The Hughleys

Season 4 Episode 3

A Cry for Pleh

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 2001 on UPN

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  • This episode showed Milsap(John Henton) in his most comfortable element: comedy and spotlight-holding.


    This episode was funny from start to finish. It put a positive and informational spin on Michael's condition. Which is always a wonderful thing to see and hear on tv. Yet, the best part of the episode was 21 minutes into it when Milsap at Darryl's request pays Michael's tutor a visit at her apartment, and ends up having wild sex with her. But most of all the overall best part of the entire episode was just the seeing the bottom of Milsap's left foot along with his toes following their wild sex. Seeing his foot and toes turned me on in ways I can't explain.