The Hughleys

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  • Season 4
    • Roots - Part II
      Roots - Part II
      Episode 27
    • Roots - Part I
      Roots - Part I
      Episode 26
    • I Do, I Do, Again, Part 2
    • Thanksgiving
      Episode 24
    • Pilot
      Episode 23
    • It's a Girl (2)
      It's a Girl (2)
      Episode 22
      In the series finale, Darryl faces the music—and possibly the end of his marriage—when Yvonne learns what happened between him and his old flame Camille at their high-school reunion. Meanwhile, Milsap continues to adjust to his new life with Adriana; and Darryl's niece Carly heads off to college in hopes of finding peace, tranquility and no Hughleys. But to Carly's dismay, Michael and Sydney arrive for an impromptu visit on her first day.moreless
    • It's a Girl (1)
      It's a Girl (1)
      Episode 21
      Milsap and Darryl attend their 20th high-school reunion, where Milsap learns that he became a father after the 15th reunion. Darryl reunites with a former girlfriend.
    • How Hattie Got Her Groove Back
      Darryl is unhappy when he discovers that his mother Hattie Mae is involved with her piano teacher. Michael's Mother's Day gift for Yvonne causes a rift between Yvonne and Sally.
    • Directed by Darryl Hughley
      In pursuit of a kiss from his dream girl, Michael joins the school production of Damn Yankees and finds that his father, who is directing, may jeopardize his plans. Meanwhile, Milsap and Shari find that a new computer dating service leads them to familiar territory.
    • You've Got Male
      You've Got Male
      Episode 18
      Sydney receives a new computer, but is warned not to go into any chat rooms, which she does.
    • Jump the Jump
      Jump the Jump
      Episode 17
      When Michael's fear of heights prevents him from participating in a school rope climbing project, Darryl is compelled to reveal that he, too, has long shared the same phobia. Together they choose to face their fears in the ultimate test: a perilous skydiving adventure. Meanwhile, Yvonne explores news ways to maintain a friendship with teenage daughter Sydney.moreless
    • Bored of the Rings
      Bored of the Rings
      Episode 16
      Darryl is shocked to learn his parents have split up and attempts to facilitate a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Michael attempts to choreograph Sydney's talent show in an effort to make a lasting impression on her girlfriends.
    • Leaving Las Vegas
      Leaving Las Vegas
      Episode 15
      Darryl's planned Valentine's Day surprise for Yvonne - a weekend vacation - turns into a bust when they're stranded at the airport. Meanwhile, Milsap is left in charge of Michael and Sydney.
    • Smells Like Free Spirit
      Darryl's wild 17-year-old niece Carly, an aspiring singer, arrives for an unexpected visit.
    • I Have A Scheme
      I Have A Scheme
      Episode 13
      When Michael leads the neighborhood effort to rename their street after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Darryl puts the plan into jeopardy by alienating a neighbor with a particularly egregious breach of political correctness. Meanwhile, Sydney uses VIP concert tickets to bribe her way into the popular school crowd.
    • I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
      Believing that Michael and Sydney are spoiled, Darryl and Yvonne show the kids what the true meaning of Christmas is. Meanwhile, the family's Christmas cheer is endangered when Shari accidentally gives the kids' new presents to a foster-child facility; and Milsap gives Dave and Sally a lottery ticket that might be worth big bucks.moreless
    • One Foot in the Grave-y
      Darryl's mother, Hattie Mae, wrests control of Thanksgiving dinner from Yvonne, forcing Darryl to make a stand. Also, Shari bets Milsap and Dave that she's more football savvy than them.
    • The Keepin' It Real World
      After being lured into a time-share scam, Darryl and company become trapped in a cabin in the woods and are forced to confront some "real world" issues.
    • Daddy's Lil' Girl
      Darryl brings Sydney to a store with very revealing clothes against Yvonne's protest. Sydney convinced Darryl that she was only gonna buy a shirt that was not fit for a "Hootchie" but she went out of control and bought very revealing clothes just because she won a contest to meet rapper Lil" Romeo. Meanwhile, Dave and Milsap have Lil' plans of their own involving Michael, which includes making him a rapper. Michael aka Spoon Boy auditioned in front of Romeo trying to get a record deal, but no luck.moreless
    • Whatchoo Stalkin' About, Willis?
      The cast is trying to rehearse their Halloween episode when D.L. doesn't show up for his appearance. The cast argues about D.L. not showing up, and when the star does decide to make an appearance, he puts everyone else down and fires the director. The lights go out and there's a deep threatening voice. The cast investigates and are captured by a robed figure one by one until D.L. is the only one left. D.L. decides he'll just have his own show, starring, written by, and directed by him.However, when he finds the rest of his cast tied up and gagged in his dressing room, D.L. is relieved. He begins untying everyone but is interrupted by an attack by the robed figure. He fights off the mysterious stalker and manages to unrobe him, revealing....Gary Coleman.moreless
    • When Darryl Bumped Sally
      Sally gets a therapy talk-show and Darryl is the sponsor. Instead of just broadcasting a sponsorship message, however, Darryl ends up giving his own advice to the callers. The producers love Darryl's caustic attitude and bring him on as a co-host. Sally is disgusted, and leaves the show.
    • Hughley & Son
      Hughley & Son
      Episode 6
      Darryl and Yvonne discover that Michael has been skipping school, but instead of forcing him back to the classroom, Darryl decides to give him a taste of the working world and brings him aboard at Hughley Vending.
    • Stormy Weather
      Stormy Weather
      Episode 5
      Yvonne worries that the romance has dimmed between her and Darryl. To prove to her that it hasn't, Darryl arranges a night on the town that she won't soon forget.
    • Go With the Flow
      Go With the Flow
      Episode 4
      While Yvonne is away on business, Darryl finds himself thrust into a mothering role when Sydney has her first period.
    • A Cry for Pleh
      A Cry for Pleh
      Episode 3
      After Michael is diagnosed with dyslexia, Darryl and Yvonne hire a tutor to help him with his studies. Darryl, however, is quickly taken aback by the woman because she makes him feel dumb.
    • Mid-Wife Crisis
      Mid-Wife Crisis
      Episode 2
      Yvonne expresses interest in getting a job outside the home, but Darryl doesn't think she has any marketable skills. Also, Darryl woos a possible new business partner with a homemade dinner; and Yvonne becomes the neighborhood's "hot mom."
    • Joint Custody
      Joint Custody
      Episode 1
      Darryl and Yvonne's anti-drug lessons to their kids nearly go up in smoke. Darryl is having a bad day: Yvonne's freeloading sister Shari is moving into an apartment in their neighborhood. Then Shari comes over to his place and tries to steal a jacket that belongs to Sydney . Darryl struggles with her over it and a joint falls out of a pocket. That throws Darryl and Yvonne for a loop, but they're even more shocked when Sydney reveals to whom the jacket really belongsmoreless
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