The Huggabug Club

PBS (ended 2000)


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The Huggabug Club

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This PBS one-hit wonder features former Playboy stars Audrey and Judy Landers, leading the "Buggsters" on adventures through learning, from various life lessons (expressing your feelings, good hygiene habits, good sportsmanship, etc.) and topics of children's interest (farm animals, dinosaurs, music, etc.), with some help from the mascots:

UNCLE HUGGABUG - a four-armed blue bug, with a cowboy hat (and twang, to boot), who enjoys a good "power-packed hug"

MISS OOPS-A-DAISY - a clumsy pink flower who reminds kids that making mistakes is OK, though she makes some herself

AUNTIE BUMBLE - a grandmotherly bee, who explains friendship, caring, and other values to the Buggsters

LOVEY-DOVEY - a Jamaican dove (tells the story, but nothing more)

It appeared on select PBS stations, such as WLVT (Lehigh Valley, PA) and WNYE (Brooklyn, NY), from 1995-2001. It can still be seen today on KTV (a Christian channel).


Join us at the Huggabug Club- Sunshine, laughter, and a whole lot of love! The Huggabug Club is fun, fun... fun for everyone!

At the Huggabug Club, there's a lovable bug... there's a flower so sweet... and there's a bumblebee you've just got to meet!

We call them Oops-A-Daisy... and Auntie Bumble... and then there's Huggabug, too...

Come and join us - at the Huggabug Club. The place for kids - is Huggabug Club. We know you'll love... THE HUGGABUG CLUB!moreless

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Pre-Teens, Preschoolers, Grade Schoolers