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  • In my opinon his TV and radio show, (since obviously the TV show was of the radio show), went down hill fast. As for the Weird Al comment below don't insult Al.

    He got really full of himself after Private Parts came out in my opinion. I liked the movie but he acted like it was the best movie in the world which is wasn't. When people call if they don't like him he acts like a 5 year old and insults them with playground comments, it's sad because he is supposed to be smart, and he doesn't need all the hacky gimmicks, which his whole career is based on to be good. I like Robin she is funny and probably takes alot. The who parade of freaks is kind of annoying great they get their moment in the sun, but not without losing their dignity in the process. The show just fizzled out, which is understandable it could only last so long. Even the hot chicks kind of got old, I mean it's not all that fun to watch since it has to be censored anyways. If you have seen one black box over a set of boobs you have seen them all.