The Howard Stern Show

E! (ended 2005)


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  • Howard is a bit creepy...

    I have watched this show on occasion, but not very often, because honestly, Howard Stern kind of gives me the creeps. I'll admit he's moderately intelligent and I do like his co-hosts, but somehow the guy manages to turn nearly every interview into some kind of soft-porn flick. Perhaps that's what his viewers want to see. Me? I'm just not interested, and while I'm at it, may I suggest that Howard remove his sunglasses and get a haircut, or would that ruin his image too much? Anyway, I didn't rank this any lower, because I realize some people have valid reasons for liking this show, but I couldn't rank it any higher, either, because I just see it as a bit too condescending to women, and I just don't think that's acceptable.