not to fond of it because of the way people are told to raise these kids, yes talking to them helps some times but I think we should go back to raising kids like or grandmothers and great grandmothers were being raised.

    For the most part my child is a functioning adult no trouble with the law because i used corporal punishment thats the matter with kids today no spankings remember way back in the day all the children respected adults they would not dare otherwise, because we behaved or we knew what we got! kids anymore we are wishy washy and im sorry this show in some instances showing the same thing sorry you can talk to a two year old put him in the time out but in the end we all know what he needs. In the end, half these kids are going to act up there whole lives cause there taught in school that there parents cannot discipline them or they will get into trouble. I have seen the dads on this show get reprimanded for being supposedly mean to their kids for yelling, sorry peoples if there were more of it and a spanking now and then the children would not act up the way they do. Now lets see if this gets posted probably not!
  • its a really good , however i think it should come back onto bbc do that people who cant afforrd sky can watch it to be honest.

    its very good tania is amazing at keeping the childeren under controll, its so usfull for mums.and yes i think the house id great all tiday and a lovely enviourment for the childeren to be in , and now its just maing me write 100 words and i cant be bothered to,,,,,,
    but its also good for childeren who have eating disorders aswell , they are very good with that kind of thing. okayy , i might , just leav at this as my hands and fingers are now aching and its not a very nice pain to be honest ! and they keep making me write. now all im trying to say is that its a great program and it should deffonatly be on bbc instead of sky because then more people can watch it and some people might not be able to afford sky soo..