The Hughleys - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo
    Darryl and Yvonne's dreams of a romantic getaway cruise quickly sink after they encounter their shipmates and Yvonne discovers the highs - and lows - of gambling at the ship's casino.
  • Mother's Day
    Mother's Day
    Episode 21
    The perfect Mother's Day that Darryl promised Yvonne goes up in smoke when their mothers arrive for surprise visits and commiserate over how much harder life was for them without the modern conveniences Yvonne now enjoys.
  • Road Rage
    Road Rage
    Episode 20
    After they receive traffic citations, Darryl, Dave and Milsap attend driving school, where Darryl runs into radio talk-show host Larry Elder, whose conservative opinions irritate him. Meanwhile, Milsap tries to get into the eccentric teacher's good graces.
  • Darryl, Family Counselor
    Dave has a run-in with his visiting mother-in-law Edna, leading him to move in with Darryl and Yvonne. Fed up with his messiness, however, Darryl takes it upon himself to reingratiate Dave with Sally and Edna.
  • Something About Shari
    Darryl plays host for the wedding of Yvonne's sister, but things turn difficult when he catches the groom cheating.
  • South Side Story
    South Side Story
    Episode 17
    After Darryl donates vending machines to the community center where he hung out as a teenager, Michael starts spending time there too. While Yvonne worries about the effect it's having on Michael, Darryl is pleased about his son's interest in the community center... until an old acquaintance reveals a secret about Darryl's past as a gang member.moreless
  • It's a Wonderful Wife
    When Darryl is having difficulty with Yvonne he thinks it would be better to be married to a white woman. That night, he dreams that he is, and he soon realizes that as long as he is a jackass it doesn't matter what color his wife is, he's still going to have problems.moreless
  • Forty Acres and a Fool
    Darryl's biological father, Jerry Rose, reenters his life, asking to meet with Darryl's mother and angering Darryl in the process.
  • My Horny Valentine
    My Horny Valentine
    Episode 14
    Worried that their relationship is based just on sex, Yvonne decides she and Darryl should abstain for the week leading up to Valentine's Day.
  • Bamboozled
    Episode 13
    Much to Darryl's delight, Dave's embarrassed by his visiting hillbilly cousin DuWayne.
  • It Had to Be Jew
    It Had to Be Jew
    Episode 12
    Darryl's belief that blacks and Jews do not get along is tested when he and his Jewish neighbor take part in a fund-raising event for the local community center.
  • Love or Money
    Love or Money
    Episode 11
    Despite Yvonne's misgivings about helping friends and relatives, Darryl agrees to help his aunt with her failing hair salon, and develops a bold plan for a grand reopening.
  • His Park is Worse Than His Bite
    Darryl and Mr. Park's feud gets so bad that Yvonne and neighbors insist they call a truce. Mr. Park refuses to sign the treaty because Darryl is up one prank on him. He says he'll sign the treaty if Darryl does him the favor of watching his dog while he's away. Darryl gets talked into it, but when he goes over to Mr. Park's house to feed the dog, the dog is dead. Darryl, instead of just telling Mr. Park the truth, freaks out and buys a look-alike Dalmation. When Mr. Park gets home, he of course isn't convinced that this new dog is his. When Darryl admits the truth Mr. Park laughs because his dog was actually dead BEFORE he left for his trip and he just set Darryl up.moreless
  • Oh Thank Heaven For Seven-Eleven
    On Thanksgiving, a fight between Darryl and a store clerk results in Darryl, his family, in-laws, Dave and Sally being stuck inside a mini-mart surrounded by the LAPD.
  • Darryl's Victory Tour
    When an old friend comes to visit, Darryl and Yvonne recount when they first met at the Jackson Victory Tour concert at Dodger Stadium in the eighties, but the nostalgic trip proves bumpy when they learn that their recollections do not necessarily match.
  • Rage Against the Machine
    Darryl and Yvonne agree to let their home be a polling place for the Presidential election. Darryl's father is disgusted when he learns that his son doesn't vote. Dave drives Darryl nuts with his new favorite toy, a leafblower, that not only disturbs Darryl by making a racket, but blows leaves onto Darryl's property. Darryl fights the realization that he's a Republican, but his nonparticipation takes a U-turn when he learns that there's a measure to ban leafblowers on the ballot. Darryl's father is proud when Darryl gets thrown in jail trying to persuade voters to vote against leafblowers.moreless
  • Scary Hughley
    Scary Hughley
    Episode 6
    The Hughleys and the Rogerses decide to throw a joint party in their two houses, but Darryl gets all competitive and decides he has to throw a better party than his neighbors. Darryl finds out that Crazy Larry, the appliance store owner, used to live in his house and died in the kitchen when he tried to get a bagel out of toaster with a fork. Darryl, with the help of a talisman that unleashes dark evil, finds himself being haunted by the ghost of Crazy Larry, and he has to perform and exorcism on Yvonne. It turns out that Darryl's friends ganged up to pull a prank on him to teach him not to be so competitive.moreless
  • The Truth Shall Set Me Free
    After firing one of his employees for incompetence, Darryl is shocked when he is sued for racial discrimination. While Darryl's friends try to convince the judge - and themselves - that Darryl isn't really a racist, his hopes of winning fade further when he discovers that the former employee has hired a world-famous lawyer.moreless
  • In the Bluff
    In the Bluff
    Episode 4
    Darryl decides to launch a Web site for Hughley Vending that features scantily clad women. When Yvonne learns about the idea, she's taken aback. Then, when she visits the business during a casting call, she becomes jealous of the pretty young women and, in an effort to get him to stop, informs Darryl that she wants to pose. But Darryl, believing that she really does want to pose, is afraid to say no.moreless
  • We Got It Maid
    We Got It Maid
    Episode 3
    When Yvonne goes back to work, she hires a maid to help around the house - but the housekeeper's personality mixed with Darryl's is a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile, Darryl asks Milsap to find a good band for his mother's retirement party.
  • Guess Who's Coming Out for Dinner?
    Darryl is afraid that his "girl-hating" son Michael might be gay, suspicions that ultimately lead one of his neighbors to come out of the closet at a lively neighborhood get-together. Meanwhile, Mr. Park is named President of the Homeowners' Association, and can't wait to start handing out citations - especially to Darryl.moreless
  • Design Flaws <i>(a.k.a. Survivin')</i>
    Yvonne convinces Darryl to hire a contractor to remodel the kitchen, but the man they select is also working on the Rogers' home. As a result, Dave and Sally are less than pleased, as the work on their home halts while the contractor busies himself at the Hughleys'. Darryl, too, is unhappy, as the contractor's plans expand to include the entire house – and, possibly, Yvonne.moreless