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E! (ended 2005)


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  • A show that was (and still is, at least in its radio form) hysterical and original, E! Television made a mistake by not renewing the Howard Stern E! Show.

    Based on Howard Stern's immensely popular radio show that is heard across the country, the E! Television show presented the best bit, interview and/or game featured each day on the Stern radio show. The E! show also gave listeners a visual image of the studio, which included all kinds of funny posters, dolls (the Gary 'Ba-ba-boey' Dell 'Abate puppet whose enormous lips moved whenever Gary used the intercom system to talk to Howard on-air, etc.) and so forth.

    With respect to ratings, the Howard Stern E! show was in first, second and third slots for the highest rated shows on E! Television. The decision to cancel it is certainly worth questioning.

    I hope Howard Stern's negotiations with other companies [about airing a television show on their network(s)] are successful and bring forth another show based on his daily radio show.