The Hughleys

Season 3 Episode 10

His Park is Worse Than His Bite

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2000 on UPN



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    • Darryl: You set me up like the Lone Ranger sending Tonto into town.

    • Darryl: Park is gonna kill me.
      Dave: Why? You didn't kill his dog.
      Darryl: Since when do they need facts to convict a black man?

    • Darryl: Here you go, Rover, here's some Dave for you. He's the other white meat.

    • Dave: Darryl, why do you need my help to feed a dog?
      Darryl: Because he bites and you're slow.

    • Mr. Park: Expect retaliation... and by that I mean, I'm gonna git you sucka.

    • Sally: Darryl, you wouldn't have to live like this if you hadn't told the cops that Park was growing opium.
      Dave: Yeah, I think he's a little upset about the cavity search.
      Darryl: Hey, maybe they misunderstood me when I said they should poke around in his backyard.

    • Darryl: Hey, Park, how's it hangin'? Oh, I forgot, you're Asian. It doesn't hang, does it?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Yvonne: He won't eat, he won't sleep... it's like living with Ally McBeal.
      This is a reference to a popular FOX drama show "Ally McBeal," starring Calista Flockhart. Calista was fighting with bulimia (but she never confesses it), and that's why Yvonne comments on it.

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