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  • Funny

    and captivating!
  • The Hughleys

    Originally on: UPN (30 min.), Status: Ended, Premiered: September 22, 1998, Last Aired: May 20, 2002, Show Category: Comedy. Darryl Hughley moved his family from the inner city to the suburbs, and the neighborhood hasn't been the same since. Part Archie Bunker, part George Jefferson; with an opinion about everything, Darryl Hughley knows exactly why he moved to there. Let's just hope the suburbs can survive the move. Based on comedian D. L. Hughley's real-life experiences, Darryl is a stubborn man, totally devoted to his wife Yvonne and trying to raise his head-strong kids in an upwardly mobile world that he fears will spoil them. Together, the "vending machine king" and his friend and employee Milsap, who has followed the Hughleys to the suburbs, make life difficult for their tall, loud, very white neighbor Dave. Meanwhile, Dave's wife Sally, who has bonded with Yvonne, tries to apply her professional skills as a psychologist to the neighborhood with hilarious results.
  • Very funny show

    This show i believed had a great 4 yr run. The show had me laughing from the first minute to the last minute. It was a show i was dissapointed to see go and wish it would come back. the man just like in his comedy acts had an opinion about everything, and had goofy neighbors to go alon with it. What better way then to put John Henton on a show also. Good run.
  • i like it

    the characters are real fun ya what a great cast i really like it you better believe that action taht little kid is so obsessed with j lo he pauses on the vcr on her butt thats what he says in one episode the dad wants to be normal but he cant and the neighbor wishes he was black

  • Eh-

    I'm not a huge DL Hughley fan. But that aside, this show was just OK. Tamala Jones as his wife didn't fit for me. There was nothing that compelled me to watch the show at all. DL's voice has always given me problems. He always sounds like he's just waking up. Besides that . . .I don't like how hard he was on his family and kids. He was constantly(joking-I know) telling his kids they were dumb and disrespecting his wife, at some point I would've like to see a softer side to him. Anyway, I really don't miss it.
  • This show was aite. I wasnt the biggest fan.

    DL Hughley and family werent the most interesting sitcom on TV. It tryed to hard to be racially funny. Yes, there are diffrences between whites and blacks. But when a sitcom bases there 5-6 year run on racial issues, its gets old and corny. I didnt like this show that much because it tryed to hard to be----racial!